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I appreciate you….

Each day we go through life – going through the motions….in our real lives and on the internet too. In one of my previous blogs, I challenged you all to tell someone in your life, stranger or not, something that you appreciated about them. Even if it was something small like: thank you for getting the door…you have no idea how much that means to me!

Sometimes these little affirmations make a big difference in how people think of treating others around them. Sometimes it makes a big difference in how they think or feel about themselves. After all shouldn’t we all try to build others up around us, and let it ripple? I love that concept.

Well recently I was awarded with rgb.jpgthis award at my other site wornoutwoman. I chose three other rockin’ females to pass this honor onto, and part of the rules was to explain ‘why’ you chose them. I was supposed to list why I liked reading them and what they did for me.

One of the three blogged her honor and passed it on to her three fav bloggers, but exclaimed how amazed she was at what I said about her and her blog.  It was a simple enough statement.  I just said:

A Not So Desperate Housewife A beautiful wife and mother whose blog inspires me daily that someone can have it all.

This got me thinking….I think we should not limit what we feel about others to those in our real lives.  I think this week you should all go out and tell your internet readers/favorite blogsters/friends how much you appreciate their contributions.  I think we all should pass on some piece of what you feel about their blogs and how it makes you feel.  Please keep in mind….only do this if you have something positive to say.  Try it a couple of times and see what happens!


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