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Today the weather is gorgeous! It’s supposed to get up to 84 degrees today. It’s been this way all week long. What a blessing to have a true fall, and a warm one at that. Oklahoma is known for never having a real fall. It usually goes straight from summer to frigid rainy yucky conditions.

I ran with my sis yesterday around the lake, and it was so peaceful. We stopped every so often to break up the run with crunches, lunges, or plank holds. I get bored just running non stop and I’ve not done it in a while, so I was sure I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Today I feel so good and am glad I have my sis to partner with in my running endeavors. We’re going to do it twice a week. So now if only I can stay motivated. I’ll let you in on a secret … I’m lazy. I’m very lazy when it comes to exercise and staying healthy. I know I should do better, and want to … but don’t. So I’ve got to make myself do it … if not for me, than my little boy.

He told me today that he gets lots of good exercise on the playground at recess everrry day! He drove the point home to me, that my exercising is influencing good choices for his life too.

I’ve made very good tips this week, but not enough to sustain our family. I know God will bless the fact that I’m working hard, but know that there is something else out there for me other than waiting tables. This I feel is a temporary fix, to be able to work around my son’s school schedule. There has to be something that will allow me to work around his schedule, and still be able to make a living. What I’m doing now is not supporting our dual income needs. The blessing is that I have faith God is going to reveal it all to me in His time. I just have to keep pluggin along.

And lastly, my new sister-in-law is pregnant! I guess they got pregnant in Maui on the honeymoon, in July. They’ve been keeping it a secret, and just told us this week. I’m very happy for them and can’t wait to meet my new little nephew or niece. I have a feeling it’s going to be a boy! Dark skinned, long eyelashed, brown eyed beautiful boy … can’t wait to meet you little one!

I hope you all have had a great week, and have had the chance to recognize your blessings.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Just another Manic Day

Saturday was one of the busiest days I think I’ve had since I was in college, when I was rushing from a full day of classes to my part time job. Saturday’s schedule wasn’t just busy, but quite active. Lots of running with no sitting—practically all day.

Starting bright and early I drove out with my son and sister to a race track about an hour away to shoot a couple of kids at their motor cross races.
This was taken while it was raining, so it was a little overcast. For 5 hours I ran from place to place getting the right angles to shoot, for three different kids. Who needs the gym right? It was a mix of showers, with hot sun and humidity that felt about 110 degrees. By the time I was finished, I was muddy, sweaty and in desperate need of a shower.

My son was in awe of all these kids, and their bikes. It was so cute to watch him take it all in.

Afterwards we drove the hour back home, stopped briefly to get a present, and kept on moving 45 minutes in another direction for a birthday party. It was a full day of driving to say the least. The party was held at one of those outdoor race tracks, with indoor arcade games. I think we had our share of racing for the day too!

Since we got to the party a little late…like an hours worth, we missed the cake and presents, but still had time to jump in a race car on their little track.

My anxious five year old strapped in tight next to me, because he knew I’d take the turns tight. I drove like a bat out of ‘you know where’ for the second time that day. I love racing and it was fun to go as fast as I could, while still maintaining a safe drive. After all my son was with me. He was screaming, “Whoo Hoooo Mommy!” the whole time. I think I actually beat my husband’s record.

We spent an hour there… mostly indoors, playing the arcade games, to beat the heat. My son is an amazingly lucky little dude who always gets tickets streaming out of every game he plays. In one hour he racked up 170 tickets, which was enough to bring home 5 toys.

Then we drove home so that I could get ready for my future sister in law’s bachelorette party, which I was already behind the curve ball on. I’d been planning it for weeks and was not going to let myself stop even for a minute to rest. All I had time for was a quick shower, and makeup and hair. Was I ready to sit, eat, and have a relaxing evening or what?

We started out at The Mantle, on the patio, for appetizers. The only down side was the very very loud speakers, which was blaring folk music. From there we went to two other places for a night full of fun and dancing.

I invited my token platonic guy, Walter, who’s been a friend for close to 15 years, to keep an eye on all us ladies. I always have a standby guy at bachelorette parties, just incase it’s needed.

Plus that way we all have a platonic, never gonna think of anything more than friends, dance partner for the night. Walter was like a bouncer, baby-sitter, dancing dude all rolled into one. Who wouldn’t love that?

PLUS he’s about 7 foot tall, so no one would mess with him. Did I mention he’s usually the life of any party too? It was a great bonus. Not too long into the evening, my Cousin, Ross, also stopped by. So we had two male body guards…it was great!

I think Mindy, my future sis, had a great time and I am so happy to be welcoming her into the family! It was a huge blessing to have my own sister, my future sister in law, my mother in law, and some of our friends and extended family join us out. We had the best time. Some of us had too much fun! 🙂

My sister and I designed T-shirts for the night, which were a hit. I will post a picture of them later. They were very cute and we all got comments on them all night. Now that’s it’s Monday, I’m ready for the weekend. I leave for their wedding, in Maui, in 4 days!

