Your dreams vs. God’s dreams

IT seems all self starters or risk takers are met with doubters or insurmountable challenges in life. However the ones willing to take a risk are usually the ones that go where no one else would dare. The clarifying factor though is ‘taking a smart risk’. Is there such a thing? What are your thoughts?

I think there’s a huge difference between a ‘smart risk’ and a pipe dream.

A pipe dreamer is someone who always has a new idea every day that doesn’t fit into his abilities. It may be something that sounds fun, so they take off half cocked to pursue their dreams without preparation, planning, or prayer.

Prayer? How can that be a part of a smart risk? Prayer is essential to it! A smart risk in one that you’ve meditated over, asked God guidance for, and when nudged…took the leap of faith into deep waters for your dreams. A smart risk is one that has groundwork lied out in front of you, that is there for your direction. A smart risk is one that has a clear pay off in the end, with end in somewhat immediate sight.

YOU can not risk your time and effort without having a goal/payoff! And that payoff must be reasonable, obtainable, and is that which would make an impact for others. You owe this to the ones who are supporting you through your leap.

I think I fall into the latter category. THROUGH prayer, I’ve felt God’s hand guiding me. Now how can I be sure? Will the final result be a big payoff?

No one knows the answers to these sort of questions. Only God does. My job is to continue making sure that my dreams are in alliance with God’s plan for me/my family, and continue to ask for guidance down the right path.

I’d like your thoughts. When it seems the world would say – don’t jump … it’s too risky. But God’s spirit is nudging you to take a leap — what would you do?

Do you believe in the difference between a smart risk and a pipe dream? Or do you believe they’re the same?

I recently talked with Tam, a fellow blogger, who gave me some inspiring direction. The path to the door of opportunity can be a hard one, but if it’s a door that God wants you to walk through — then you’ll find your payoff when you walk through. And you’ll look back and see how great God’s plan was all along, even through the difficult times in getting there.