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Faithful Fridays

You always hear, ‘always in God’s timing’….

Last few F.F. blogs have mentioned how strapped I’d been due to personal situations interrupting my work schedule.  I put forth my faith that God would take care of me.  Boy did He ever!!!

If I had my way, in my timing, it would have been last month, but I worked hard and waited patiently for God to bless the fruits of my labor.  He blessed me in triple fold this month!  I just want to say a big THANKS to God for blessing my faith and providing more than I ever expected this week.

I am leaving for yet another work trip, that would interrupt my work schedule.  It will be 4 days at an annual meeting, which leaves me no time to work my territory.  Thankfully I get to go have fun with no worries on how I’m going to pay my bills.


3 thoughts on “Faithful Fridays”

  1. And again, I’ve missed Faithful Friday. I haven’t been on much with my mother in law visiting, just did a SHS post & browsing around while she’s sleeping in. I guess my struggle in my faith is showing in my blog huh? I’ll have to work on that. Next Friday there shouldn’t be anything stopping me. Have a great trip & I’m so happy for the provision God has given you, triple fold, that’s awesome!

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