Dangerous Visions – Book 2 in The Spiritual Gifts Series

Start a new series today and wake up your senses!

If you’re a fan of romantic suspense mixed with a bit of paranormal and action-adventure then you’ll love Anderson Evans in Dangerous Visions. Readers were first introduced to Anderson in Endless Possibilities as the aloof but lovable brother in the Evans clan. When he came home after the death of his grandmother, he wasn’t quite the same nor was he forthcoming on everything going on in his life.

Now, in Dangerous Visions, the readers find out why. To give you some insight to his character and his journey – here is the synopsis:

After awakening from a coma, Agent Anderson Evans struggles to see things clearly as visions plague him throughout the day. The only way to distance himself from his premonitions is to ride cross-country, where he is free from the intermittent flashes that appear from the occasional touch in the crowd. If only he could avoid the reoccurring vision of a woman struggling to survive, but she haunts him as if calling to him.

Savannah Miles never expected that by taking on another bridal client, she’d be signing her death warrant. She soon finds herself caught up in an elaborate underworld that has her fleeing for her life under the dark of night. After barely escaping with her life, Savannah calls her cousin for help, who arranges for a bodyguard. Only she didn’t expect anyone like Anderson and didn’t have a clue that the two of them would be in over their heads.

Could Anderson’s visions become the divine intervention they need to overcome the curse in their lives? Or will the pair run out of luck, out of time, and find themselves at a dead-end?

Readers have already been sending me photos of their kindle or paperbacks from their reading spots or trips. I’m excited to see yours!

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