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Please pray

Today I stood at the back of my church’s contemporary service, before going in to help with children’s church. My son for some reason just wanted to hear a little rock music. He hasn’t had the desire to step inside the doors to listen for some time now.

As soon as we were inside, I noticed a man holding his one year old son. I noticed him because he wore his Texas Tech shirt with pride, while his baby was in a Rangers onesie. I thought….that takes guts to wear ‘hook em horns’ attire in Sooner country.

Even with the loud music I felt led to speak over the volume to him. I told him how cute his child was. He thanked me. I don’t know who spoke next…him or me, but basically I got his story. I usually do…people always feel led to give me what’s in their heart. I don’t know if it’s a gift or a curse….but even as a child people would lay their burdens on me.

He told me that he was at my church after 3 years of not coming. He wanted to come back to start his son in church, but that his wife would not come…and she didn’t feel a one year old would know the difference. He told me his name was Mark. I welcomed him back to our church home, and told him how glad I was that he was here. I also said I thought that a one year old is never too young to start learning about God’s love. I had to excuse myself at that point, because I was needed in the children’s church. But I let a fellow friend of mine know to go inside and introduce himself to Mark. I told him that God layed him on my heart, and I felt he needed more reassurance that he did the right thing coming ‘and’ bringing his son.

If any of you feel led, please pray for Mark. A man, who is trying to live right by God in bringing his son to church. A man, who is saddened that his wife won’t join him. A man, who is searching for peace in his home but also in his heart.

Also, please pray for his wife and marriage. Pray that his wife has the desire to be closer to God burned in her heart. Pray that she has the desire to strengthen her marriage by seeking God. Pray that God brings others into Mark and her lives to bring them both to church.

Thank you!

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Silly Saturday

I try to never make fun of anyone, but this is too funny not to share. I couldn’t post the video itself, but I have the link. Go to this link for quick laugh and have a great Saturday!

Today I’ll be stripping more wall paper from my entry way (I’ll post before and after pics when it’s finished) and attending yet another birthday party with my son. Summer is crazy but I love it!

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Faithful Fridays 7-27-07 part 2

Part 2?  Okay so last week’s edition had this week’s date on it.  Was I a week ahead or what?  As my boss would say….Always moving forward.  That’s his favorite motivational phrase.

As I take a deeper look into that, something hits me.  Are you one of those who are always looking to the future?  Looking to see what comes next instead of what’s happening now?  Yes, my boss’ phrase is a great sales tool to add to his emails to motivate his team to keep pluggin at it, but it also reminds me of how I used to live.

I used to always reflect on the past, wondering what if.  Then I’d strive to see what the future may hold, thinking it had to be better than what life had given me.  I didn’t look at where I was right now in the present, in my daily life.  It took a good family friend, also my counselor at the time, to point this out.  She told me I would never truly be at peace if I didn’t let go of who I ‘was’ or who I thought I wanted to be ‘someday’.  Walking a daily life became very important to me at that point in life, and when I started mastering this…I realized that God had me exactly where he wanted me….today!

Do I still stress about things…yes!  But the difference is I’m learning daily to let them go, and focus on the steps the Lord wants me to take today.  For example, I know today holds great things for me and my family and that’s so exciting to me.  I also know I don’t need to keep looking to my future because He already holds that for me.  He has it waiting and it makes my daily life so much sweeter.

***Lord please bless whoever reads this, that they may let go of what was and have peace for what YOU have for them today.  Amen.

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A Bit Of Paradise

There are many things I miss about my island home. The first and most obvious things would be my family and friends from Oahu. These people, though not blood related, were as close to my heart as family could get. My aunties, uncles, and cousins were my O’hana and I dream often of being surrounded by my loved ones in our lovely church. A church with mesmerizing island Christian music flowing from the stage, while the ukulele and the drums played. A church with open glass slats, lining both walls, letting the island breeze flow in while you could see the mountains and beautiful greenery surrounding you. In this church, you felt closer to God than any other I’ve been in. Not just because we were in the middle of paradise, but because my family all held the Lord in their hearts like no other people I’ve known.

There are many other obvious reasons to miss Hawaii like the ocean and the flowers. The aesthetic offerings there are bar none the best of any other place I’ve lived. But there are a few simple things I miss too, like manapua, Black Bean Manju, Kings Hawaiian Bread, Hawaiian Sun products, or Li Hing Mui. Thankfully now there are a lot of web sites for me to order from. I crave certain things that no one could even fathom let alone just pick up a the local store here in the heartland.