Ahhhh! Now I have to get crazy busy packing and preparing for a fun filled trip! I’ll keep you updated while I’m there!

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Woke up

After these all night and morning,

we woke up to a few surprises.
Surprise # 1:

but I chose to focus on Surprise # 2:

Then I called the cops…
This is what I get for living near Hud housing with kids that are out for the summer, roaming neighborhoods looking for trouble.

Our neighborhood gets vandalized weekly and the police are so understaffed that they can’t do anything. So my husband and I have decided to get a infrared camera to post under the eaves of our home, to catch the little buggars who feel they can egg our cars, write bad words or obscene gestures on our driveways, race down our streets/through our yards, and bash and uproot our mailboxes. Maybe then the police can do something.

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A little something

Here’s something I wrote when I was in college, after waking up to God’s call in my life:

She’s a good girl they say, but she’s done her time.
She’s walked down that road and crossed a fine line.
Now she’s watching the sky and walking into the fiery burn.
It’s starting to dawn. She’s finally starting to learn.
Come to me, my child, and I’ll pull you through.
I’ve got a plan destined just for you.
Keep moving forward. Don’t look back.
Focus on the good in your life-not on when you lost track.
Youth and Innocence are not lost. Your life has just begun.
All regret into the wind is tossed. Toward the dawning she runs.

What does it make you think about? And does it remind you of any time in your life?

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Does anyone take accountability anymore???

Today I’m a little frustrated. A lot of you know that I was recently T-boned by someone who didn’t stop properly at a stop sign. You can read about it here. I guess my main question is summed up in the title of this blog, but I’m still amazed at the younger generation and it’s lack of heart.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I know that it a completely stereotypical statement in deeming the entire ‘younger generation’ apathetic. I know that we have some amazing young people that are doing great things in this world. So I should rephrase it as most of the younger generation, who takes the easy road in life.

After this kid hit me…I pulled over to the side of the road and he pulled behind me. I looked in my review and he was on his phone. I’d say he was calling the police, but he wasn’t picking his phone up.  He was already on it.  Plus one of his buddies showed up with in 2 minutes. My gut tells me he was on the phone when he hit me.

This 20 something kid didn’t get out to see if I was okay. He didn’t act like he’d had any part in the accident. He and his buddy were shooting the breeze talking about the weather. He didn’t give me eye contact. In fact if I wasn’t the one that was hit, I’d swear they were just loitering a street corner watching cars drive by. He could have cared less about any aspect of this scenario.

Maybe he didn’t care because he was driving a company truck. Maybe it’s because it only tore part of the bumper and his company truck wasn’t bashed in, like the side of my car. He told the officer that I ‘just came of out no where’!!!

Okay well when you’re stopped at a stop sign and 15 to 20 cars are driving down a main 4 lane road, you’d think someone would double check before just pushing the gas on and pulling out.  I was in my lane, driving like the rest of the other 15 cars were.  Did he not see them too?

When the officer ticketed him, he appeared dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe he got a ticket…because it surely (in his delusional world) wasn’t his fault!

Well now he’s refuting the ticket. That would be enough to irritate me just on principle alone…but if he gets out of his ticket than his insurance company won’t claim liability for the accident. That directly effects me because then my rates will go up and I won’t get reimbursed for out of pocket expenses like my pharmacy bill and my rental.

I was raised when you’ve done something in error, whether it’s and accident or not, you take responsibility and own up to your actions. I was raised that you do what you can to amend the situation. Mind you I am not a naive girl, but I’m still blown away that someone would deliberately lie and weasel out of things. It’s not that I don’t see it happen on a daily basis with people I meet on a small level…ie work environment or daily life. People tell white lies or manipulate the truth to fit their means. BUT today people, I’m sadly just shaking my head and this young kid and his lack of heart.

Please help me in praying for him and his conscience. Pray that God lays what’s right on his heart and mind. And please pray for me with this situation so that I don’t have any more than I can handle with my finances and how this wreck has effected that. Thank you so much. Thanks for letting me vent…I needed to.

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One year here…

I’ve been blogging here for one year now. I started at the first of Jan of 2007. So in celebration I’m re-posting my first blog.

PhotobucketOne thing that always gets me is when people call me ‘lucky’ or when something good happens in their own life-they wonder at their own good luck. I think too often in our society we overlook our blessings! I know firsthand how many miracles have been preformed in my life, and luck had nothing to do with them. I know non-believers can’t give credit where credit is due because they don’t believe God is at work in their own lives….especially when it comes to the small stuff.

