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Faithful Fridays 7-27-07

God is ever faithful! Each Friday that rolls around again and I think, ‘hmmm what should I post today?’ It’s really not hard to figure out that I have complete faith in His love and direction for my life when you read most any post on my blog. What amazes me daily is His faithful support and love for ME!

When I look back to all the wrong I’ve done in life… When I’ve not listened to his direction or call… When I’ve chosen sin over walking upright… When I fell short and long so many many times… It makes me cringe to think of some of the decisions and actions I’ve had.

I remember one year, my junior year in college, when I couldn’t stand to look at me. My own image in the mirror was so shameful and detesting that I couldn’t even look myself in the eyes. It got me thinking…if I can’t look into my own eyes…how am I supposed to look into my creator’s on judgement day? How am I supposed to make it to heaven based on all I had done?

My own accusing glare in the mirror burned the inside of my soul, like it was on fire. I knew at that exact moment that I was at rock bottom. Each person has their own limitations and what they call rock bottom. For some it’s sex, drugs, or who knows what else. I never did drugs, thank the Lord, but drinking was my vice to kill the pain inside me.

At that moment, at my mirror in my dorm room, I knew I had to change and start living a life God would want for me. It wasn’t easy but as soon as I made that choice, a peace filled me. It was amazing how God’s forgiveness can change someone’s life. I asked for forgiveness and it was given…that simple. I was my own worst critic….harder on me than Jesus would be. From that day forward, I wasn’t perfect. I stumbled and fell a few times….we all do. But knowing God’s ever faithfulness was there to hold me up…made it easier to get up and keep walking away from all of the things that held me back.

This faithful Friday has filled me with that peace again in remembering that glimpse into my past. He is ever FAITHFUL if you just give him a chance.


3 thoughts on “Faithful Fridays 7-27-07”

  1. I’m glad you got out of that addiction/stronghold. Substance can be a hard thing to walk away from. I’m glad God is more faithful then we often are, I know I’d be in trouble. And I know I keep forgetting to post Faithful Friday, I don’t know what it is – short term memory issues or my struggle with the Lord. Maybe I should just post about that and start working it out through journaling. Thanks for sharing your story.

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