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A Mission Worthwhile

A friend of mine runs a very worthy cause to help young boys in the state of Oklahoma. Pepper’s Ranch is an amazing place, where they strive every day to break the cycle of abuse in Oklahoma, and provide young boys with the basic needs of love, support, and overall care.

I know most of you give to where you feel is right for you, but if you would just take a second to click on the below link I would appreciate it. If you feel led to donate $5.00….great. If not, at least you’ve been made aware of how wonderful Pepper’s Ranch is. Any donation given goes straight to helping the needs of the children at the organization.

Here is what he sent me via email and I just wanted to pass it on:


There are three very simple reasons I am contacting you…


  1. You care…and will invest a small amount of time to view the link below
  2. You care…and will commit to make a difference in the life of a child
  3. You care…and have at least 5 more friends who care

Acting together, we are all just one click away from making an unbelievable difference!




5 thoughts on “A Mission Worthwhile”

  1. It’s programs like these that give me hope re: all the frightening teen statistics. We talked about on my blog last week reaching our young men, the boys…this is a fabulous way! Phenomenal!

  2. What a wonderful undertaking! I didn’t know about the ranch but our country needs more places like that for children less fortunate. I have downloaded the form for donations from their web site and will send a check. Thank you for sharing that information with us. Hugs xx00xx

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