What a Gift from God

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Roxy was a rescue who came from a home that really didn’t want her. I found her through an email from a soccer mom which stated – ‘if I don’t find a home for her my husband is going to put her down.’ This was 8 years ago when she was only a few years old. Imagine someone thinking a dog such a burden they would be willing to put them down. While I wasn’t ready to take dog into our home as I was grieving the loss of my Hershey I couldn’t let another puppy suffer.

We took Roxy in and she was a bit neurotic, starved for attention, but sweet as the day is long. She was probably the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. After living in a home where they made her stay by the back door, she laid by ours for a while until she realized she could come and go as she pleased without getting yelled at. Soon, she settled into a comfortable routine in our home of eating, sleeping well, and lounging with lots of cuddles. She began to trust and truly loved life.

Last week, we got the news that she was terminal. When her pain became so bad that she shook from it, we had to make the call to end her pain. While our family is heartbroken, we can live knowing she had a MUCH longer life than she would have if not for taking her in when no one else would.

After leaving the vet, I was praying that God share that with her … that we loved her. I also prayed that she was running free, happy, and young again. When I turned the corner for my home – I saw a rainbow. God whispered that she was free and peace washed over me… so much so that I had to take a photo of it. I thought it might bring comfort to my family – especially my son, who was grieving more than anyone.

When I showed him the photo, he got strange look on his face. He zoomed in on the top right corner of the photo where the clouds were, and said, “Look! It’s Roxy and she’s running!”

I got chills. Sure enough… when I glanced to what he was staring at, it was a carbon copy of my Roxy – right down to the strip that runs the length of her cheek and her white muzzle. God had answered my prayer and gave me a beautiful gift with that image in the clouds. Roxy truly is running free, her ears flapping in the breeze – right over the rainbow bridge.