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A Bit Of Paradise

There are many things I miss about my island home. The first and most obvious things would be my family and friends from Oahu. These people, though not blood related, were as close to my heart as family could get. My aunties, uncles, and cousins were my O’hana and I dream often of being surrounded by my loved ones in our lovely church. A church with mesmerizing island Christian music flowing from the stage, while the ukulele and the drums played. A church with open glass slats, lining both walls, letting the island breeze flow in while you could see the mountains and beautiful greenery surrounding you. In this church, you felt closer to God than any other I’ve been in. Not just because we were in the middle of paradise, but because my family all held the Lord in their hearts like no other people I’ve known.

There are many other obvious reasons to miss Hawaii like the ocean and the flowers. The aesthetic offerings there are bar none the best of any other place I’ve lived. But there are a few simple things I miss too, like manapua, Black Bean Manju, Kings Hawaiian Bread, Hawaiian Sun products, or Li Hing Mui. Thankfully now there are a lot of web sites for me to order from. I crave certain things that no one could even fathom let alone just pick up a the local store here in the heartland.

My local grocery store does carry King’s bread, but with my husband’s food allergies I can’t buy a whole loaf because it would just be me eating it. And I wouldn’t want it to go bad before I could finish it. That’s one thing I would never waste. Imagine my surprise when at the store yesterday, when I saw a little tiny package of 4 dinner rolls for sale! I almost screamed in delight in the middle of the deli! I am so excited to see them offering a little bit of paradise for people like me, who aren’t the ones who could buy a whole package!

Thank you Lord for small blessings.


4 thoughts on “A Bit Of Paradise”

  1. I’ve never been to Hawaii but would love to go someday. I’m glad you found your bread in small portions and I totally would have done a happy dance right there in the deli! Of course I’d have giggled when seeing someone else doing it also. 🙂

  2. Sorry…I did this yesterday when I made the post, but the link was dead…which i didn’t notice until today. Anyway, have a blessed day!

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