Trust me people–God’s miracles aren’t just in the Bible! From the moment we’re born we’re blessed with relationships, jobs, safe travels, a comforting shoulder when we’re upset, a smile from a stranger. We never know what God is delivering right in our own lap if we don’t pay attention. Someone asked me lately how I stay in tune with God even when life gets so bad. That’s when I try to stay more in tune than ever by counting my blessings.

I have made subtle little comments in previous blogs on difficult times in my life, but have never given any insight to my friends, who have asked, what thoses are. My real friends know these things, but you—reading this— probably don’t. I won’t bog you down with life’s trauma, but I will try to uplift you by telling you about God’s inspiration in my life.

My husband a few years back had a severe case of adult on set allergies that we were unaware of. He was allergic to many foods that he unknowingly kept eating until one night it was too late. We were heading home after a night of food and beverage, and my better half started acting irate and irritable due to the supply of oxygen slowly being cut off. Being a newly wed, I just thought I was seeing a new side to my husband and was clueless. We started home and was about a mile from our house when he pulled over claiming he was not feeling well enough to make it that last mile.

By the time it took for he and I to switch places and fasten our seatbelts…he was passed out with his neck swollen past his chin and clavicle. His face was so swollen that his eyes were sunk in and he wasn’t breathing. Thank the Lord for LARGE miracles, we had pulled over in a parking lot across from a hospital. So I took off running red lights, stop signs and driving into oncoming traffic….all the while beating his chest with one fist and trying to steer with the other.

Our life flashed before my eyes…the years we would never have, the children we’d never conceive….and all I could yell was, “God No, Please NO! Help me!” I pulled into the ER after driving around it twice trying to find the ER entrance….it wasn’t clearly marked back then like it is now. I rolled down my window and started screaming to get a doctor. It felt like an episode of ER. The doctor’s would not let me back to see him once I parked and came inside. From what I learned later … if I had gotten him there 20 seconds later, he wouldn’t have made it. His air way was so constricted that they couldn’t even bag him to get a tube down his throat. Afterwards, a nurse told me they weren’t having any success tubing him and didn’t think he would make it. She told me I was lucky. It wasn’t luck that my husband made it, & with 20 seconds to spare!

That night, God provided 1 of countless miracles in my life and I’ll never forget the panic and fear I felt. He kept me sane enough to drive with out crashing into oncoming traffic and around cars at stop signs. He got me to the hospital in the nick of time, and he saved the love of my life.

I just wanted to share with you that He loves all of you.

You all have miracles in your life as well. You just have to stop and pay attention.

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Quick Trip to Texas

My family and I just got back from a weekend visit to his family in Texas. We drove 4 1/2 hours down and spent Saturday and Sunday with the whole fam! My son did extremely well, considering we had a portable DVD player for his movies. He only asked, Are we in Texas yet? about ummm….19 times before we left Oklahoma. Then once we crossed the state line he changed it to: Are we at their house yet? I thought it was funny for the first 10 times, and after that I groaned because I wanted to be there just as bad. My butt and back were numb by the time we got there.

We passed a town, called White Settlement, and I had to look twice. They even had an exit of the highway for White Settlement Road, where the Civil War Museum was located on the frontage road. I couldn’t believe it! We got the history of the town once we got to our family’s home. Apparently it’s not racial at all. The town is named after a Mr. White, but most of the other residents are trying to change the name because they find it racially offensive. I took a picture of the exit sign on the way home to post.

Our visit was so relaxing. We ate pancakes, lounged, and took our time in everything we did. When do we ever have time for the simple things?…only during the holidays!

My son enjoyed his time with his great Grama, Nana, aunts, uncles, and cousin. This HUGE home we were in happens to sit on a pecan plantation in the middle of no where. The pecan plantation would have been a good detail to remember since I brought them hand picked pecans for Christmas. I awoke Saturday morning to the sound of machinery, at the neighbors house, where workers were sucking up all the pecans out of the yard. My uncle walked me into his garage, where he had 7 huge barrel sized sacks of pecans in his garage. He told me that they shelled and sold them himself. I sighed and told him what I brought him for Christmas, which resulted in being teased all weekend. I couldn’t believe my blonde moment. Seems I have a lot of those.

There were deers running wild everywhere. All you had to do was step outside to be greeted by a whole family of deer. Usually we saw them in packs of 12 or more. This shot shows three, but they had about 10 more with them.

If you look closely, you can see all the pecan shells on the ground around them.

We were sad to leave, but had to get home for Christmas to be with my parents and my husband’s. My son started crying, so we told him we’d stop by the Texas Motor Speedway on the way home. He loves racing and Jeff Gordon. At four, he’s a speed finatic, and loves all things cars(thanks to the Cars Movie). My husband drove around the parking and track to find a spot where he could show our little guy a view of the race track. We found one area that gave a little glimpse. My husband told me later that my son said, “Daddy, if anyone’s playing the Nascar Thunder game right now…Can they see us up here?” He’s so cute.

Merry Christmas to you all.