Coming Home

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Anne Lasal was ready for a change. Estranged from her family and disheartened after her best friend’s wedding, she felt like she was coasting through life without a plan of her own. So, when a friend nominates her for a reality dating show, she concedes.

Although a skeptic, Anne is ready for her adventure, and what could be better than an all expenses paid trip into the lap of luxury? What Anne doesn’t expect is that the bachelor on set is none other than her television crush – actor, Chad Chambers.

Chad Chambers, a Texas native, doesn‘t easily fit the Hollywood mold, but that’s what makes him so sought after – as his rugged good looks and southern charm have made most of America fall in love . He’s agreed to being the new love interest on ‘Broadcast Affair’ as his agent said it would open more doors for his career, however he secretly wishes to connect with a nice girl … someone normal … someone like Anne LaSal.

When their two worlds collide, it is instant chemistry for both however will Anne’s family drama ruin the beginning of something beautiful?

COMING HOME releases on August 23rd, 2014.  Make sure to look for it on Amazon, Nook, or ask your local bookstore for it.

If you would like a signed copy, and will be in the Oklahoma City area on August 23rd.  Swing by the book launch party to buy your signed copy and get a picture with me.  If you have a facebook account GO HERE to get more details – and please RSVP.    If you’re not a facebook fan, email me at:

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