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Faithful Friday 12-28-07


Jesus asks that we have faith like a mustard seed, and He will grow it. Just how big is a mustard seed?

It’s tinier than any seed I can think of other than a sesame seed. For some people, having faith is ill-logical, unthinkable, and absolutely not their way. For others, it comes easy and is like breathing.

For me it’s this way…like breathing. I’ve had so many instances in my life that left little or no doubt that God’s hand was what was guiding my way.

**When my husband was dying, and I was rushing him to the ER. The nurse told me that weren’t sure how they tubed and bagged him as his throat was swelled shut. I knew how…God’s hand was on my husband and those taking care of him. It was a miracle we made it to the hospital under the circumstances, and it was an even bigger miracle that my husband’s life was spared.

**Being told your chances are slim, even with fertility, to conceive a child is the hardest thing a woman can hear. Knowing that the expert in their field is the most knowledgeable person to guide you. Praying to God over the story of Sarah, in the Bible, and being blessed with a pregnancy that had no fertility involved is a miracle.

These are just a few of the things in my life that have given me a glimpse of God’s greatness and power. Faith for me is easy. However there are some that have to work on it. They’ve led a life of disappointment after disappointment. Not to say I’ve not had my share of disappointments, but God has always shown me a better way through the pain I was dealing with at that time.

All God asks is that you give him a little faith…like the size of a mustard seed…and give Him the chance to grow it and nurture it so that you too may see the fruits of your labors in life.

Try it today…put something in God’s hands…turn it over with no expectations or time restrictions. Remember the outcome you desire isn’t always God’s plan for your life. He does know what is best for you. All things are good in God’s timing…not necessarily in our own. Tell Him you’re handing over your pain or worry and that you know He’ll take care of it — without any conditions on it.

Here’s the key: PUT YOUR FAITH IN HIM one day at a time. You will have stumbling blocks of doubt, but don’t let the devil have hold over you that way. Continue to push through and mentally state…I have faith in you Lord. I know you’re watching over me. Keep a little faith in Him each day…and each day it will grow!

One day, it will be as easy as breathing.

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Love Notes to my Husband…


My husband and I rarely get pictures taken together. I’m usually the one with the camera shooting everyone else in whatever even is going on. And although I wish I’d put lip gloss on and primped a little, I was glad someone thought to take a quick shot of the two of us together in front of the tree this year.

Reasons why I love my husband:

** He leaves my sweet notes from time to time that are thoughtful and creative…and usually make me laugh and cry at the same time.

** Although he works awful hours, he dedicates time to our son to make sure they have their ‘guy bonding’ time.

** He likes ‘chick flicks’ and wants to make sure we watch what I want too.

** He cries at Home Extreme Make-over (sniff) It gets us both everytime…honey don’t kill me for adding this one. I love you!

** He listens to me even when he’s mad and most men would walk away.

** He reassures me when I’m stressed to the max, and always seems to make me feel okay and safe.

** He’s been through it all with me and still loves me just the way I am.

** He tells me I’m beautiful even with no make up and scruffy pajamas.

** Because Jesus is in his heart, and it shows every day in how he makes the most of each day with his family.

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Quick Trip to Texas

My family and I just got back from a weekend visit to his family in Texas. We drove 4 1/2 hours down and spent Saturday and Sunday with the whole fam! My son did extremely well, considering we had a portable DVD player for his movies. He only asked, Are we in Texas yet? about ummm….19 times before we left Oklahoma. Then once we crossed the state line he changed it to: Are we at their house yet? I thought it was funny for the first 10 times, and after that I groaned because I wanted to be there just as bad. My butt and back were numb by the time we got there.

We passed a town, called White Settlement, and I had to look twice. They even had an exit of the highway for White Settlement Road, where the Civil War Museum was located on the frontage road. I couldn’t believe it! We got the history of the town once we got to our family’s home. Apparently it’s not racial at all. The town is named after a Mr. White, but most of the other residents are trying to change the name because they find it racially offensive. I took a picture of the exit sign on the way home to post.

Our visit was so relaxing. We ate pancakes, lounged, and took our time in everything we did. When do we ever have time for the simple things?…only during the holidays!

My son enjoyed his time with his great Grama, Nana, aunts, uncles, and cousin. This HUGE home we were in happens to sit on a pecan plantation in the middle of no where. The pecan plantation would have been a good detail to remember since I brought them hand picked pecans for Christmas. I awoke Saturday morning to the sound of machinery, at the neighbors house, where workers were sucking up all the pecans out of the yard. My uncle walked me into his garage, where he had 7 huge barrel sized sacks of pecans in his garage. He told me that they shelled and sold them himself. I sighed and told him what I brought him for Christmas, which resulted in being teased all weekend. I couldn’t believe my blonde moment. Seems I have a lot of those.

There were deers running wild everywhere. All you had to do was step outside to be greeted by a whole family of deer. Usually we saw them in packs of 12 or more. This shot shows three, but they had about 10 more with them.

If you look closely, you can see all the pecan shells on the ground around them.

We were sad to leave, but had to get home for Christmas to be with my parents and my husband’s. My son started crying, so we told him we’d stop by the Texas Motor Speedway on the way home. He loves racing and Jeff Gordon. At four, he’s a speed finatic, and loves all things cars(thanks to the Cars Movie). My husband drove around the parking and track to find a spot where he could show our little guy a view of the race track. We found one area that gave a little glimpse. My husband told me later that my son said, “Daddy, if anyone’s playing the Nascar Thunder game right now…Can they see us up here?” He’s so cute.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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Faithful Friday 12-21-07

I was almost lazy today and let yesterday’s post suffice as today’s Faithful Friday. Even though I know most people probably don’t read me on Fridays, as blog traffic slows on the weekends, I still need to put up why I have faith each Friday.