My local grocery store does carry King’s bread, but with my husband’s food allergies I can’t buy a whole loaf because it would just be me eating it. And I wouldn’t want it to go bad before I could finish it. That’s one thing I would never waste. Imagine my surprise when at the store yesterday, when I saw a little tiny package of 4 dinner rolls for sale! I almost screamed in delight in the middle of the deli! I am so excited to see them offering a little bit of paradise for people like me, who aren’t the ones who could buy a whole package!

Thank you Lord for small blessings.

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Faithful Fridays 7-27-07

God is ever faithful! Each Friday that rolls around again and I think, ‘hmmm what should I post today?’ It’s really not hard to figure out that I have complete faith in His love and direction for my life when you read most any post on my blog. What amazes me daily is His faithful support and love for ME!

When I look back to all the wrong I’ve done in life… When I’ve not listened to his direction or call… When I’ve chosen sin over walking upright… When I fell short and long so many many times… It makes me cringe to think of some of the decisions and actions I’ve had.

I remember one year, my junior year in college, when I couldn’t stand to look at me. My own image in the mirror was so shameful and detesting that I couldn’t even look myself in the eyes. It got me thinking…if I can’t look into my own eyes…how am I supposed to look into my creator’s on judgement day? How am I supposed to make it to heaven based on all I had done?

My own accusing glare in the mirror burned the inside of my soul, like it was on fire. I knew at that exact moment that I was at rock bottom. Each person has their own limitations and what they call rock bottom. For some it’s sex, drugs, or who knows what else. I never did drugs, thank the Lord, but drinking was my vice to kill the pain inside me.

At that moment, at my mirror in my dorm room, I knew I had to change and start living a life God would want for me. It wasn’t easy but as soon as I made that choice, a peace filled me. It was amazing how God’s forgiveness can change someone’s life. I asked for forgiveness and it was given…that simple. I was my own worst critic….harder on me than Jesus would be. From that day forward, I wasn’t perfect. I stumbled and fell a few times….we all do. But knowing God’s ever faithfulness was there to hold me up…made it easier to get up and keep walking away from all of the things that held me back.

This faithful Friday has filled me with that peace again in remembering that glimpse into my past. He is ever FAITHFUL if you just give him a chance.

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4 days in Louisville, KY

I got back home today and am worn out and excited at the same time! 3 full days of meetings, awards banquets, and meals with over 2,000 people from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. has left me wanting a long nap!

Both hotels, our group was booked at, had a breeze-way to the Louisville, KY convention center. It was about 4 to 5 blocks for me to get to any event from sun up to sun down. So even though I ate and ate…I could walk it off! I think I still gained about 5 pounds though. I’m not used to eating that much. I swear ever since I turned 34 last year, I’ve had some minor trouble keeping 5 pounds off my ideal weight. Still…I’m really blessed with that issue.

The last two nights had a fancy dinner at the main convention hall. The first night was for the sales force and the second for the service. I find it funny how different people in each department are.

The sales people the first night were so pumped to be recognized that most ran down to the front to get to the stage as soon as possible. The music and lights were going and the energy was amazing. The second night the service side took their sweet time walking slowly. The music and lights seemed lost on them. It took those employees three times as long to get to the stage for their awards. It was almost comical, but enjoyable just the same.

I find it really compelling to attend any training or conference my company holds. Thankfully all have been all expenses paid, but even if I had to pay I’d be willing to try to swing it. My company is one in a million. Those above me are coaches and mentors, not bosses and owners. They are stewards wanting to give abundance in my life and that of those around me. My company breaks the mold when it comes to compensation and compassion for it’s employees. I am truly blessed to do what I do, and still have time to be a mom and a wife!

Thank you Lord for my life and the opportunities You provide.

P.S. My sister, whom I also work with, and I also found an hour to run to the Louisville Slugger Museum. It was so cool…we rode a .50 cent trolley and got to see some sights. Well worth it! We didn’t get to take the tour, but were there long enough to order some bats and shop in their gift boutique. My husband and her boyfriend were extremely jealous that they weren’t with us! We’ll definitely have to come back as a whole family.

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Faithful Fridays

You always hear, ‘always in God’s timing’….

Last few F.F. blogs have mentioned how strapped I’d been due to personal situations interrupting my work schedule.  I put forth my faith that God would take care of me.  Boy did He ever!!!

If I had my way, in my timing, it would have been last month, but I worked hard and waited patiently for God to bless the fruits of my labor.  He blessed me in triple fold this month!  I just want to say a big THANKS to God for blessing my faith and providing more than I ever expected this week.

I am leaving for yet another work trip, that would interrupt my work schedule.  It will be 4 days at an annual meeting, which leaves me no time to work my territory.  Thankfully I get to go have fun with no worries on how I’m going to pay my bills.