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Just postin’ an AMEN

To all of you who prayed for my mom…thank you! Praise God for His love and faithfulness.

She had a stubborn sinus infection that wasn’t going away which was dangerously close to major artery.  It needed to be scraped away.  She also had seven polyps removed from her sinus cavities, and had her deviated septum fixed. Needless to say the surgeon had a lot to dig out from every crack and crevice in her sinuses. He also had to chisel and pound away on her nose to straighten and lift it up so that she could breathe. She’s only been breathing with less than 20% capacity since she could remember.

To date, she’s had no pain from the procedure. She’s had abnormally little external swelling, and NO bruising. It took about 5 days for her to completely come out from the effects of the anesthetics. She wasn’t remembering anything for days, which her family members found funny…but it got old for her. We’re just praising God that she came out from underneath it at all, so that she awoke from surgery.

It is what we call a “GOD” thing, to have no pain or bruising. She has less swelling around her eyes, than she did before the surgery. The polyps that were growing were putting pressure on her eyes, and temples. This caused her more pain and swelling than the surgery did…AMEN! And thank you GOD!


2 thoughts on “Just postin’ an AMEN”

  1. Amen and Amen! So good to read this.

    Are you feeling any better? I am STILL not completely better. In fact, tonight I feel crummy – but I am full of Joy – God is Incredible!

    love ya!

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