Anne Woodward Estes, the Mariner’s Widow, 52 Ancestors #16


This is my family … so cool to find things like this.

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Anne or Ann Woodward married Robert Estes, a mariner, in St. Nicholas Church in Sholden on December 2, 1591, a Monday. Given when she married and her age when she last bore children, she would have been born around 1573 or so.

We don’t know a lot about Anne, we don’t know who here parents were and we know nothing of her early life, before she married. We do know that the Woodward family would have been members of the St. Nicholas of Sholden church at that time, and that if her marriage record exists, surely other church records exist as well. Her parents and perhaps her birth are surely recorded here.

St Nicholas Sholden

St. Nicholas was constructed in the 1200s and portions of the original church remain. It is located on the original Sandwich/Deal road which passed right through what is now the graveyard with the doorway being on the north…

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The Good Lie Movie Giveaway

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Search for ‘The Good Lie’ online and you will find a ton of images of Reese Witherspoon. Although she is vital to the storyline, as she is the life line and the first introduction to America to three Sudanese refugees, the real story lies behind the journey of Theo, Mamere, Paul, and Jeremiah as they search for their sister and their way.


IMDB’s synopsis for this movies will reveal a simple statement, saying ‘Sudanese refugees given the chance to resettle in America arrive in Kansas City, Missouri. where their encounter with an employment agency counselor forever changes all of their lives’. However it is so much more, so please don’t sell this movie short and don’t enter empty handed … meaning have a tissue box in hand.

As I’ve lived overseas, I feel like every American should experience another culture abroad, as it will teach you how blessed we are in the United States. Seeing yourself from an outside cultural perspective, does everyone good. Coming from Japan and stepping back onto American soil, I truly understood why the term ‘ugly American’ was used. The loud dialects and harsher aspects to life were glaringly obvious to me, as I’d been looking at life through another cultures’s spectacles.

In putting myself in these character’s shoes, I could not fathom living in a world where life had gone on the same for thousands of years, without modern conveniences … only to be disrupted by a war, in which children were left to fend for themselves by using only the knowledge left to them by their elders. Talk about growing up fast. As these Sudanese childrens’ survival instincts kicked in, they fought for each other to live and move forward … on not just a daily basis but in some instances minute by minute was the difference in life or death.

Fast forward thirteen years, and these children are now essentially adults, who’ve survived in a refugee camp, waiting for their chance to come to America for a better life. Enter Reese Witherspoon’s character, which doesn’t really appear until half way in to the story. As rough around the edges as she is – her intuition and spirit allow her to see that there is more to the story with these ‘so called’ refugees that she’s been assigned to help find employment. She’s portrayed as a burdened, tough young woman, who lives life looking out for herself, until these three young men enter her life. Reese, who plays Carrie Davis, against her better judgement takes it upon herself to oversee Mamere, Paul, and Jeremiah, making sure they not only adjust to life in America but she also takes steps to bring their family together in ways that are unexpected and heartwarming.20140716_UR_Upcoming_Release_The_Good_Lie_840_508_100

The Good Lie’s message intertwines through Mamere’s story (he is seen in the forefront of the photo above) from his childhood through his adulthood, with the premise that if a lie is told, which is meant to better the lives or save the lives around him, then it is a ‘good lie’. Even though lying is against every fiber in his being, he takes this premise to heart as a good lie has been told for him at one point in his life which was meant for his preservation – which he in turn does years later for someone close to him.

This movie is definitely one to watch, and I would recommend it to anyone. There are two bad words in it … one of them being GD … so I’ll leave that up to your own parental discretion. I am waiting until my child is older because of that one word, but again … it’s up to each person to ascertain what is appropriate for their own family.

AND … drum roll … I have a copy to give away at the end of the month. I’ll be posting this link on twitter and on my Facebook page, so that all my readers have a chance to win the copy. If you’re interested in winning your copy – either leave me a message here or email me at: I’ll be drawing a name at the end of the month.

Are They Just Words?

Recently I posted on FaceBook here, with these words:
Is having a meager Christmas a bad thing? So what if someone doesn’t have excess cash to spend on presents under the tree. Didn’t our Lord and Savior end up in a manger – because his family couldn’t find shelter? He worn born in very meager circumstances – yet offer us (to this day) the biggest gift of all – salvation.

This post is something that has been on my mind, as this year has been one of the tightest we’ve experienced. Now I know people think authors have a ton of book sales and royalties coming in. And some do … However most Indie Authors, like myself, still have to keep a day job. And to be honest – this year has been a rough one as we’ve been trying to play catch up after a few set backs.

In contemplating the ‘true reason’ for Christmas – I’ve been thinking … We always hear that ‘Jesus us the reason for the season’ and I agree wholeheartedly, but if the concept isn’t hidden in our heart … those are just words. And, to be honest some take those words for granted. Some use those words to their advantage. Some say them and go through the motions. While others may say them but don’t believe them at all.

My son and I were talking about how much we want to feel the true sentiment behind the words more than ever before. As my best friend suffers through chemo and fights an aggressive cancer, I know her 11 year old kid would give anything just to have her health for Christmas. They don’t care about gifts under the tree. They’re praying for a miracle. And she is so tired that she just wants hot chocolate and energy to make it through the season. Her faith is strong and as a true believer, I know she understands the sentiment behind the words.

So my 11 year old and I were discussing that it doesn’t matter what is (or isn’t) under the tree this year. We have our health, our friendships, family, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Those are all such amazing blessings that some aren’t lucky to have at all.

So as you think of this holiday season and you celebrate with whomever gathers around your tree, please remember that a tiny baby was born, in meager circumstances, so that you may have the biggest gift of all. No matter who is with you to celebrate, or not – as I know we all have loved ones we miss … no matter what presents are under the tree (or lack of) … remember the real reason behind why we’re all celebrating.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Amen.

Updates for COMING HOME

For those of you who are interested in COMING HOME, it’s on sale on Amazon right now for .99 cents – but for one more day only!  It bumps to 1.99 after that for a couple of days before sliding back up to normal price at 3.99.

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Also, just a quick update – I was recently interviewed on Will Wilson’s Indie Book Show – here.  It’s about an hour long so if you’re able to, tune in.

Under Pressure

Ever have just one of those periods or days, when you feel like there’s something hanging over your head?  It’s almost like pressure pushing down upon you from no known outside source?  Some call that spiritual war fare … some call it stress …

Regardless, I’m going through one of those times where I feel like I could take a very long nap and when awake could eat a bunch of chocolate and curl up on the couch.  It’s my coping mechanism when under pressure.  So when I start feeling this way, I take a deep breathe – get good sleep – and pray, because sleeping it off or eating it away will produce no positive results.

Plus … no matter what is nagging at the corners of my mind – God has this!  He’s aware of what’s hounding me and will not only overcome it but will defeat it.  So, I claim it in faith – I will let go of the pressure and take a step to be free from the binds that start wrapping their way around my heart when stress starts creeping in – God has this.

When you’re under pressure – what are your coping mechanisms?  How about repeating after me … God has this …

Mindless Monday


As the world goes crazy around you, focus on today and what God has blessed you with. Each day shine your light and take a step forth in faith … God has your future. You just have to trust and obey…