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Tuesday Tid Bits

So I wonder what types of life lessons my son is learning not only from his parents, but his new cousin. I’m shakin my head this week.

He got 6 strikes on the Wii bowling game, which is apparently called a ‘six-pack’. He excitedly called my husband at work and started yelling, “Daddy I got a six pack. I got my first six pack!”
My poor husband didn’t know what in the heck was going on. He came home that night and told me between the water ‘chaser’ I give him after his meds, which I tell him to chug and get it over with and now his first six pack….he wondered if our son would grow up to be the perfect partier. Shaking my head, I told him to bite his tongue.

Then this morning, we were driving to school and he said, “You know mommy alcohol makes you dizzy ya know?”
Taken back, not knowing where he’d get that info as we don’t drink. I said, “It does huh? Where’d you learn that?”
He responded with the name of his brand new step cousin, an 8 year old boy who he adores.
“ohhh. Well honey it does, but not the kind of alcohol you’re thinking about. We’ve got the white rubbing alcohol for cuts? That’s poison…it would make you really sick.”

I didn’t want him trying to get dizzy for fun with a hazardous poison! And ofcourse that opened the convo to what kind of alcohol, his cousin was referring to.

“Well like beer or wine, like you see some adults drink.”
“But that only makes kids dizzy mom. Adults can drink it just fine.”
“Well it can make adults dizzy too son. Some people drink too much and they get really sick. It’s important to everything in moderation son. God teaches us to take care of our bodies….Do you know what moderation means?”
“Well it means in little bits. Like if you eat a ‘whooooole’ bunch and get really sick to your tummy?”
“Well if you’d eaten a little bit, or in moderation, you’d have gotten the right amount and not been sick, right?”
“Well some adults don’t know how to do that with alcohol, and can get real sick and even end up hurting themselves or others. So that’s why you won’t see mommy or daddy drink. If I ever did, it would be one drink and that’s it…but it’s for adults only.”
“Ok mom, I understand.”

Man I don’t want to lie to him…but don’t want him to believe it’s okay to go on a drinking binge either. What’s the balance here? Wholly molly….


First Draft

I received my first edited version today from my publisher and the book looks so cool! It’s such a cool feeling to see their draft….ready for press.
I’ll post more about it later…have to go cook dinner!

Ahhhh! It’s almost time peeps!

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Late Blessings

I’m late and on the run but needed to post my blessings. I had a pity party for a day this week, due to normal stress that life provided, but have been too blessed to go there for very long.

*We had all our family in town for my sister’s wedding last night, including my sister’s new inlaws, who are amazing folks. Family/Friends are the best blessing God offers. I looked from person to person and felt so rich in love and humbled by their love for me and my sister.

*The rain HELD OFF FRIDAY after days of it from all these storms. The ground was still too wet to have the wedding on the golf course, or the reception on my mothers garden….but the sun was a welcoming beam of warmth for my sister’s day of celebration. It was perfect.

*My mother’s living room and garage were transformed to be the perfect wedding/reception destination, as if it was planned that way all along.

*I did all the girl’s makeup for the event and was honored to be asked. It was a blessing to know I helped them feel good about themselves, and thanked God for that gift he’s given me. And even bigger blessing for me was to watch my drop dead gorgeous sister, transform before my eyes to a little angelic vixen (is that possible?) with my make up tricks. She looked amazing last night.

*THE BIGGEST BLESSING??? My sister’s new family–husband and step son. She has a family in her life who appreciate her and give 100% love back to her. She completely deserves to be adored and she’s in a family now that all love each other so much.

Thank you Lord for the blessings above and any I didn’t mention for the week, for you know what they are.

Gotta run…will post pics of my sister’s wedding here!

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Tuesday Tid Bits

So far this week I’ve had a lot of little funnies from my son. Every child at this age is candidly refreshing whether they know it or not, but he’s so profound that it really cracks me up.

To name a few for your reading pleasure:
It was sprinkling last night as we left the restaurant. He opened his mouth to get a drop but they got in his eyes instead.

He yelled to the sky and everyone with in miles of being earshot, “Thank you my Lord for the eye drops!”
He peered in at my face as I laughed at something funny he said, and squinted. In surprise, he said,
“Oh mommy I do believe you’re getting your first wrinkle!”

(gee thanks son) grimace before laughter
I got a big spider bite back on my hip/butt zone area last night, which needed some Cortizone cream. I went to do my business first and was sitting on my throne in the privacy of my bathroom, when my son came running in to bring me Desitin, as thats what we use for his bug bites.

He leaned in behind the toilet to try to take care of my bite, with a lump of Desitin on his fingers.

Me–“Son, I appreciate you, but please don’t do that right now. I need a little privacy.”
little T—“Okay mommy, I won’t touch your private butt.”
Me—-“Thank you for trying to help me though. I just need a few minutes.”
little T—“Well then, just let me see those beautiful big brown eyes of yours.”

