Saving Grace … and a Giveaway!

Kimberly McKay:

Check it out for your free copy of my latest book …

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I’ve mentioned my friend Kim a few times in my writings here. If you’ve been stopping by this blog for the past few years, you might remember that Kim was one of the first people I met when I began blogging over seven years ago. When I first started reading Kim’s blog, I remember thinking that without fail, her words were always so positive and uplifting. I loved that about her writing … and had to wonder what it was that drew her to mine! Whatever it was, our connection through writing made us fast friends. Kim’s faith and positivity have been always been an inspiration. We’ve blogged together, we’ve talked on the phone, and we’ve met in person. I’ve stayed pretty faithful to blogging, while Kim has stepped away at times to focus on writing books. And in spite of our lack of in-person connection, our friendship has only grown stronger over the years. And I was…

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Win a Signed Copy of my New Book

Want to win a SIGNED COPY of SAVING GRACE when it releases this summer??

If So — Read Below


My goal by the end of July is to have 1,000 likes at my FaceBook author page, in preparation for the release of SAVING GRACE.

To do this – I need YOU to invite your friends to like my author page.  This is given the fact that you have your own FaceBook account.  (If not, set yours up today!)

Some may not know how to invite others to a page, so let me step you through it.

There are 2 simple steps:

1) Once you go to my author page, you’ll see a button, below my author profile pic, that says ‘invite your friends to this Page’. (see below?)

Click on the button that looks like the one below!

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.04.03 PM

2) Next, your friends list will pop up, where you can click the button INVITE next to their name. This will invite them to like the page.



Send your friends a message, letting them know about your desire to win this book.  Ask them to not just ‘like’ the page, but to shoot you a message once it’s done.

Then message me at: to alert me of their names.  Once I confirm they’ve liked the page – your name will go into a drawing for a copy of SIGNED copy of SAVING GRACE.  It will be entered for each time you have someone enter!!!

REMEMBER to let me know who you are when you email me, incase your email doesn’t match your name. I’ll need to know who to enter in the drawing.

This will be open till the last day of July.

*** Please note – For exposure reasons, it is just as important to ‘follow’ my page as well as like it.  This means once you like it – you need to ask for notifications. ***  (This is not required for the contest, but it means FaceBook will give me more exposure, which is the goal for any author.)

This can be done at the like button, like so:

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.56.52 PM

Thanks everyone!  I truly appreciate your support.  It means the world to me.

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june giveaway.

Kimberly McKay:

This is a friend of mine … check out her amazing book.

Originally posted on Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby:

You know what I love? Reading something that makes you feel a little less crazy, a whole lot understood and helps you through the messy journey of infertility. A few months ago I shared a book during a Q & A series that did all of that for me while also encouraging my faith and validating the fact that you can be a Christian and still wonder “why”. The book is calledEvery Drunken Cheerleader … Why Not Me: Wit, Wisdom & Warmth from Your Fertility Challenged Friendby Kristine Ireland Waits. First of all, can we just giggle at the title? I think it just goes to show you the humor she has, which is laced throughout the pages. Anyways, I am sharing this with you because Kristine has graciously offered a signed copy of her book to the readers of this blog in a giveaway that I am…

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Social Media Management

Originally posted on AmyLJorgensen:

As I’m sure you’ve seen, many social media accounts aren’t managed very well – including university departments. The challenge is that everyone thinks that they know what the customers want – and they produce content that they are interested in, not necessarily what their customers are interested in. When it comes to marketing/sales – you have to give the customer what they want – even if you don’t like it. That’s the biggest challenge. Social media managers will post videos and content that they think is great and what the customer wants – yet their engagement statistics show that their customers don’t care.

So, here are some basic management tips for social media:

  1. Partner with what’s working: Many folks jump into new social media tools without leveraging their existing resources to their fullest potential. Don’t start a new Facebook page or Twitter account if you can share the content with an existing audience (aka…

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He Knew My Name

Originally posted on Tony A. Smith:

I had just finished going to Walmart to pick up some orange juice and eggs for breakfast in my old red pick-up truck and there he stood on the corner at the light where I had to make a left turn to go home.  His hair was disheveled just like his clothes and it looked like he hadn’t taken a bath in several weeks. His face was haggard looking with lines and creases everywhere from too much sun and too much of life. In his hands he held a small makeshift cardboard sign  that had the words scribbled in black magic marker “ Help Me – I’m Hungry“.

As I pulled up to the corner next to him I tried not to make eye contact as I waited for the light to change but something inside pulled at me as I glanced at the change and a few dollar bills…

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Do you ever dream about a loved one, who has passed, and the emotions are so strong it’s like they’re really there?  When they come to you in your dreams, it’s hard to let go to wake up as you know they’ll no longer be with you.  I’ve had dreams like this with my grandparents and also my pet, Hershey.  If you’ve ever read any of my blogs in the past – you may have read about Hershey.

Well today was one of those days for me.  I dreamt that my faithful furry sidekick was trotting by my side into a trailer, where I needed to pick up some supplies.  He wasn’t on a leash, as he would have been if this was us in real life.  We didn’t drive to the trailer, as I’d have to in real life because it was at a destination far away from my home.  He and I just appeared there, to walk in together.  And he was next to me, without fail.

The person inside was flirtatious and made unwanted advances, as I tried to leave.  My dog attacked him for laying a hand on me, and saved the day.  I was eternally grateful.  I went to hug his neck, and the dream dissipated into thin air.  I woke up to an empty room heart broken that I couldn’t wrap my arms around his furry neck and nuzzle into his neck.

I’m tearing up right now as I type this, as his presence is still so strong in my mind … and my heart.  After years of his passing, I still feel at a loss without his warm expressive puppy dog eyes that would somehow tell me everything I needed to know.  He and I had our own communication.  And as I think about this dream, I guess we still do.