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Faithful Friday 12-21-07

I was almost lazy today and let yesterday’s post suffice as today’s Faithful Friday. Even though I know most people probably don’t read me on Fridays, as blog traffic slows on the weekends, I still need to put up why I have faith each Friday.

Faith: noun–1. complete trust in someone or something. 2. Strong belief in God or the doctrines of religion, bases on spiritual apprehension rather than truth.

How does one have faith in this world of ours? When bad things happen….with science trying it darndest to prove faith is wrong? Faith is a big leap for some.

For those that have faith, it’s simple: Trust, love, and accept that God is real and He DID send His son to save us! For those of us that understand the simplicity of faith, our hearts are filled with an unspeakable peace and knowledge that others don’t understand. But from the outside, they recognize something different about us…they see what they’re searching for in their own lives whether they know it or not.

Faith fills the voids in your life that money, things, and fame simply can not. How can you describe faith?

Well it’s that sense when you were a kid, for those of us that had decent parents, that you’re parents would be there for you no matter what. It’s knowing that they would take care of you even when you’ve messed up. It’s relying on their unconditional love for you, as you’re their child.

Imagine a heavenly father, our creator, who loves you more than your own mother or dad ever could! If you have faith that your own parent’s love is real…it shouldn’t be that far of a stretch to have faith that your heavenly father would love you no matter what. When you fell, who was there to pick you up? Who put on band-aid on your knee and kissed it better? Your mom or maybe your dad did.

In life, we still fall…we still stumble and mess up. It’s no secret that bad things do happen…but God is there to pick us up — if we let Him and look to Him for guidance.

Today take a minute to look around you at all your blessings in this world: A roof over your head, food on your table, your loved ones, and be thankful to a God that cares for you. And when these things may crumble in life, as sometimes they do, know that your God will be there for you to guide you through your times of trials. Trust in Him…have faith in Him…and recognize His love for you!


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