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7 things that you may or may not want to know…about me

Chicken Fried Therapy tagged me with a meme that lists 7 things about me. I’ve done this one before, so I won’t bore you with repeat info or a long and drawn out list of what I’ve done or who I’ve been. I’m going to switch it up and list 7 things I still have to accomplish or 7 things I have on my ‘to do before I die’ list.

1) I intent on taking guitar lessons to learn a new craft, and use the new guitar sitting in my guest room. It was a birthday present 5 years ago from my husband, before we knew we were pregnant. Baby days took priority over anything just for me. I will start lessons before the end of the year…that’s a promise to me.

2) I have 1/2 a chapter left in my manuscript, and I WILL get it finalized this month. I WILL submit query letters starting next week and will revel in each rejection letter, until I get my acceptance letter.

3) I want to show my son where I grew up in Oahu. I want to show him my favorite places on earth so that he may come to understand the magic of the islands, and why I love them so much.

4) I want to come to a conclusion this year on whether or not to have another child. It’s now or never, and my husband & I need to sit in quiet prayer to ask God for guidance on this question.

5) I plan on doubling my revenue/income from my career in the next two years. This will allow me to save enough back to afford us financial peace. We’ve stopped using plastic, and only utilize cash. With the plan we’re on, if I’m able to increase my income…we can be debt free in 2 years. This will allow us enough freedom to move to a better neighborhood. A neighborhood without pesky vandalists messing up our streets.

6) I want to reach out in God’s name. I want to do something worthy of being called His child. Each day I want to be in place to truly listen to His call for me, so that I may follow. This will increase my quality of life, knowing I’m giving back in His name to someone else.

7) I will get in shape physically. Although a tall slender frame, I need to firm up and eat healthy. This will be a good example for my son and husband, who works hard at doing the same. With my support, it will make it easier for him to keep in constant shape rather than on again — off again. This will help my mental, physical, and emotional health to strive for balance.

Okay 7 things I want for me…they may have struck a chord with you…or they may not have. Either way, it’s important to write them down so that I’m accountable to me and to all of you. I hope you’ll do the same thing today. Write down your 7 things you need or want to do for you. I think it’s important to learn 7 things about people and their past, but I think it’s so much more important to learn who they’re striving to be…how they’re going to make their world a better place.

Let’s try to leave the past where it is, and focus on taking today one step at a time…or 7 steps at a time. 😉


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