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Heath Ledger gone at 28

I’m sitting here in shock after reading story on Heath Ledger’s death. Only 28 and in his prime, he was found dead at his Manhattan apartment. My husband heard he’d had trouble sleeping, which is why he’d maybe overdosed on sleeping pills. This story I’ve linked to above says they’re not sure if it’s a suicide.

I am not one of those who get starstruck or follow Hollywood. BUT I do respect some actors’ work and contributions to film. Heath Ledger is among one of my favorites, because he didn’t take the easy way in film. He didn’t just accept hunky hollywood roles that would have set him for life. He chose roles that would expand him as a character…as a person.I think he was very talented and amazing…and I’m sad. Any death at an early age is pitiful. What will really turn my sad into mad is if it comes to light that it was a suicide. They’re saying it’s not…that he was having severe sleep problems and simply overdosed himself on accident. What a loss for his daughter, his family, and his community.

10 thoughts on “Heath Ledger gone at 28”

  1. Sooooooo sad! I was shocked as well when i read about it! I don’t have much to say about it as I am pretty sure he wasn’t saved, so it seems even more tragic. My prayer is that others will come to know Christ as a result of his tragic death.

    in Christ,


  2. No one but God will know what Heath’s judgement will be, but I pray he knew the Lord. I saw most every film he made, and he was an amazing artist. Again, I’m sad.

  3. PS I wasn’t pretending to know the eternal state of his sould…just saying that I never heard him talk about the Lord or make any statement about being saved…etc, did you? Just curious…


  4. Angela, I didn’t think you were…don’t worry. I did not, but you never know one’s background or circle of friends. Who knows who may have planted a seed…

  5. HI, I was also thinking that maybe he could have accepted the Lord as a child. Anyway, it is so sad for his little daughter, ex-wife and family. I pray that they find the Lord (or grow closer to Him) thru this!

    in Christ,


  6. Brent called me yesterday about this and asked if I was watching the news? The last time someone called to ask us that our Twin Towers had been flown into. My heart sunk and I froze! Eventually he told me about Ledger…and my heart still sunk. A death is a death. And like you all have already said, we just don’t know about his eternity. It’s the worst part about losing people. The constant wonder. So very, very sad…

  7. I was shocked also. I read that he was having serious sleep troubles because of the role he played as Joker in the new Batman movie – he described it as being dark & his mind wouldn’t rest. With an overdose it’s hard to tell if it was accidental or suicide – my hope is that it wasn’t suicide. Like you said, he was in his prime & very selective about his work. He also had a little girl, I didn’t know that until now. He was so young and had so much to live for so suicide doesn’t make sense, but it rarely does.

  8. And so it shows how we never know when we will take our last breath, and how we need to be prepared to meet our Savior. We lost a son unexpectedly at age 16 . . . we may live to 100. Life is short, and may we live for Jesus, and give our lives over and over to Him.

  9. Rebecca, I heard that too regarding the Batman film. The previews look pretty dark and grim…I can see why he couldn’t get rest. He was known for delving into a character, to live it. It’s sad if what he was best at became his down fall.

    Loni, I’m sorry to hear of your loss. You’re right..each breath should be savored b/c life is short.

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