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Baby Kaleb

Little baby Kaleb is a child that has surpassed everyone’s expectations. You’ll remember last spring the case of the baby shaken by his sitter in Tampa. He was in ICU for months, with no hope of recovery as far as the doctors were concerned. His mom, a woman of strong faith, has shared her belief that God would heal her son from day one. Kaleb’s amazing recovery has proved every doctor wrong from his original prognosis. He’s improving leaps and bounds, and I’m so thankful that God has used this amazing families journey, although sad, to show the world that He still provides miracles.

See Kaleb’s mommy’s blogs here that walk you through his progress. As your read through please remember to keep Kaleb and his family in your prayers. His parents are amazing individuals, who have looked to the Lord through their trial to bring them through. Their faith is a wonderful testimony for all of us to look to.

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Faithful Friday

I wasn’t near a computer much yesterday to post for Faithful Friday, so a late post will have to do. Yesterday, I rode along with a colleague of mine. One of his appointments was an assisted living center outside Oklahoma City. As my colleague finished up with the office manager, I wandered out to the lobby. It was full of residents visiting with each other, but one was sitting off to herself. There was an empty chair across from her. I asked if she was expecting anyone and she invited me to sit.

We had the most touching conversation. I never found out her name, but I know that one of her three daughters died two years ago. I know that she’s suffering from some memory loss due to her grieving, as it’s taking it’s toll. I know she’s 86 and a believer. I know that she has a lot of loving family members and friends that visit her often. She was a very strong and sweet lady, who is trying to get past her loss. I shared a story with her about me, and told her something that is just between she and I…but I will tell you that it made her and I both feel blessed to have made each other’s acquaintance.

The best thing was I got a huge hug before I left and it made my day…all day. My heart says her name is Mary…and although I don’t know her real name, I know Mary blessed my day and am thankful to God for her.

If any of you have ever just thought about visiting an assisted living center or nursing home, take a hard look at the joy you’d be bringing someone. If you find yourself driving while during errands or on your way home…if you’ve got a few minutes…and it crosses your heart, please listen to the holy spirit’s request and stop in. If only for 30 minutes, you could not only make someone’s day but get a huge blessing in just meeting someone new.

These men and women have so much history to share…so much love to give. Some are blessed to be in safe and comfortable centers, some are not. Some are in deplorable conditions. Thankfully my Mary was in a wonderfully safe and nurturing environment, but I’ve seen some that aren’t very pleasant. I’ve been in some that smell of urine and sound of cries for help when you walk in. These are signs of neglect…and if you do happen upon one of these it’s your duty to report it.

This is just something that was on my heart today and I felt led to share it. I hope at least a small handful of you will consider stopping in to make someone’s day….and your own.

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A Mission Worthwhile

A friend of mine runs a very worthy cause to help young boys in the state of Oklahoma. Pepper’s Ranch is an amazing place, where they strive every day to break the cycle of abuse in Oklahoma, and provide young boys with the basic needs of love, support, and overall care.

I know most of you give to where you feel is right for you, but if you would just take a second to click on the below link I would appreciate it. If you feel led to donate $5.00….great. If not, at least you’ve been made aware of how wonderful Pepper’s Ranch is. Any donation given goes straight to helping the needs of the children at the organization.

Here is what he sent me via email and I just wanted to pass it on:


There are three very simple reasons I am contacting you…


  1. You care…and will invest a small amount of time to view the link below
  2. You care…and will commit to make a difference in the life of a child
  3. You care…and have at least 5 more friends who care

Acting together, we are all just one click away from making an unbelievable difference!



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Heath Ledger gone at 28

I’m sitting here in shock after reading story on Heath Ledger’s death. Only 28 and in his prime, he was found dead at his Manhattan apartment. My husband heard he’d had trouble sleeping, which is why he’d maybe overdosed on sleeping pills. This story I’ve linked to above says they’re not sure if it’s a suicide.

I am not one of those who get starstruck or follow Hollywood. BUT I do respect some actors’ work and contributions to film. Heath Ledger is among one of my favorites, because he didn’t take the easy way in film. He didn’t just accept hunky hollywood roles that would have set him for life. He chose roles that would expand him as a character…as a person.I think he was very talented and amazing…and I’m sad. Any death at an early age is pitiful. What will really turn my sad into mad is if it comes to light that it was a suicide. They’re saying it’s not…that he was having severe sleep problems and simply overdosed himself on accident. What a loss for his daughter, his family, and his community.
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One year here…

I’ve been blogging here for one year now. I started at the first of Jan of 2007. So in celebration I’m re-posting my first blog.

PhotobucketOne thing that always gets me is when people call me ‘lucky’ or when something good happens in their own life-they wonder at their own good luck. I think too often in our society we overlook our blessings! I know firsthand how many miracles have been preformed in my life, and luck had nothing to do with them. I know non-believers can’t give credit where credit is due because they don’t believe God is at work in their own lives….especially when it comes to the small stuff.

