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Newest Shoe Fashions to hit Oklahoma


Flooding rains still hit Oklahoma. I’ve received emails from friends with advice on the newest shoe fashions to hit Oklahoma. I’m thinking about investing in 2 of each color!


7 thoughts on “Newest Shoe Fashions to hit Oklahoma”

  1. Two of each color….

    …. would that be a Pair? 😀

    I’d hate to think of you getting just one and swimming in circles !!

    You don’t have a state official by the name of Noah by any chance, do you? Might think about a recall election!


  2. OMG! That is just too funny! The shoes of course, not the rain, that’s a bummer – a big one. Is it normal to get rain in Oklahoma this time of year? Not flooding rain, but just rain. I hope the rains cease soon so you don’t have to resort to such drastic measures. But if you do at least you’ll be stylin in your construction zone orange heels!

  3. No we’ve made history. Usually we’re praying for rain! Now we’re praying for it to stop!
    I loved the orange ones too! Google ‘High Tide Heels’ and you’ll see the whole photo in one of the links it pulls up.

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