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Tuesday Tid Bits

So I wonder what types of life lessons my son is learning not only from his parents, but his new cousin. I’m shakin my head this week.

He got 6 strikes on the Wii bowling game, which is apparently called a ‘six-pack’. He excitedly called my husband at work and started yelling, “Daddy I got a six pack. I got my first six pack!”
My poor husband didn’t know what in the heck was going on. He came home that night and told me between the water ‘chaser’ I give him after his meds, which I tell him to chug and get it over with and now his first six pack….he wondered if our son would grow up to be the perfect partier. Shaking my head, I told him to bite his tongue.

Then this morning, we were driving to school and he said, “You know mommy alcohol makes you dizzy ya know?”
Taken back, not knowing where he’d get that info as we don’t drink. I said, “It does huh? Where’d you learn that?”
He responded with the name of his brand new step cousin, an 8 year old boy who he adores.
“ohhh. Well honey it does, but not the kind of alcohol you’re thinking about. We’ve got the white rubbing alcohol for cuts? That’s poison…it would make you really sick.”

I didn’t want him trying to get dizzy for fun with a hazardous poison! And ofcourse that opened the convo to what kind of alcohol, his cousin was referring to.

“Well like beer or wine, like you see some adults drink.”
“But that only makes kids dizzy mom. Adults can drink it just fine.”
“Well it can make adults dizzy too son. Some people drink too much and they get really sick. It’s important to everything in moderation son. God teaches us to take care of our bodies….Do you know what moderation means?”
“Well it means in little bits. Like if you eat a ‘whooooole’ bunch and get really sick to your tummy?”
“Well if you’d eaten a little bit, or in moderation, you’d have gotten the right amount and not been sick, right?”
“Well some adults don’t know how to do that with alcohol, and can get real sick and even end up hurting themselves or others. So that’s why you won’t see mommy or daddy drink. If I ever did, it would be one drink and that’s it…but it’s for adults only.”
“Ok mom, I understand.”

Man I don’t want to lie to him…but don’t want him to believe it’s okay to go on a drinking binge either. What’s the balance here? Wholly molly….


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tid Bits”

  1. Thanks Rebecca. He’s so freakin’ smart, that we’re approaching subjects at an extremely early age. Things I should be discussing with him later in life are coming up now. I think that’s part of our society too though. BUT if he’s old enough to ask the question, he’s old enough for an honest answer. I’m ready for some easier questions though, ya know?

  2. Good for you. I’m really impressed by the way you handled a tricky subject. Your son has a great future with a teacher like you to help him navigate difficult areas.

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