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Faithful Fridays

While reading my devotional book last night, I read July 5th’s entry. I was a day behind with the holiday this week, and my birthday today (yes today’s my birthday—-35 years old WOO HOOO). This week is just crazy!

The July 5th entry said:

“God has not forgotten you. When God says no to a longing, it is because not filling it will shape us more than filling it would. These longings are in our lives to shape us by the wanting. We are to becoming more like Christ, often by suffering, by being finely ground.”

I know this sounds kinda morbid, but it goes on to express:

“The happiest women I know are the spiritually mature. They aren’t giddy happy, they are free happy. Their marriages are good, but they are not everything they ever longed for. They look to God to meet their ultimate needs. They are not free from disappointment, but they bring their disappointment to Christ, trusting that He is using it in their lives. That is the kind of trust I want, and the kind of woman I want to be….Nicole Johnson, fresh brewed life

I look to my life in how it may or may not compare to this. I have certainly had my share of valleys and trials…things that a ‘young’ 35 year old shouldn’t bare…but they weren’t things I didn’t survive. I survived through what some people would buckle under, so may God use it to help me help others through life’s challenges. I know how blessed I am to be here every day just to see the sun rise…let alone have a beautiful family and a roof over my head. So I can relate to the ‘free happiness’ although I would never consider myself spiritually mature. One day maybe…but I’m still learning so much.

So this Faithful Friday, also my birthday, I am glad for God’s ever faithfulness in my life. I am thankful for His patience, in waiting on me to become the woman I am today. I am thankful for His kindness, in the endless forgiveness He’s given me. I’m thankful for His support, in being there to hold things together for me when I couldn’t do it myself. I’m thankful that He never forgot about me!
This is why He has my heart and my undying gratitude for all the riches (not monetary ones) He’s blessed me with.

Count your blessings, start with the obvious and work down to the small stuff. Also know that though there have been rough times and may have more ahead, that He’s NOT forgotten about you. Each time something hard happens in life, He will use it for your own good at some point in your life. He’s molding you and shaping you to reach your full potential. Trust in Him to guide you through the rough times, and be thankful to Him for all the good times.


8 thoughts on “Faithful Fridays”

  1. Ah! Ya know, I posted twice yesterday and at one point remembered Faithful Fridays and thought to myself “I’ll do that later” but didn’t get back on. On one hand it was a good thing because I got some work done around the house and watched a couple of movies. I feel bad. Promise I will remember next week & make a point to post at least that while my mother in law is visiting. Hope you had a great birthday!

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