Faith: noun–1. complete trust in someone or something. 2. Strong belief in God or the doctrines of religion, bases on spiritual apprehension rather than truth.

How does one have faith in this world of ours? When bad things happen….with science trying it darndest to prove faith is wrong? Faith is a big leap for some.

For those that have faith, it’s simple: Trust, love, and accept that God is real and He DID send His son to save us! For those of us that understand the simplicity of faith, our hearts are filled with an unspeakable peace and knowledge that others don’t understand. But from the outside, they recognize something different about us…they see what they’re searching for in their own lives whether they know it or not.

Faith fills the voids in your life that money, things, and fame simply can not. How can you describe faith?

Well it’s that sense when you were a kid, for those of us that had decent parents, that you’re parents would be there for you no matter what. It’s knowing that they would take care of you even when you’ve messed up. It’s relying on their unconditional love for you, as you’re their child.

Imagine a heavenly father, our creator, who loves you more than your own mother or dad ever could! If you have faith that your own parent’s love is real…it shouldn’t be that far of a stretch to have faith that your heavenly father would love you no matter what. When you fell, who was there to pick you up? Who put on band-aid on your knee and kissed it better? Your mom or maybe your dad did.

In life, we still fall…we still stumble and mess up. It’s no secret that bad things do happen…but God is there to pick us up — if we let Him and look to Him for guidance.

Today take a minute to look around you at all your blessings in this world: A roof over your head, food on your table, your loved ones, and be thankful to a God that cares for you. And when these things may crumble in life, as sometimes they do, know that your God will be there for you to guide you through your times of trials. Trust in Him…have faith in Him…and recognize His love for you!

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Christmas Thoughts

For any family that read my posts, this is for you:

If you have no idea what to give the girl that has everything, I have a few suggestions for ya!

1) Starbucks Gift Certificate

2) Lowe’s Gift Certificate

3) Target Gift Certificate

4) Old Navy Gift Certificate

If all else fails: STARBUCKS always works for me! I miss my frappacino’s in the morning!

On a more sober note–

I pray that all those traveling this Christmas holiday will have safe traveling mercies.

I pray that all those who have a deep sadness during this time of year, feel the peace of Christ’s love in their hearts…and that this love somehow replaces a piece of your sorrow.

I pray that those that are alone this Christmas, feel a part of something bigger than themselves. I pray they’re blessed unexpectedly on Christmas, so that they know it’s none other than God telling them that He loves them.

I pray for all our troops and their families, that they are able to celebrate via internet or phone. I pray they still feel connected though a world apart.

I pray for the safety of our troops in battle.

Most importantly, I pray that God and His Son’s love overcome the commercialism of December 25th. I pray that those out there reading this think about God’s beautiful gift to us, through Christ’s birth.

This is the real reason we give gifts to one another…to celebrate the gift of Christ and His love for us. Because….if all of us at least for 2 minutes gives thanks where thanks are due this day will have a lot more meaning.

5 more days till December 25th…but you’ve got every day to share the love of Christ.

Every day should be Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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Stage mom!

My son was asked to participate in a video the church is putting together for Christmas Eve services. Our pastor thought he’d bring some humor into the service and showcase what children thought of Christmas and Christ.

We got there and the little boy before us apparently didn’t have very many good sound bytes, so the video-ographer asked us if this little one could sit with my son and shoot a second time. Okay? Not my preference…I wanted my darling all by himself…but what was I going to do? Say no? So, they both get hooked up with mikes and sit in the tiny chairs in front of the Christmas tree.

She asked standard questions like, “what do you think Christmas is about”. With the first two questions, this other kid proceeds to shout out his answers before my son can get open his own mouth. I kinda got irritated! This kid got his chance already! Just because there really wasn’t any good film of him the first time, why ruin it for my son’s turn?

Then I backed down (down momma!) and took a breath! I wasn’t focusing on the spirit of the season. Besides, I didn’t have to worry about it much after that. From that point on, the lady handling the interview would ask a question and then instruct other little boy to let my son answer first.

I think some of the funniest answers my four year old gave was to these two questions:

Q: “How do you show someone you love them?”

A: “Well I love them!” (then he blew me a kiss)

Q: “Who are you blowing a kiss to?”

A: “My mommy…she’s right there in the sweater, and I love her…she’s so pretty.” (another kiss blown)

It was so endearing to me and everyone in the room…I’m sure that won’t end up on the cutting room floor.

Q: “Who is Jesus?”

A: “He’s the Christ…the Lord…well, one of the Lords. We have two!”

The two kids together actually made it a more interesting interview, b/c they interacted very well together. They both had some really good answers. The other little boy kept whispering secrets in my son’s ear.  What he said…I have no idea…but I’m sure the microphones picked it up.  Who knows what else will end up on screen with that?

When I stop to think, without this child in my son’s segment…his mommy wouldn’t have been able to see some of the sweet answers he had too. So, that is how and why it worked out for the best. Once I realized this…I stopped being selfish! Mom’s can get that way sometimes. We want the spotlight on our own pride and joy…but that’s not what this video was about.

It was about showcasing each child’s love for Jesus Christ. And that’s exactly what happened!

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Standing Firm on the Foundation…

This made me smile and I thought I’d pass it on. Every day thousands of people debate over creation vs. evolution. This Presidential hopeful couldn’t have said it better. And you’ll notice the person handling the debate wasn’t even listening to his answer, because he asked Mike Huckabee to clarify an answer that was already clearly given.