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Friday Blessings

This week has been amazing.  God is always good and even through struggles it is easy to count the many blessings in life, however this week has been stellar.


Eight months ago, I was laid off from a great job when a new manager was brought in and she essentially became a hatch ‘wo’ man.  She picked us off one by one and broke down my whole team.  It wasn’t a scenario I would have put anyone in, as this lady (and I use that term loosely) used very underhanded tactics to fire away, including lying about her staff to get them fired.Each month, in the last 8 months, we’ve not known how we were going to make each month, but God miraculously provided in ways that left little doubt that He was in full control of our present and future.

Three weeks ago I got a call to come interview for an outstanding company, which is within the same industry I left.  After 8 months of closed doors, and basically being told through prayer to wait … and focus on my gifts … I felt a tap on my heart as this is what I was waiting on.

This backdrop leads into today’s post of my weekly blessings …


Blessing 1 — I got hired on Monday and start today.  And the position they offered me has amazing potential.  I expected one thing and God surpassed that by leaps and bounds.  

Blessing 2 — My son got an email this morning saying he made the debate team.  He’s not been very excited about school in the last few years, because he doesn’t get challenged – and to see him so over the top excited about being on the team made my heart burst with joy.  I’m so happy that God answered this prayer.


Blessing 3 — I am back in touch with a teacher from my school in Okinawa, who made a big impact on my life.  


Blessing — 4  This sunrise this morning letting me know how much God loves us:





Hopefully you can recall a few of your own blessings from this week.  I’d love to hear them.


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After the Launch

This last weekend was the launch for COMING HOME, my third book.  I was amazed at how many people came in from from Kansas, Texas, and states across the nation.  Of course most were supporting from my home state of Oklahoma.  I’m so blessed to have the support I do.

It takes a lot of work to promote yourself, get your books out there, and get the momentum in sales.  There are so many other wonderful Indie authors out there, that your support means a lot to me.

Thank you to all of you who came out in support.  Thank you in advance to those that will go to amazon and read about my books … and take it one step further … purchase them in either kindle or paperback.  Here is my amazon page, which will list all my books to date.  Look for Saving Grace to come out next year.


Here are a few pictures from this weekend …


IMG_3073IMG_3079 IMG_3081 IMG_3082 IMG_3083 IMG_3090 IMG_3092 IMG_3098 IMG_3106IMG_3094 IMG_3101

I hope you’re able to take the time to pick up a copy and dive in yourself.  Enjoy…


Who’s On The Road With You?

Wise words from a wise woman …

lisa feist

I had a great meeting today with strong women who are in the trenches every day fighting to put a dent in the foster crisis in Oklahoma. We were talking about the beginning of the school year and upcoming Christmas season which we know as the “high intake season”. The weight of the conversation begins to hit us all and the conversation went from school supplies and Christmas gifts to the reality that we may be looking at 12,000 kids in foster care in Oklahoma by Christmas. One of the strongest women at the table turned to me and said, “Lisa, what are we going to do about it? What can we do?”
Now, before you think I had some great answer, let me tell you that God has been working on me in this area, heavily, for the past year. He’s been changing my heart and my eyes for…

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Fridays Full of Blessings

This week has been full of ups and downs.  It’s just been one of those weeks that you end up feeling so drained that you feel you’re long overdue for a vacation.  So when Friday finally rolled around, I felt like I’d been run over by a truck.

However, as worn as I am – it’s still easy to count my blessings:

1 – Although my cousin passed away, I’m blessed to know he lived a long life, surrounded by his loved ones.

2 – I received all my books in for the book launch. Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 10.29.54 PM

3 – My son started school, and although wouldn’t smile for a first day pic (he gave me the most grouchy look he could muster) … he asked if he could retake it when I picked him up.  He said he felt bad all day for not giving me a smile on his first day of school.  I’ve got the sweetest kid.

4 – Since re-releasing my first book – I’ve seen some great reviews coming in.  This is my favorite so far:

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 10.27.26 PM

I love the words … ‘Anticipation at its sweetest.’   That is just great.

5 – I got called on to do the ice bucket challenge by a friend, and bravely stood as my hubs doused me with ice water.  It was frigid and about chilled me to the bone – but it was for a great cause so it was worth it.

6 – It’s Friday!!! I’m so happy to have the weekend with my family.

I hope you’re able to make your list.  No matter how tough your week has been – be sure to count your blessings.


Your Life is Valuable

The worst tragedy is losing our loved ones.  I think it’s hardest thought when they take their own lives.  I know a few people that have done this, and I can’t imagine the terror they must have been going through to take this final step.

Yesterday when I saw the news that Robin Williams, a brilliant and talented man, apparently committed suicide I cringed thinking, Not another one.  Every life is so valuable.  We are all loved so much.  To take that final step is unfathomable.

Over a year ago, I found out one of my close friends had taken her life and her choice was to use a gun.  Statistics show women would hardly ever go this route, as we girls like to look our best.  It broke my heart that she not only took her life, but thought so little of herself to shoot herself in the head forever ruining her life and her image.  She frankly could have cared less about any of it.  To this day, when I run across her contact info on my computer my heart breaks and I hope wherever she is … she’s in a better place.  

A lot of Christians argue that people who take their lives into their own hands, and therefore taking it from God’s, are playing god and will automatically go to hell.  I can’t say that.  As I don’t know that.  How do we know that God didn’t meet them in the seconds before their life was snuffed, allowing them to accept his son and ask forgiveness?  We don’t know … therefore it’s possible.  So yes, I hope my friend is in a much better place … as I know she knew The Lord.

Robin Williams is gone now too.  He is a sign of our times, as people struggle with depression and anxiety.  No matter now much money you have, or how famous you are, depression doesn’t care … it will get you if you’re not able to get help.

If you’re out there suffering from anything – please do not let it get to the point to where you’re even thinking of what the world would be like without you.  Your family will grieve like crazy … your friends will be angry and sad for a long time.  There will be a hole that can not be filled without YOU here.  You make a difference and are needed in the lives of others.

If you’ve had even a glimmer of a thought – or suffer from depression – please reach out to get help.  Talk to someone you trust, or you can contact the suicide prevention hotline.  <—that’s their link.


Your life is valuable.  


Sex in Spanish

And this made me laugh today … I love revisiting memories of my kid’s younger days.

daily blessings

This morning my son woke me a little earlier than normal. He’s getting over a bad stomach bug and woke up hungry for saltine crackers and Sprite. Hallelujah! We walked into the living room and sat in the dimly lit room in total silence with the exception of the occasional crunching noises he was making. It was music to my ears.

I commented how relaxing it was not to have the television on and to have some quality time together. He ‘mmmhmmed’ me, and proceeded to say, “but I think I want to watch cartoons.” Flipping through my guide, didn’t leave many options. It was barely 7 a.m. and the major networks don’t come on until 8 a.m. so I turned it to the Spanish station. They had the qubo shows playing early, and I thought it would be fun to listen to everything in Spanish. We just giggled while…

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