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Please pray

Today I stood at the back of my church’s contemporary service, before going in to help with children’s church. My son for some reason just wanted to hear a little rock music. He hasn’t had the desire to step inside the doors to listen for some time now.

As soon as we were inside, I noticed a man holding his one year old son. I noticed him because he wore his Texas Tech shirt with pride, while his baby was in a Rangers onesie. I thought….that takes guts to wear ‘hook em horns’ attire in Sooner country.

Even with the loud music I felt led to speak over the volume to him. I told him how cute his child was. He thanked me. I don’t know who spoke next…him or me, but basically I got his story. I usually do…people always feel led to give me what’s in their heart. I don’t know if it’s a gift or a curse….but even as a child people would lay their burdens on me.

He told me that he was at my church after 3 years of not coming. He wanted to come back to start his son in church, but that his wife would not come…and she didn’t feel a one year old would know the difference. He told me his name was Mark. I welcomed him back to our church home, and told him how glad I was that he was here. I also said I thought that a one year old is never too young to start learning about God’s love. I had to excuse myself at that point, because I was needed in the children’s church. But I let a fellow friend of mine know to go inside and introduce himself to Mark. I told him that God layed him on my heart, and I felt he needed more reassurance that he did the right thing coming ‘and’ bringing his son.

If any of you feel led, please pray for Mark. A man, who is trying to live right by God in bringing his son to church. A man, who is saddened that his wife won’t join him. A man, who is searching for peace in his home but also in his heart.

Also, please pray for his wife and marriage. Pray that his wife has the desire to be closer to God burned in her heart. Pray that she has the desire to strengthen her marriage by seeking God. Pray that God brings others into Mark and her lives to bring them both to church.

Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Please pray”

  1. There was a couple similar to this in our old church, they had four kids who were older but his interest was greater than hers. She worked Sundays but even when she had a day off she wouldn’t come. He continued coming for the most part & she would go to some social gatherings. I left before she started coming more often. It’s great that he’s going & bringing their son. I’m sure she’ll start coming, but it will take time & prayer. I will pray for them when prompted.

  2. I’ve always been grateful that my parents took me to church together, and never just dropped me off. Mark took a big step bringing his child. I pray his wife will join him. God has a way of nudging us into the right places to pray for each other.

  3. I will surely pray dear friend for Mark and his family.

    What happened to you? No news from you for a long time…any problems…you never reply my mails…any way May God bless you for all your toiling for His glory…

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