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Faithful Friday 11-18-08

I’ve been so busy lately (notice a pattern here in the last 6 months), that I’ve not spent to much time in devotions. I don’t think God gets mad at me. I don’t think He loves me any less. I know He’s always there waiting for my return, knowing that I WILL return. My heart is always in His hands no matter how busy my mind gets…

Today I was driving to an appointment, and I began to pray.
“Lord bless this appointment. Help me to uncover this potential client’s pain, and my they see that my company and my representation will be exactly what they not only need but want! Thank you for blessing my with their business. And thank for keeping their heart in the center of your will Lord.”

I got there, and the person that was introducing me to this client was 20 minutes late. The client didn’t know who I was or what I represented, but he asked me to sit and have a cup of coffee with him. He graciously asked what I did and how I fit into the meeting he was having with the other gentlemen, who was late. I answered quick and simple, and then started asking him questions about him and his business plan. I wanted to know everything there was about him and his plan to sustain and grow his program. This man’s eyes lit up when he talked about his business. You could tell his business was his passion.

By the time my contact arrived to make our introductions, my potential client and I were fast friends. In his body language he already told me that he was comfortable with me. I left that meeting with some clear pains with his current supplier, and have a meeting with him next Friday to sign him up with my company.

Every time I turn around God has blessed me with some pretty tremendous opportunities. I am blessed and humbled by His constant support in my career. He knows that I have to do a certain amount to support my family, and He’s blessed me in many ways. Not just by allowing me to gain clients, but by meeting some pretty amazing people. My life is richer each day with the people I meet, and how they effect my work.


2 thoughts on “Faithful Friday 11-18-08”

  1. This is truly a praise! I love that your godly presence fostered a comfortable environment for this gentleman.

    I am grateful and praising God for supplying your needs too! He is a great provider!

    How’s your mom recovering?

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