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6 week contest

Hey I thought of a little contest I could start through this blog. For those of you who’ve not read the book yet, this will be incentive hopefully for you, as well, to go get a copy.

In the next 6 weeks, I will be running a contest that everyone can participate in. The only catch is that you ‘have’ to have read Finding Kylie.

For those of you anxiously awaiting the sequel…here’s some good news. I’ve got 50 chapters outlined and about 20 chapters written.

So what’s the contest?

For the next 6 weeks, you’re to email me once you’ve read the book – and tell me who your favorite character is from Finding Kylie and why. Tell me one thing in particular which made you fall in love with that character and why it defines them. I’ll know if you’ve truly read the book by how you answer this challenge.

I will be choosing a top 15 out of all the emails sent to me based on your thoughtful answers and heartfelt responses. Out of the top 15 persons, I will do a random drawing. The winning person, who’s email I choose, will get their name in the next book, Facing Redemption.

It may not be a main character’s name, but it will have a prominent scene. And you’ll get a mention in the forward in the book. For those of you who have read it, you get the first jump at sending my your emails. For those who have not, if you’re able to go to a Barnes & Noble – ask them to order your copy in. It’s that simple. If you’re no where near a Barnes and Noble than you can go through Amazon.

Here is the link to buy Finding Kylie. 

I look forward to your emails.
Send them to:
Thank you for your support! And I can’t wait to hear from you!

Also after you’ve read it – don’t forget to take a picture of you with the book and send it on to. Here’s an example of some I’ve been getting!

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Friday’s Reflections

I pulled up to my house after dropping my son to school today, and noticed how gargantuan my flower bed is becoming.  In the last two years I’ve planted a few favorites here and there in small portions.  Some are ground cover that spread, and some are simple flowers that flourish.  I did not know that my soil was so rich as the only thing in this front bed, when I moved in, was big burly bushes that were horrendous.  They were prickly and bushy, and weren’t welcoming at all.  

I never dreamed that my simple ground cover and flowers would dig their roots in and take over, growing like mad!  Even my mother, who is technically a ‘master gardener’, is overwhelmed at the size of my little babies who’ve become montrousities in my garden.

It made me think about the human spirit and how planting such a little seed in such fertile soil can do amazing things.  Just like my flower garden, where I have to divide the plants out and replant in the back yard now, are the many people that started their faith with the littlest of seed and a lot of sun.  God uses that seed and His son, to grow their faith and use their talents.

God uses that fertile field to grow his people and their faith, to the point where they’re growing and reaching so far out that they touch so many other lives.  I know God is continuing to work on my faith.  

My biggest downfall is my laziness.  I know I get lazy sometimes and need to just simply listen and obey.  I visit the same issues with my son.  He has issues with simply listening and doing what is asked of him, instead of doing things his own way.  

I know how frustrated I get with my son, who fights my authority from time to time.  It’s normal for a 5 – 6 year old to find that balance and test his boundaries.  It makes me wonder how frustrated God must get with me sometimes when I get lazy.  

I pray today that He continues to work on me.  I pray He helps me get over myself and just do what is asked of me.  My biggest want is that he gives me the ability to plant the seed for his purposes in other’s lives through this blog and through my books.  

I pray that we all listen, and OBEY  to his call for our lives – because those are two different actions and are equally important.

Finding Kylie, Kimberly McKay

Friday Blessings for two

I didn’t get on here last week so I wanted to count my blessings for the last two weeks…

Thanks to all of you, who still come here faithfully and read up.  Your comments and emails always bless me.

My son wanted to treat me to dinner this week.  He knew I didn’t get paid for a couple of days, so he asked if he could treat me to a pizza.  It was such an amazingly big hearted thing to do with his allowance money.  I was humbled by his genuine need to feed me something tasty.  We got his money out and talked about how much the pizza was and what kind of tip to give.  His math brain amazes me.  He gets money and math in ways some 4 and 5th graders don’t.

I get so many comments on facebook and emails from ‘Finding Kylie’ readers.  I’m blessed by each one.  Lately I’ve been receiving pictures from them.  I’ve asked that those who have read the book, go and take their pic with it in creative ways.  This post here explains it a little more.  Oh some of the pics I get.  Someone even mailed me a pic showing the book with Rupert, from David Letterman’s show.  I’m loving all these pictures and how creative they are.  Keep them coming!

My new part time job is a huge blessing – especially because it helps us a little more with our bills.  And we all could use a little of that.  BUT also because I get to work with beautiful clothes that make women feel wonderful and pretty.  I love spending someone else’s money to make them feel beautiful.  I love the way these women light up when they try something – that maybe they wouldn’t have picked for themselves,  but they try on because I’ve brought it to them  in the fitting room.  I love the satisfaction of the sale when they leave with something totally unexpected but completely flattering.  If I have to work part time, at least it’s something I have an amazing time with.

My son turned 6 last month and is growing leaps and bounds.  He’s always been an affectionate kid, and I thought he’d grow out of that as he got older.  If anything he’s growing into it more.  Experts say your child is set for who is he at his core by the time their six.  All I can say is someday he’s going to make some young lady very happy.  I have to just pray that he doesn’t get his big heart broken too many times before he meets the one, so that he’s still open to sharing his heart.  I hear this phrase every morning and every night – “You’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world – I’ve got the sweetest mommy in the whole world!”  And it gets followed with a big bear hug.  Now what young lady won’t want to hear that when she’s fallen head over heels with my son?  I just pray he won’t woo the masses because he’s prone to flirt with women of all ages.  I love seeing the twinkle in an elderly lady’s eyes when he’s told her she’s pretty.

I had been struggling with my sequel deciding how much balance to give it.  I want to reach the masses and plant a seed for Christ.  So should it be just like ‘Finding Kylie’ with a fleshed out character line up, with real and intriguing story lines?  Or should I have it more about the main characters Christian journey?  I felt like I wouldn’t be a real Christian if I didn’t put more Christianity in my second book.  I felt guilty for not wanting to put more God in my book, but felt I had to.  It was almost as if the devil was taunting me saying, ‘you’re not a good Christian if you don’t give Him glory on every page’.  It became a huge burden…one that God lifted for me.

I had this discussion with a Christian author and friend of mine, George Goodman, who simply stated these two simple things.  “Kim I’m not being a luke warm Christian when I tell you this…your job is to plant the seed – not to water it and grow it.  Someone else will do that.  If you want to reach the masses, don’t push anything on those pages that’s not part of the true character’s human story line.  People that aren’t Christians won’t really get into a book like that.  If you’re able to plant a seed, than you’re working for God and giving Him glory.  AND you can do that without turning people off.  Once you’ve gained a true following, you can take liberties in future books to do more in your faith.

My second worry was one of the carnal nature of my main two characters lives and how their story progressed.  His second comment was, “One statement keeps coming to mind, and I feel like God is telling me to give this to you. ‘Meet your characters where they are and then take them to where you want them to be.  So if Chastity has to do somethings a normal 20 year old would do in life….let her face her reality and bring her to a different realm of thinking throughout the book.  This character is not you with your convictions…she’s her own person —  meet her where she’s at Kim.”

Man this conversation has changed my entire heart and mind for this story.  Last night I built framework for up to 35 chapters, and am vigorously typing it out.  I can’t wait to take these characters, where they should go – not according to my standards but their own.  I did that in ‘Finding Kylie’ and am excited to be able to do that for ‘Facing Redemption’. 

Thank you all for reading this far…have a blessed week!!!


PS for those of you who love a great devotional book please go check out my friend, George Goodman.  He wrote ‘UNLIKELY’.  Here’s the link at Amazon.