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Finding Kylie Feedback From the Heart

My friend called me today with this voicemail. At first I thought something was seriously wrong and then I realized she was giving me feed back on the book.
I thought it was too sweet not to post:

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Too funny not to watch

Okay, one of my buddies from college made a really big blunder on stage. Randomly enough I didn’t even know about this until I saw this vid posted on another blog. I called my husband in to watch it as I was crying because I was laughing so hard.

My husband, being the big bad dude he is, says, “Oh yeah, you haven’t seen that? It’s been on the internet for while.” Obviously he’s thinking, man where have you been?

I said, “Oh Yah? Well I went to college with this guy.”
(shaking his head and walking away) “Man you know EVERYBODY!”

To give you guys a little history….seriously we can’t go any where (even another state) without me running into someone I know. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved around so much….but it never fails and my husband says…”I can’t take you anywhere b/c you know everybody!”

Here’s the vid that you have gotta watch. And Blake, I love ya man…you handled yourself much better than I would have. I’d have started crying!

Here’s his blog if you ever want to pop in and say hi! Tell them Kim from his college sent ya!

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My life in a nutshell

Today has been so tiring yet so peaceful at the same time. My husband hasn’t slept since Thursday, as his job has been very demanding and he’s only been home long enough to shower and change clothes…and then go back again.

I can’t sleep, sleep issues aside, when he’s not home. I worry that he’s going to have a heart attack from no rest or food. I get angry that he works so hard. I’m not angry at him, but rather at the person he works for. And then, on top of that my son and I are so connected that when I don’t sleep…it transfers and he doesn’t sleep. So I’m up a few times each night to calm his bad dreams or help him wobbily walk to the bathroom. If I’m solidly sleeping, he doesn’t have those issues.

Today was D-day for a huge event that my husband was in charge of planning and executing, hence the no sleep for the last few nights. My mom came over to pick my son & I up. I asked her to follow me to the rental car place, so I could drop my rental off to Enterprise ($228.00-cha ching-ouch).

Afterwards, I hopped in her car, so we could tote my son to see his daddy down town. My little guy’s not seen his daddy in a few days and we needed to make sure we had some family time, even if it was while at work. We stopped at Braums on the way down there to get my other half’s bun-less burger, as he is allergic to wheat. My son and I ate on the way down there. ($15.00-lunch for three)

Around 12:30 we arrived so that we could deliver my hubbie’s food and go check out all the vendors at the event. Bart Conners had his gym and crew there to entertain the kids. We got there just late enough to miss Bart…:( But my son still got to run through their gymnastics course. He walked across the low beam, jumped on the spring board, walked on his hands and feet across the low parallel bars, and rolled down the angeled pads to land on the mats. He’s such a talker and told all the girls how easy it all was and asked so many questions.

Usually when kids get done with their course, they have them stand on stage to get applauded before handing them a certificate. It’s very empowering for those kids and exciting to see.

Well with my boy, instead of announcing he’d finished for everyone to simply applaud…they interviewed him for about 10 minutes. The entire place came around to see it, and he had everyone smiling. When asked what was the hardest, he answered, “Well actually….it all was pretty easy but if I had to pick one…the beam was not so hard but not so easy. It was in the middle!” That got a huge laugh.

The laughter drew a crowd. I felt like such a stage mom. I was beaming! He’s such a natural entertainer. A couple of years ago, on his 3rd birthday, he got to stand on stage in front of a huge crowd as Sesame Street Live. He had no apprehension about introducing the show with his dad. He has no fear of being on stage. He’s just like my hubbie and me, at ease in that type of position.

Today although stressed and tired, it was good to see my son so happy. Plus I got to rock climb and kick my hubbie’s butt! I got all the way to the top, and it had been ten years since I’d done any rock climbing. It was hard but good to stretch and let some of my stress out. It was a good outlet.

My mom dropped me off at my dealership, to pick up my car (post accident). It was all fixed, shiny, and like brand new. The inside had been detailed and it felt so good to drive it again. I missed my car.

On a sad note, I may have to put my dog down on Monday. He’s at the vet this weekend. I basically was told that if if were up to the vet, he’d make the call to put him to sleep. I’m supposed to take the weekend to think about it and call him Monday to give him my decision.

I think my heart is really heavy. 15 years of my life have been with my little Hershey. My son is sad and I hate to put him through this, as I want to protect him from feeling like I do.

Today, I have peace just to have seen my husband and son have some time together. They both needed it. I needed to be with both of them. I have peace in my heart, seeing the joy in my son’s eyes as he was in his element on stage. I have peace as I got some quality time with my mom, who I love so much.

This post is all over the place and I apologize. I just needed to get some things out. I know I’m so blessed, but today I am really really tired and sad.

I need for my husband to rejuvenate and find peace in his sitaution with work. I need for my doggie to be okay. I need my rental bill to be taken care of by the kid who wrecked my car’s insurance company. I need some sleep.

Thanks for reading, if you got this far. I hope you all can find peace in whatever situation you’re in today. With whatever you’re dealing with, whether it’s directly a part of your world or caused by someone else’s situation…I pray you’re able to find peace.

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Superbowl favorites

Instead of posting on my views of what did or didn’t happen in last night’s game, I thought I post my favorite commercial. This was too cute. Between this and last night’s halftime show, my son had a great time. My brother in law has a TV that’s about the size of his living room wall, and it was so loud my son and I had to sit in a separate room to keep his little ears from getting damaged. At half time they turned the sound down, and he felt like he was actually in the crowd watching Tom Petty due to the size of the screen. My son did look like he was part of the crowd. He stood facing it, with his back to us, with his arms waving and he blended right in with the people. They all looked to be about his size too. He sand Free Fallin’ and danced for all four songs.

Here’s JT:

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Standing Firm on the Foundation…

This made me smile and I thought I’d pass it on. Every day thousands of people debate over creation vs. evolution. This Presidential hopeful couldn’t have said it better. And you’ll notice the person handling the debate wasn’t even listening to his answer, because he asked Mike Huckabee to clarify an answer that was already clearly given.

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Merry Christmas to all…

I thought this was interesting. I’m am tired of Happy Holidays sucking the joy out of Christ’s birth. For those that don’t believe, I understand that they have the right to change the verbage for their own beliefs…but I won’t apologize for offending someone else by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!!