Trust me people–God’s miracles aren’t just in the Bible! From the moment we’re born we’re blessed with relationships, jobs, safe travels, a comforting shoulder when we’re upset, a smile from a stranger. We never know what God is delivering right in our own lap if we don’t pay attention. Someone asked me lately how I stay in tune with God even when life gets so bad. That’s when I try to stay more in tune than ever by counting my blessings.

I have made subtle little comments in previous blogs on difficult times in my life, but have never given any insight to my friends, who have asked, what thoses are. My real friends know these things, but you—reading this— probably don’t. I won’t bog you down with life’s trauma, but I will try to uplift you by telling you about God’s inspiration in my life.

My husband a few years back had a severe case of adult on set allergies that we were unaware of. He was allergic to many foods that he unknowingly kept eating until one night it was too late. We were heading home after a night of food and beverage, and my better half started acting irate and irritable due to the supply of oxygen slowly being cut off. Being a newly wed, I just thought I was seeing a new side to my husband and was clueless. We started home and was about a mile from our house when he pulled over claiming he was not feeling well enough to make it that last mile.

By the time it took for he and I to switch places and fasten our seatbelts…he was passed out with his neck swollen past his chin and clavicle. His face was so swollen that his eyes were sunk in and he wasn’t breathing. Thank the Lord for LARGE miracles, we had pulled over in a parking lot across from a hospital. So I took off running red lights, stop signs and driving into oncoming traffic….all the while beating his chest with one fist and trying to steer with the other.

Our life flashed before my eyes…the years we would never have, the children we’d never conceive….and all I could yell was, “God No, Please NO! Help me!” I pulled into the ER after driving around it twice trying to find the ER entrance….it wasn’t clearly marked back then like it is now. I rolled down my window and started screaming to get a doctor. It felt like an episode of ER. The doctor’s would not let me back to see him once I parked and came inside. From what I learned later … if I had gotten him there 20 seconds later, he wouldn’t have made it. His air way was so constricted that they couldn’t even bag him to get a tube down his throat. Afterwards, a nurse told me they weren’t having any success tubing him and didn’t think he would make it. She told me I was lucky. It wasn’t luck that my husband made it, & with 20 seconds to spare!

That night, God provided 1 of countless miracles in my life and I’ll never forget the panic and fear I felt. He kept me sane enough to drive with out crashing into oncoming traffic and around cars at stop signs. He got me to the hospital in the nick of time, and he saved the love of my life.

I just wanted to share with you that He loves all of you.

You all have miracles in your life as well. You just have to stop and pay attention.

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7 things that you may or may not want to know…about me

Chicken Fried Therapy tagged me with a meme that lists 7 things about me. I’ve done this one before, so I won’t bore you with repeat info or a long and drawn out list of what I’ve done or who I’ve been. I’m going to switch it up and list 7 things I still have to accomplish or 7 things I have on my ‘to do before I die’ list.

1) I intent on taking guitar lessons to learn a new craft, and use the new guitar sitting in my guest room. It was a birthday present 5 years ago from my husband, before we knew we were pregnant. Baby days took priority over anything just for me. I will start lessons before the end of the year…that’s a promise to me.

2) I have 1/2 a chapter left in my manuscript, and I WILL get it finalized this month. I WILL submit query letters starting next week and will revel in each rejection letter, until I get my acceptance letter.

3) I want to show my son where I grew up in Oahu. I want to show him my favorite places on earth so that he may come to understand the magic of the islands, and why I love them so much.

4) I want to come to a conclusion this year on whether or not to have another child. It’s now or never, and my husband & I need to sit in quiet prayer to ask God for guidance on this question.

5) I plan on doubling my revenue/income from my career in the next two years. This will allow me to save enough back to afford us financial peace. We’ve stopped using plastic, and only utilize cash. With the plan we’re on, if I’m able to increase my income…we can be debt free in 2 years. This will allow us enough freedom to move to a better neighborhood. A neighborhood without pesky vandalists messing up our streets.

6) I want to reach out in God’s name. I want to do something worthy of being called His child. Each day I want to be in place to truly listen to His call for me, so that I may follow. This will increase my quality of life, knowing I’m giving back in His name to someone else.

7) I will get in shape physically. Although a tall slender frame, I need to firm up and eat healthy. This will be a good example for my son and husband, who works hard at doing the same. With my support, it will make it easier for him to keep in constant shape rather than on again — off again. This will help my mental, physical, and emotional health to strive for balance.

Okay 7 things I want for me…they may have struck a chord with you…or they may not have. Either way, it’s important to write them down so that I’m accountable to me and to all of you. I hope you’ll do the same thing today. Write down your 7 things you need or want to do for you. I think it’s important to learn 7 things about people and their past, but I think it’s so much more important to learn who they’re striving to be…how they’re going to make their world a better place.

Let’s try to leave the past where it is, and focus on taking today one step at a time…or 7 steps at a time. 😉