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Finding Kylie Feedback From the Heart

My friend called me today with this voicemail. At first I thought something was seriously wrong and then I realized she was giving me feed back on the book.
I thought it was too sweet not to post:

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Friday again?

OK can somebody please tell me how Friday is here again? Seriously am I in a time warp?

They say it’s BLACK FRIDAY, so to honor that our whole family wore the color black and did NOOOOO shopping. I can’t see how people get up and sit in line for hours or days even to shop for ridiculously priced ‘things’…especially in today’s times. Do people these days still care about ‘things’?

It was our second day to be with family and eat like it was going out of style, and considering it may be if we don’t start having a thriving economy, or I’d settle for a breathing economy…it may be going out of style.

We were so blessed to be surrounded by loved ones for two days straight. Our families are so different, but in a good way. They both are full of fun people, who are such a joy to be around. My family was yesterday, where we went to my Aunt’s new house. It sits by a pond, which was so beautiful to be near and watch the ducks. After stuffing ourselves at dinner, we sat and watched football while the men slept it away. My sister and I got on a roll, where I couldn’t stop laughing. I laughed to hard that I literally couldn’t stop and my sides were cramping, while my eyes were tearing up. All she had to do is look at my sideways and I cracked up.

Today we got to drive to Norman to spend time with my in-laws, who are so enjoyable. They’re so easy to be around, like my side. My husband’s family is so love-able, and have been accepting of me from day one. I’m blessed to have both sides of our family to enjoy each holiday season. And now we’re expecting a new edition to this side in a few months, as I’ll have a new nephew! 🙂

I’m thankful for friends, who care about me no matter what.

I’m blessed that my dryer broke today, and my sister has one she’s not using that we’re going to bring over to my house. EVERY year at this time of year, something breaks in my house…hot water heater, central heating and air, plumbing…you name it. Today my dryer is Kaput! And poof — God blesses me through my sister’s gift with an almost new dryer — free!

My aunt and her room-mate blessed me abundantly this week by what they might have considered a small gift but a huge one to me. It was a gift certificate to my local grocery store, so that I can go shopping. And they gave me a little spending cash that paid for me and my son’s medications.

God is soooo good.



I think we should be thankful every day, but am glad most of us stop at least once a year to count our blessings.

Tomorrow when I wake up I will have plenty to be thankful for…

I fell on the job today and my back is wrenched…I am thankful it wasn’t worse. I’m thankful I didn’t brake anything (at least that I know of).

I’m thankful for good health for me and my family.

I’m thankful for beautiful fall weather.

I’m thankful for all my wonderful family and friends.

I’m thankful that God has blessed us with a really wonderful church home.

I’m thankful I have a place to go tomorrow to spend the day with loved ones and eat great food.

Most importantly I’m thankful that I have the freedom to praise my God without fear from others. I’m thankful to live in America.

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Friday’s Blessings

It’s better late than never. I’m pretty sick, but needed to get this up tonight before it rolled into Saturday.

Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve got the flu, the big blessing is I’ve not thrown up. Praise the Lord. And I came down with it early enough, that I didn’t expose most of my family to it. It’s my mom’s birthday today, and I’m missing her party (while my son and husband are there without me). However, no one wants to be around a sick person. I’m blessed I could spare them the germs.

My launch party was a blast. I’m blessed by everyone that attended. I had some last minute cancellations but that is to be expected. All in all, we had the perfect amount. I sold over 54 books. I would have sold them all if everyone came that said they would, but like I said everyone that was there were the ones who really wanted to be. And that’s a huge blessing! Especially when some of them drove for over 4 hours to come in town. My friends and family are the most amazing supportive people, and I’m so blown away at their love for me. You can see some of the cute stuff that happened last night with my son –> HERE.

The weather has been amazing. It’s just now getting cold. Our foliage is just now turning golden brown and red. My flowers are still just amazing…most of them. I’m blessed when I see snow in parts of the country and know we’re just now getting into the 50’s.

I’ve had 3 photo-shoots in the last week and a half. Some referrals have come in and I’m blessed that my previous clients loved their pics so much that they’re spreading the word. More business means I can continue to take care of my family.

That’s it folks…I know that there are many more blessings to list — but I’m getting chilled and might throw up. So I’m going to go lay down now. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday’s Blessings

I’m just now able to sit and post. Sorry for the delay. It’s been a very busy day full of activity.


I’m blessed this week by many things. God has shown how awesome He is in so many amazing ways that I’m astounded by his works this week.

*I wasn’t sure how I was going to make ends meet this month. I knew I would have to not pay some bills because the money just wasn’t there to pay. My wonderful Sunday School teacher called me and told me (out of the blue) about a community outreach the church has to meet financial needs. He told he’d been thinking of me, and wanted me to call the director in charge of that ministry.

I didn’t feel like I was one of those families, that needed financial aid in times of trouble, but God humbled my heart and I made the call. I’m sitting in awe of how God has graciously provided for my family this month. I know He listens and provides, but it’s just amazing to see how big He is and how powerful He is. We’re able to make ends meet this month now, and I’m so thankful.

*The church called me again this week to ask me to come interview for a connections outreach position they’ve just had come open. The pastor in charge of this outreach, said more than one person told him about me. Keep in mind I wasn’t ‘actively’ looking for a full time job yet. I was going to start on Monday. Well — I had an awesome interview today and feel so peaceful about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if God opens this door for me, but he still has a few more interviews lined up. I will know something by Wednesday. The big blessing here is obvious – more money, benefits so I can cancel the policy I’m paying almost $300 for a month, and I can still take my son to school.


*I haven’t gone to the grocery store in a while, because we’re using every last bit of food and products we have – so that we don’t spend any money. I ran out of soap in the shower, which I thought was my last bar. I was positive it was as I remembered throwing away the plastic wrap, that held 4 dove soaps, when I pulled the last bar out. My first thought was, “crap how am I supposed to get clean today?” A little voice said, look under your sink. I found an extra bar of dove that I didn’t know I had. This was a HUGE blessing to me. Trust me I didn’t want to be stinky…no one wants to be around stinky people. LOL.

*My son, although pretty sick this week, bounced back fast. I’m so blessed that God answered my prayers to allow the stomach bug to pass through quickly. The last few times ended us up in the ER due to de-hydration. What a blessing to see a happy little face yesterday morning, with bright eyes, and to hear, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

*My parents and sis are back from Hawaii so I’m not quite so isolated without them. I missed having them here so much.

*And currently both my nieces are in my living room playing with my son. I was blessed enough to be able to pick them up after school today. I love that so much.

*My wonderful aunt, who moved here from California, helped me out this week and watched my son when I had some errands to do. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful family. She’s a huge blessing to me.