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Faithful Friday

I wasn’t near a computer much yesterday to post for Faithful Friday, so a late post will have to do. Yesterday, I rode along with a colleague of mine. One of his appointments was an assisted living center outside Oklahoma City. As my colleague finished up with the office manager, I wandered out to the lobby. It was full of residents visiting with each other, but one was sitting off to herself. There was an empty chair across from her. I asked if she was expecting anyone and she invited me to sit.

We had the most touching conversation. I never found out her name, but I know that one of her three daughters died two years ago. I know that she’s suffering from some memory loss due to her grieving, as it’s taking it’s toll. I know she’s 86 and a believer. I know that she has a lot of loving family members and friends that visit her often. She was a very strong and sweet lady, who is trying to get past her loss. I shared a story with her about me, and told her something that is just between she and I…but I will tell you that it made her and I both feel blessed to have made each other’s acquaintance.

The best thing was I got a huge hug before I left and it made my day…all day. My heart says her name is Mary…and although I don’t know her real name, I know Mary blessed my day and am thankful to God for her.

If any of you have ever just thought about visiting an assisted living center or nursing home, take a hard look at the joy you’d be bringing someone. If you find yourself driving while during errands or on your way home…if you’ve got a few minutes…and it crosses your heart, please listen to the holy spirit’s request and stop in. If only for 30 minutes, you could not only make someone’s day but get a huge blessing in just meeting someone new.

These men and women have so much history to share…so much love to give. Some are blessed to be in safe and comfortable centers, some are not. Some are in deplorable conditions. Thankfully my Mary was in a wonderfully safe and nurturing environment, but I’ve seen some that aren’t very pleasant. I’ve been in some that smell of urine and sound of cries for help when you walk in. These are signs of neglect…and if you do happen upon one of these it’s your duty to report it.

This is just something that was on my heart today and I felt led to share it. I hope at least a small handful of you will consider stopping in to make someone’s day….and your own.


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