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Stage mom!

My son was asked to participate in a video the church is putting together for Christmas Eve services. Our pastor thought he’d bring some humor into the service and showcase what children thought of Christmas and Christ.

We got there and the little boy before us apparently didn’t have very many good sound bytes, so the video-ographer asked us if this little one could sit with my son and shoot a second time. Okay? Not my preference…I wanted my darling all by himself…but what was I going to do? Say no? So, they both get hooked up with mikes and sit in the tiny chairs in front of the Christmas tree.

She asked standard questions like, “what do you think Christmas is about”. With the first two questions, this other kid proceeds to shout out his answers before my son can get open his own mouth. I kinda got irritated! This kid got his chance already! Just because there really wasn’t any good film of him the first time, why ruin it for my son’s turn?

Then I backed down (down momma!) and took a breath! I wasn’t focusing on the spirit of the season. Besides, I didn’t have to worry about it much after that. From that point on, the lady handling the interview would ask a question and then instruct other little boy to let my son answer first.

I think some of the funniest answers my four year old gave was to these two questions:

Q: “How do you show someone you love them?”

A: “Well I love them!” (then he blew me a kiss)

Q: “Who are you blowing a kiss to?”

A: “My mommy…she’s right there in the sweater, and I love her…she’s so pretty.” (another kiss blown)

It was so endearing to me and everyone in the room…I’m sure that won’t end up on the cutting room floor.

Q: “Who is Jesus?”

A: “He’s the Christ…the Lord…well, one of the Lords. We have two!”

The two kids together actually made it a more interesting interview, b/c they interacted very well together. They both had some really good answers. The other little boy kept whispering secrets in my son’s ear.  What he said…I have no idea…but I’m sure the microphones picked it up.  Who knows what else will end up on screen with that?

When I stop to think, without this child in my son’s segment…his mommy wouldn’t have been able to see some of the sweet answers he had too. So, that is how and why it worked out for the best. Once I realized this…I stopped being selfish! Mom’s can get that way sometimes. We want the spotlight on our own pride and joy…but that’s not what this video was about.

It was about showcasing each child’s love for Jesus Christ. And that’s exactly what happened!


5 thoughts on “Stage mom!”

  1. I did it! I said I’d get around tonight and you are my first stop…and I’m sooo glad! I have been Mama Bear really bad lately. So I am totally relating to this story girl and happy to see someone else admitting it too.

    Will you be able to post any of the video when it’s done???

    And whoa, your kind words tonight really meant a lot to me. Thank you friend!

  2. This is adorable. So who’s the other Lord 🙂

    I can’t answer for Mom’s (or my wife), but as a sound engineer, I would definitely be tempted to make sure my kid was heard the best 🙂

    If there is any way after the video is done…you should pot it up. It would be fun to see.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!


  3. I would love to see that video…..children can say the cutest (and darndest) things but to hear their versions of love, Christ, and Christmas, it can really stir one’s heart. Too bad adults can’t be more childlike in their attitudes and feelings sometimes! There is nothing in the world as sweet as the innocence of little children.

  4. LOL…who’s the other Lord? My mom and I were joking about that too. We know he meant God, but since he didn’t say it’s left up to interpretation isn’t it? 🙂
    Tam, I’m glad I was your first stop…love your blog and visit as often as I can.
    Aunt K, I’m so happy you’re leaving me messages. I love you!

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