about Kimberly


I’ve authored four books, Finding Kylie, Facing Redemption, Coming Home, Saving Grace & Second Chances.  Finding Kylie has been successfully converted into a screenplay.

Currently, I’m working on my sixth novel, Endless Possibilities, which is releasing in 2017.  It is book one of two in the ‘Spiritual Gifts’ series.

As I don’t blog very much at this page, look for more updated news at either this author website or this blog.

Being a military brat, I was raised all over the world. I can honestly say beaches are the best place on earth. Hearing the ocean roaring in and tasting the salt on my lips, is the my ideal situation. When land locked, I often dream of digging my toes in the sand and watching the surf.

I loved dolphins before they were cool, and have my own unique style and approach to life. I grew up in Hawaii and Virginia and lived everywhere from Japan to 1/2 the continental U.S. I attended high school at two different schools. The second of the two being on Okinawa, where I made so many life-long friends.

I’m married to a very creative and funny guy, who makes me laugh even when I’m in a mood. We’ve got the most adorable 14 year old in the world. Although we’ve got our hands full with a teen, he’s far from a typical one.  Life never gets dull with the two of them around.

The most important thing in my life is Christ. Without my faith in tact, the rest of my life gets out of control pretty quickly. Without Him in my heart, I wouldn’t have made it through most of the hard times in my life. Thanks to God and my relationship with Christ, I’ve been blessed with all of the above–family, friends, and opporutinities to live life to it’s fullest. No matter how hard life gets, I know I’m blessed just to be here and experience it all.

I love reading comments so leave one while you’re browsing through…

38 thoughts on “about Kimberly”

  1. You have a great website! It has a very attractive design and your posts are very well written. I’m glad I found my way here.

  2. Hey! Thanks…You encouraged me so much in His path. Dont forget to write your testimony. Many are blessed by that coulmn. I getting responses from Non- christian friends too…just write it down yours if you get time…I will soon put my wife’s testimony too…Thanks

  3. Hey liked the new header…its nice…
    I want to create a group of counselors and start a new blog. It will be like a support group. I need your email id, if you dont mind. Because this box is open to all. I still thinking and writing the project. Just pray about it and give your ideas and consent to join the group.

  4. Please read my last 3 commments in “About Blessed1” section you will know. Anyway I need your email id.

  5. This one’s also a response to financier76.

    No, bro, you’re not the only one. There’s a lot of us out here. Just here at WordPress there must be hundreds. Be encouraged!

    Anyway, some get read by brothers and sisters, and some get read by atheists and agnostics. My site has been blessed to have attracted some from both sides, and some nice discussions are currently going on between believers and non-believers.

    Blessed1 and financier76, drop by and join the fun, if you have time :).

    God bless you!


  6. You’re funny. I thought for sure you’d have a better answer than that. It seems to leave so many gaps for them still…

    I guess I’ll keep using it then. It’s great to have your opinion on things like these. I respect you a ton and value your wisdom…

    Hope you’re having a great week so far!

    Love you~

  7. awww good entry , your sister is your best friend? wish I can say that about mine , do you love nature generally because I know I do , I realize I can never live in cities because I just love the greenery so much , I always ask god to always put me somewhere green .
    Why do you feel you got through life due to christ ? why not god ? do you not feel his light and his mercy filling your life ?

  8. Yes she is…and she’s someone who’ve I been through everything with…the good, the bad, and the ugly. She and I both not only love each other very much, but respect one another as well.

    I love nature, yes. The beaches mostly …

    As far as your last question:
    I was taught and fully believe that the only way to my Heavenly Father (God) is through his son, Jesus Christ. God, His son, and the Holy Spirit are the Holy Trinity….so when I clarify Christ I am stating that I have accepted Christ as my savior so that I may be able to enter Heaven to see God one day. I do love God with all my heart and soul, who constantly fills me up everyday.
    Does this help sort this out a little better for you?

  9. You almost stopped commenting in my blog…You had some problems…We were praying for you…Hows everything??? May God Bless You & Your BLOG

  10. 😦 I couldn’t go see your blog to find out if I would or not…it said invite only. I would love to read it to see what you’re writing about on your blog. If it’s about blessings…I would love too!

    1. Hey dear sister! there has been so many changes in my blog. I have created a new one and changed the name of “thecandles” blog to “My Study Diary.” My new website is: http://asmideep.webs.com.

      Do visit, all these. I am gonna start writing for my old blog too, now on…

  11. Wow, what a nice site you have, I love the pics and look foward to coming back to read your blog each day! It’s nice to read a Christians site one that is not too far gone…

  12. Hi Blessed!

    I’ve been asked to write a story on blogging for the Orange County Christian Writer’s Association. I’d like to explore the idea of using your blog as an example. If interested, please leave a comment at richardandchar.blogspot.com

  13. I am very sure that people that reads your blog had been touched.
    Keep it up. One things for sure, the only way you can make it in life is
    walk with God most especially on tough times. May He bless you more

  14. Hi,
    I just found your blog, like your name, haha. I know you haven’t written in a while, and wanted to see if you are okay, the last post you did indicated you needed to get past a medical issue, so I hope everything is good. God Bless you and yours!

  15. I stumbled over your blog while searching for other wordpress craft blogs. Yours is very nice, love the fotos and the way you bring your Christian faith is great. I havw only just started my blog in the last couple of weeks but sharing my faith in little evry day things is what I am working towards. Cheers, Lynda.

  16. Thank you for following my blog — I enjoy hosting visitors online, and it’s especially nice when those visitors become friends. Now I’m off to read some of your posts!

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