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Baby Kaleb

Little baby Kaleb is a child that has surpassed everyone’s expectations. You’ll remember last spring the case of the baby shaken by his sitter in Tampa. He was in ICU for months, with no hope of recovery as far as the doctors were concerned. His mom, a woman of strong faith, has shared her belief that God would heal her son from day one. Kaleb’s amazing recovery has proved every doctor wrong from his original prognosis. He’s improving leaps and bounds, and I’m so thankful that God has used this amazing families journey, although sad, to show the world that He still provides miracles.

See Kaleb’s mommy’s blogs here that walk you through his progress. As your read through please remember to keep Kaleb and his family in your prayers. His parents are amazing individuals, who have looked to the Lord through their trial to bring them through. Their faith is a wonderful testimony for all of us to look to.


2 thoughts on “Baby Kaleb”

  1. Hello,
    My Name is Darlene Hunt and I wanted to say thank you for publishing the update on Baby Kaleb! I Have been praying for him and always wonder how he is doing? God is a merciful and gracious God! Please forward my blessing to the family!

    Darlene Hunt-Albany,NY

  2. Isn’t he precious! He looks so much like his daddy. I too have a brain injured son. He is 20 yrs old now…mentally about 2….At first I was very scared…but soon realized that God is with us every step of the way.
    I am working on a Kaleb blog…I am doing it slowly because I want to make sure it is accurate and that there is nothing that possibly hurt his family….In other words I want it to be very respectful….heaven knows they have been through enough…and a few people have just been so cruel to them.

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