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4 days in Louisville, KY

I got back home today and am worn out and excited at the same time! 3 full days of meetings, awards banquets, and meals with over 2,000 people from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. has left me wanting a long nap!

Both hotels, our group was booked at, had a breeze-way to the Louisville, KY convention center. It was about 4 to 5 blocks for me to get to any event from sun up to sun down. So even though I ate and ate…I could walk it off! I think I still gained about 5 pounds though. I’m not used to eating that much. I swear ever since I turned 34 last year, I’ve had some minor trouble keeping 5 pounds off my ideal weight. Still…I’m really blessed with that issue.

The last two nights had a fancy dinner at the main convention hall. The first night was for the sales force and the second for the service. I find it funny how different people in each department are.

The sales people the first night were so pumped to be recognized that most ran down to the front to get to the stage as soon as possible. The music and lights were going and the energy was amazing. The second night the service side took their sweet time walking slowly. The music and lights seemed lost on them. It took those employees three times as long to get to the stage for their awards. It was almost comical, but enjoyable just the same.

I find it really compelling to attend any training or conference my company holds. Thankfully all have been all expenses paid, but even if I had to pay I’d be willing to try to swing it. My company is one in a million. Those above me are coaches and mentors, not bosses and owners. They are stewards wanting to give abundance in my life and that of those around me. My company breaks the mold when it comes to compensation and compassion for it’s employees. I am truly blessed to do what I do, and still have time to be a mom and a wife!

Thank you Lord for my life and the opportunities You provide.

P.S. My sister, whom I also work with, and I also found an hour to run to the Louisville Slugger Museum. It was so cool…we rode a .50 cent trolley and got to see some sights. Well worth it! We didn’t get to take the tour, but were there long enough to order some bats and shop in their gift boutique. My husband and her boyfriend were extremely jealous that they weren’t with us! We’ll definitely have to come back as a whole family.

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