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New DYI Project

I finally got the paint from my sister’s house. She had a gallon of mocha paint left over from her bedroom paint job, and it was the exact color I wanted to paint my brick fireplace. This weekend I stripped my wall of any decor or curtains, and my son and I started taping it off. Tonight I found an old roller in my garage, from the last paint job we did (5 years ago). Talk about designing on a dime…or less.

I still have to buy the new fabric that I’m going to make my curtains from, so those will go up in the next few weeks. BUT here are some photos for your before and after pleasure.





That same eggshell color was about to drive me crazy, and I needed a splash of something in my living room. The fireplace is the first thing you see when you walk in my house, so it needed to make a statement. I think it looks a whole lot more rich now. I can’t wait to get the touch ups done near the wall and the woodwork. Then I’ll take the newspaper off the mantle, and decide if I want to paint the bricks at the base…or not. I kinda like the bottom left alone…What do you all think? Paint the bottom or not?

Once my pictures go back up on the wall, and the curtains are hung…it’ll be a whole new room.

Next project? The kitchen needs stripping and a paint job (apple green). Then I need to replace my master bath faucets. I’ll wait for my birthday though, until I get more Lowe’s gift certificates to buy the supplies. As for now: I plan on going in my living room and enjoying my new color! I love to make my house a more livable space, and my son loves helping me too. He’s such a little handy man. Have a great night!


11 thoughts on “New DYI Project”

  1. Leave them white. It frames it, makes a statement. I love it! We love color and have always painted our homes. I have Oregano green in my kitchen…girl, it is slammin! I got it at Lowes – so you could check it out there if you wanted.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    How are you feeling?

  2. Much better! Color is (almost) always good! I like how you didn’t totally go solid on the brick, good job!

    Blessing in Christ,


  3. Thanks for the color tam. I’ll check it out this weekend. Angela, glad you like the brick variation. That actually was my husband’s idea…he’s a pretty smart guy.

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