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Faithful Friday 12-28-07


Jesus asks that we have faith like a mustard seed, and He will grow it. Just how big is a mustard seed?

It’s tinier than any seed I can think of other than a sesame seed. For some people, having faith is ill-logical, unthinkable, and absolutely not their way. For others, it comes easy and is like breathing.

For me it’s this way…like breathing. I’ve had so many instances in my life that left little or no doubt that God’s hand was what was guiding my way.

**When my husband was dying, and I was rushing him to the ER. The nurse told me that weren’t sure how they tubed and bagged him as his throat was swelled shut. I knew how…God’s hand was on my husband and those taking care of him. It was a miracle we made it to the hospital under the circumstances, and it was an even bigger miracle that my husband’s life was spared.

**Being told your chances are slim, even with fertility, to conceive a child is the hardest thing a woman can hear. Knowing that the expert in their field is the most knowledgeable person to guide you. Praying to God over the story of Sarah, in the Bible, and being blessed with a pregnancy that had no fertility involved is a miracle.

These are just a few of the things in my life that have given me a glimpse of God’s greatness and power. Faith for me is easy. However there are some that have to work on it. They’ve led a life of disappointment after disappointment. Not to say I’ve not had my share of disappointments, but God has always shown me a better way through the pain I was dealing with at that time.

All God asks is that you give him a little faith…like the size of a mustard seed…and give Him the chance to grow it and nurture it so that you too may see the fruits of your labors in life.

Try it today…put something in God’s hands…turn it over with no expectations or time restrictions. Remember the outcome you desire isn’t always God’s plan for your life. He does know what is best for you. All things are good in God’s timing…not necessarily in our own. Tell Him you’re handing over your pain or worry and that you know He’ll take care of it — without any conditions on it.

Here’s the key: PUT YOUR FAITH IN HIM one day at a time. You will have stumbling blocks of doubt, but don’t let the devil have hold over you that way. Continue to push through and mentally state…I have faith in you Lord. I know you’re watching over me. Keep a little faith in Him each day…and each day it will grow!

One day, it will be as easy as breathing.


7 thoughts on “Faithful Friday 12-28-07”

  1. Wow! those are two HUGE miracles. Great blog post. You probably don’t need a new years resolution. They never work anyway. Did you choose a word for 2008? I chose two words – GORGEOUS and ACTIVE.

    Great photo of you and your husband. Wow. I’m going to have fun looking at this blog some more. I’m glad to have found it.

  2. How true. My college prof said that faith is like the chair that we sit in. If we sit in it often and rely on it there is no doubt it will hold us up. We can’t always explain the physics of why we just know. Sounds like you know!
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha (S)

  3. Great blog post. We serve a God who can do abundantly more than we can think or even imagine. Thanks for sharing your life and how God worked in circumstance that were very dire. That is very encouraging.

  4. And another good and timely word from you friend! I have been asking God to increase my faith. I have been working on it as well as we must daily release things to Him and learn to trust. I am learning to cast (throw off) my worries into Him. This has been my theme this year. Yesm this year…the WHOLE year! But it’s so worth learning and growing in! I have to trust Him for big things – He is my only constant – my only Hope!

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