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Ok I admit it…

I’m an entertainment junkie. One of the last commenters, from my last post, got me thinking. What exactly are my vices?

When I was young and a lot wilder, it was having a good time. Now it’s watching other people doing it on TV. Well…not doing ‘it’. LOL! But watching those, who have a blast whether it’s in reality TV or having a blast perfecting their craft.

From the Bachelor to Grey’s Anatomy I have to DVR it to get my fill.

About a year ago, God started tapping my heart…asking me why I was spending so much time with something that wasn’t glorifying Him. It got me thinking – is it some form of Idol worship when you’re spending time in activity that is not promoting your faith? Just how much time should I be dedicating to sucking my brain dry in front of the boob tube? How can I honestly say to my son, “you can only have so much ‘media’ time”, and limit his video games/computer/movie time…when I don’t put limits on me?

Well about a year ago I started trimming the fat so to speak. I stopped recording some shows on the DVR. Instead of all the ABC soaps, I chose to eliminate one of the three. Now I’m up to one and a half. I say that b/c I really enjoy watching ‘General Hospital’, but ‘One Life to Life’ is getting so old and boring that I fast forward through the whole thing. I still see what happens, but don’t have to hear the same character repeating the same old crap. So, now guess what? I’m not going to record it either and move it to the non watching show category along with ‘All My Children’.

There are a few shows I stopped watching in the evening as well. So I’m doing much better in this category, but I’m sure if I let myself admit it, I could really let go of more. The few I can’t let go of at this point? American Idol (even though the name is gets to me – and not in a good way), Bachelor with Jason/Ty, Greys – because of it’s amazing acting and McSteamy, Burn Notice, and LOST.

What are your vices? Has God talked to you about them and have you started to let go of them?

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A little something

Here’s something I wrote when I was in college, after waking up to God’s call in my life:

She’s a good girl they say, but she’s done her time.
She’s walked down that road and crossed a fine line.
Now she’s watching the sky and walking into the fiery burn.
It’s starting to dawn. She’s finally starting to learn.
Come to me, my child, and I’ll pull you through.
I’ve got a plan destined just for you.
Keep moving forward. Don’t look back.
Focus on the good in your life-not on when you lost track.
Youth and Innocence are not lost. Your life has just begun.
All regret into the wind is tossed. Toward the dawning she runs.

What does it make you think about? And does it remind you of any time in your life?

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Rant….just a little

Tam posted today on something that just got me in a little rant mode.  Although I commend American Idol for their “Gives Back” show in getting our nation involved in doing something…anything to help those in need across our own nation and abroad, I’m more than upset at the moment.

Censorship is necessary in some forms so that our kids aren’t exposed to certain messages in the media and film industry.  However American Idol is supposed to be a family friendly show, where the whole family can watch and be entertained.

Last night they targeted their acts to the younger audiences, as the music industry is tailored to the younger generation.  These stars mentioned over and over, “Kids break out your piggy banks, parents get out your wallets.”

Obviously it’s a show where kids will be watching and tuning in…..

YET they censor the name Jesus, and leave in words like bitch and ass???  Come on give us parents, Christian and non, a break from vulgar language with our kids in the room!!  Seriously????

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Update on my son…


It’s no wonder everyone and their dog has been getting sick lately. It’s 70 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next. In a few more days, it will warm back up to high 50’s and then probably more 60’s.

Everyone I know has had severe severe health issues from the flu to bronchial infections. I got some of the former a week ago, so I’m just blessed to only have had minor stomach issues. It’s a wonder I wasn’t stuck to the bathroom like most of my friends and family were. I was very blessed to have gotten over it quickly before it even began. And just in time to begin the care taking involved for my son.

Thank you to all of you who have left such sweet comments, and have prayed for my son’s health. It is always such a relief knowing I have a support network of prayer in blog land.

We just got back from the doctor. After a chest Xray and a nasal swab, his ped dr determined it’s not the flu…whew. However the orignial diagnosis stands…bronchitis. Since his fever is being so persistant and he allergically reacted to his last antibiotic, he’s changed him from a z-pac to cephzil. At this point please pray that he doesn’t have an allergy to the new antibiotic. If the cough doesn’t subside by Monday, they’ll put him on an inhaler.

