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IT’s Fridayyyyyy

Although this week has been somewhat of a hard one there are still some blessings I’ve found, when looking for them.

My son won his soccer game and was so aggressive, that I almost didn’t know it was my little one out there. It was his first soccer game since last season, and it’s obvious how strong and attentive he’s become. He’s grown into a little soccer stud overnight. In fact even though they don’t introduce the concept of blocking goals yet at his age, he kept running ahead of the players to his own goal. He blocked many of their efforts to score. I was so happy for him and he was beaming with pride.

One of the boys on his soccer team was literally a cry baby wanting to ‘quit’ every single time he couldn’t get the ball or play. He ran to the sidelines crying, “Moooooommmmmm—mm—yyyyy! I want to quit! There not letting me play!”

I was thankful that this wasn’t my child. I heard his mom say, “Too bad. Get in there and get after it. There not supposed to let you have it … you have to go get it. Those are the rules of the game.” I agree with what she said, but felt bad that this child was so emotionally unprepared for a simple game where every other child was enjoying the sport of the game.

I felt blessed that my child has learned that once you fall down or aren’t passed to, you pick yourself up … keep going and get after the ball. This is a life skill that will take him far. He’s not a quitter, just like his parents.

I’m blessed that my in laws are coming over tonight to celebrate my husband’s birthday. And although I’ve had jury duty and have been extremely sick, with no time clean house … I’m blessed to have their company all the same. My mother is helping me clean my house, and I’m blessed that she’ll be over today giving me the help I need.

I’m blessed that even after a rough start to our morning, yesterday, my husband was still kind enough to bring me lunch over his lunch hour. I wouldn’t have the energy to get myself any as bad as I was feeling. I’m blessed that I have a husband, that even after we fight, can put his pride aside and take care of me.

I’m blessed that today my pounding headache is gone! Hallelujah.

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Life Lesson through Jury Duty

I got out of jury duty…let me go without even calling my name. I sat for 8 1/2 hours on a hard bench and groaned and groaned….wondering why everyone was picked but me. God knew what he was doing though. That small handful that were left by 4 p.m. were released never to be seen again…yay!

Life is like that. Sometimes we wonder how or why God isn’t just hurrying up and getting us out of a situation, when it’s just horrid to ‘sit’ through it with no end in sight.

I had prayed going into the process, “Lord you know what you’re doing. IF I’m supposed to serve to either help someone be freed or convicted … use me. IF I’m not … please get me out of there.”

By noon I was only thinking, seriously???? When will this be over??? Come on!

The AC was out, and it was muggy. We were all sitting on hard wooden pews, shoulder to shoulder. We started out with 500+ people, and we got reaaaal cozy and friendly. —> We had to.

They had 10 cases they called for throughout the day. Each time a case came up, we all sat up in anticipation.

Will I be called? Will I get out of this crappy room?

The ones that were called, celebrated. The ones, like me, who weren’t, sagged a little more.

I tried to find small blessings in staying there.

*Well, at least there’s more room on the bench.

*At least they have a pad to somewhat prevent my butt from going numb.

*At least I haven’t been called for a case, been released…to only come back to this room to be recycled for another case (That would be too disheartening).

*At least that crazy lady got called, so I don’t have to sit next to her anymore.

And on that last blessing, God would reprimand me by whispering, she’s my child too. I love her.

Then I’d start feeling somewhat guilty. Is it my turn to leave yet Lord? —- NO

By 3 p.m. I remembered that God’s plan is always better. I remembered my prayer to place me where He wants me, and found some solace.

By 4:15 p.m. I was completely humbled when hearing, For those who have not been called today your jury summons is now up. Thank you for your service. Go home and don’t come back unless called again some other time in the future.

A yelp or two went up in celebration from the 70 or so that were left.

One lady even commented, “We thought we were the unlucky ones having to sit through this all day. We were the lucky ones.” … I’d say the blessed ones indeed.

Yes, God uses some small things some days to humble us … or some things on larger scales like jury duty. Most would think it was a waste of their time to have to go through that process for ‘nothing’ … I think it was a perfectly good use of time for God to teach me a huge lesson.


Coming Soon…

Coming soon … more blog entries to come! Starting tomorrow morning, I’m officially in the jury selection process, so I may not be able to blog for about a week, but will update you as soon as I can.

Hmmm as of now, I’m contemplating finding some rocker T-shirt and wearing it under my jacket to court. Do you think heavy black eye liner is back in style?? LOL!

Just kidding. Seriously, I think it’s an honor to serve as a juror if picked. However, here’s to not getting picked …

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! And for your reading pleasure, here are the top searches that land people to my blog today:

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Fridays Blessings

I’m gonna be short and sweet today, as I’m trying to proof the ‘edited’ copy of my book.

I’m on my 26th page of notes to send back that are full of missed typo’s, which doesn’t say much about my fingers as they fly across the keyboard.  BUT … if I were an editor I’d have caught them when I initially wrote the book right?  The big blessing in this is that I have a friend, who has an editing background.  She has taken it upon herself to edit the whole thing so I can send back the typos and punctuation errors back to be fixed.  Thank you Lord for friends like Kristin.

My son adores school and I’m so blessed he has good friends and a great staff around him everyday.  He loves me so much, and is so affectionate.  I’m blessed tenfold.

My sister and her new husband have settled in their house, and I’m so happy for them.

My aunt is finally back to stay in OKC.  She moved from California, and I’m blessed she’s home.

My job at the restaurant, where I am a food server, is going well.  I got an 8 dollar tip on a 30 dollar tab yesterday.  I’ve even got a few repeat guests in two weeks.  I’m blessed that people are happy to see me when they sit in my section.

My alarm went off and I had to go back home to check it out yesterday.  When the cop showed up to ensure all was well, I felt blessed that not only my house was fine but that we have quick response with our police department.  I know some cities and citizens are not that blessed.

Have a great week all!

Love, Kim