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Late Blessings

I’m late and on the run but needed to post my blessings. I had a pity party for a day this week, due to normal stress that life provided, but have been too blessed to go there for very long.

*We had all our family in town for my sister’s wedding last night, including my sister’s new inlaws, who are amazing folks. Family/Friends are the best blessing God offers. I looked from person to person and felt so rich in love and humbled by their love for me and my sister.

*The rain HELD OFF FRIDAY after days of it from all these storms. The ground was still too wet to have the wedding on the golf course, or the reception on my mothers garden….but the sun was a welcoming beam of warmth for my sister’s day of celebration. It was perfect.

*My mother’s living room and garage were transformed to be the perfect wedding/reception destination, as if it was planned that way all along.

*I did all the girl’s makeup for the event and was honored to be asked. It was a blessing to know I helped them feel good about themselves, and thanked God for that gift he’s given me. And even bigger blessing for me was to watch my drop dead gorgeous sister, transform before my eyes to a little angelic vixen (is that possible?) with my make up tricks. She looked amazing last night.

*THE BIGGEST BLESSING??? My sister’s new family–husband and step son. She has a family in her life who appreciate her and give 100% love back to her. She completely deserves to be adored and she’s in a family now that all love each other so much.

Thank you Lord for the blessings above and any I didn’t mention for the week, for you know what they are.

Gotta run…will post pics of my sister’s wedding here!


4 thoughts on “Late Blessings”

  1. Congrats to your sister and her new family. Prayers for them having a long, happy life together. I can’t wait to see pix and angelic vixen you spoke of. 🙂

  2. I am so glad that all came together for an awesome wedding! You continue to have amazing blessed weeks, as do I – and it humbles me to think that God loves each of us (not just you and me…lol) that much!

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