Tylenol seems to be going a good job of getting his fever back down, however after it’s four hour duration it’s back up into the lower 100’s. Thank you to all of you who will continue to pray for his recovery. I pray God blesses you in return.

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Faithful Friday 12-28-07


Jesus asks that we have faith like a mustard seed, and He will grow it. Just how big is a mustard seed?

It’s tinier than any seed I can think of other than a sesame seed. For some people, having faith is ill-logical, unthinkable, and absolutely not their way. For others, it comes easy and is like breathing.

For me it’s this way…like breathing. I’ve had so many instances in my life that left little or no doubt that God’s hand was what was guiding my way.

**When my husband was dying, and I was rushing him to the ER. The nurse told me that weren’t sure how they tubed and bagged him as his throat was swelled shut. I knew how…God’s hand was on my husband and those taking care of him. It was a miracle we made it to the hospital under the circumstances, and it was an even bigger miracle that my husband’s life was spared.

**Being told your chances are slim, even with fertility, to conceive a child is the hardest thing a woman can hear. Knowing that the expert in their field is the most knowledgeable person to guide you. Praying to God over the story of Sarah, in the Bible, and being blessed with a pregnancy that had no fertility involved is a miracle.

These are just a few of the things in my life that have given me a glimpse of God’s greatness and power. Faith for me is easy. However there are some that have to work on it. They’ve led a life of disappointment after disappointment. Not to say I’ve not had my share of disappointments, but God has always shown me a better way through the pain I was dealing with at that time.

All God asks is that you give him a little faith…like the size of a mustard seed…and give Him the chance to grow it and nurture it so that you too may see the fruits of your labors in life.

Try it today…put something in God’s hands…turn it over with no expectations or time restrictions. Remember the outcome you desire isn’t always God’s plan for your life. He does know what is best for you. All things are good in God’s timing…not necessarily in our own. Tell Him you’re handing over your pain or worry and that you know He’ll take care of it — without any conditions on it.

Here’s the key: PUT YOUR FAITH IN HIM one day at a time. You will have stumbling blocks of doubt, but don’t let the devil have hold over you that way. Continue to push through and mentally state…I have faith in you Lord. I know you’re watching over me. Keep a little faith in Him each day…and each day it will grow!

One day, it will be as easy as breathing.

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Love Notes to my Husband…


My husband and I rarely get pictures taken together. I’m usually the one with the camera shooting everyone else in whatever even is going on. And although I wish I’d put lip gloss on and primped a little, I was glad someone thought to take a quick shot of the two of us together in front of the tree this year.

Reasons why I love my husband:

** He leaves my sweet notes from time to time that are thoughtful and creative…and usually make me laugh and cry at the same time.

** Although he works awful hours, he dedicates time to our son to make sure they have their ‘guy bonding’ time.

** He likes ‘chick flicks’ and wants to make sure we watch what I want too.

** He cries at Home Extreme Make-over (sniff) It gets us both everytime…honey don’t kill me for adding this one. I love you!

** He listens to me even when he’s mad and most men would walk away.

** He reassures me when I’m stressed to the max, and always seems to make me feel okay and safe.

** He’s been through it all with me and still loves me just the way I am.

** He tells me I’m beautiful even with no make up and scruffy pajamas.

** Because Jesus is in his heart, and it shows every day in how he makes the most of each day with his family.

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Faithful Friday 10-26-07

I think my life is set on FAST FORWARD.  You ever see that movie with Jim Carrey, where he hits FF through his life?  That’s how I feel lately.  I’ve not stopped to take a lunch break for a week, and my devotions have slipped a little to the side.  Okay lets see…I’ve done devotions one night out of the last 4.  I’d say they’ve slipped majorly to the side.

Tonight I will set more time aside just for Him and our time, before bed time.  And I know God will warmly welcome me with open arms.  Although I don’t run off and binge into bad behavior, when I don’t have my alone time with God, I do forget to make Him a priority when I get busy.  Thankfully He is faithfully there waiting, to receive me when I snap back into reality.

You see the reality of this life is that most of us are just too busy to make time for a relationship with God.  But the sweet reality of Christ is that he loves us so much, he’ll wait until we come to him on bended knee in prayer.

If you’re spinning through life, like I have in the last 2 weeks, I hope you’ll make it a priority to take 5 minutes out of your day for God’s presence in your heart and life.  He’s faithfully waiting for you…Will you be faithful in your quest for Him?