I couldn’t help but oblige as he was being so sweet. He just is such a love, even if I was in the bathroom needing privacy.
Every night we say our prayers, and we rotate turns. Me, my son, and then my husband.
My husband gets wordy sometimes in trying to pray about things my son should learn about, which is great. It’s just wonderful that his daddy is involved in prayer time no matter what he’s saying or praying. I’m probably a little to wordy too, but I pray more about things of the heart. I want to give thanks for all our family members, their health, and protection.

However, my son has told me next time to shorten it up like he does…
“Thank you Jesus for all of our family and our people. Thank you for helping me sleep through the night. Amen.”
He’s not one to waste words.

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Drinking Haze

When I was 16-18, I lived in Japan, where the legal age to drink was 18. Of course so was driving, so we could do two for the age of one. However, girls, as long they were American, could drink pretty much at any age. I remember a lot of 13 year olds having access to liquor. As long as they looked old enough, they could gain access.

Binge drinking in today’s society is worse than it’s ever been. I’m not saying I’m a saint, because I’ve had my day where I sowed my seeds. I think that’s why this subject is one close to my heart….b/c I had a serious under aged drinking problem, and point blank— the underage drinking on and off campuses is very much out of control today.

Tara, at If Mom says It’s Okay, posts on this very issue today at her blog. She raises some very good points, and I’d like to have your input. The Amethyst Initiative is trying to get the legal age of 21 lowered to 18 in efforts to curb underage drinking. I guess some may say this is a great idea, or a great effort to help solve a very dangerous problem….but won’t it just open the door for more under age drinking? Won’t it crack the door and widen the gap to those who are 14+ that can pass for 18?

Now I know most will say…’You have to have an ID to get liquor’….but come on people. You know girls and guys alike can get alcohol without ID in many many places. So is lowering the age limit a good idea?

Or should we put more educational programs out there?
…..enforce more laws?….
and crack down a little harder on schools, who don’t monitor this problem and punish their students….but instead offer to lower the age to 18?

I’d like to see what we can do to stop the problem or curb it at least without letting the door open to more underage legal drinking. That means more underage driving on the roads for those 16+ drivers…That means more friends influencing their peers to drink…because it’s ‘legal’ for them at 18 now….that means in essence more alcohol related deaths.

Haven’t we had enough of that already?


Fridays Bless Me

This week has been a crazy one but nothing short of blessed anyway.

I’m gonna make it quick because I have to go take care of jury duty…again…..

My blessings from the week:

*The fact that I don’t have to stand in my closet going through a ton of clothes, wondering what to wear to work anymore. It’s a standard uniform at the restaurant…black pants, shirt, and belt, with black shoes. Man is my life easy. Now I’m going to garage sale or thrift store most of those nice dressy suits and pieces that I won’t wear to work any longer. This is all one big blessing.

*The fact that I have an amazing peditrician is a HUGE BLESSING. Yesterday, he reviewed my son’s diagnosis, from the ER trip we took this past weekend. He didn’t agree with it, and gave us some really good news. My son is 100% better and we have a simple medication regimen to follow for his allergies now that will keep him from having future issues. All he had was a simple viral infection with allergy complications. NO PNUEMONIA!

*My sister and future BLO have found rings with one week to go to the wedding day. It seems all of their wedding plans have fallen into place. So far I’ve found them a wedding destination wedding on a golf course, for only $300, and I’ve found them an alternate caterer which saved them 12 dollars a head. To see them get some wonderful inexpensive solutions to make their day perfect is such a precious joy to me.

*My husband came home last night with surprise T-shirts for the family. OKC THUNDER T-shirts for us all. My son was so excited and can’t wait to go to a game. My husband’s thoughtfulness never ceases to amaze me and blesses me daily.

*My aunt and her room-mate are in town permanently now…officially moved from California. Their house is almost finished and closed. To have them around will be a new chapter and a blessing.

I hope you all have had a great week even if it was amongst chaos, as mine certainly was. I’ve now got to eat lunch and leave ‘again’ to try to avoid jury duty.

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Palin’s Perfect Delivery

I try to stay away from politics here as it’s so overused and underwhelming in blog land. I get bored by the arguments for this side or this issue. However I must say that Palin delivered a very cadid and amazing speech last night.

The issues were oil, prosperity, taxes, and less reliance on the government. A smaller government and a larger people! The Democrats say the Republicans didn’t mention the middle class or health care. BUT if they’d listened they would have heard the message of prosperity to the small business owners and workers…are those not the middle class? They would have heard a message to parents with the hope of taking care of their families in every manner…insurance, health, and financial. Even though the words insurance or health care weren’t tossed around like potato’s…the message was clear.

Palin’s efforts to use the words ‘community’ and ‘coordinator’ cracked me up, as we all know, Democrats and Republicans alike, that her experience and record is more impressive than Obama’s on her own. She’s got more experience than Biden and Obama put together, and her track record for ‘actually’ cutting taxes and working ‘for the people’ is an amazing one. And this is just the VP nominee…

You all know I’m a military brat and hold vets, who’ve served, in high regard. So when I look at the candidates for President I can’t help but sway toward McCain. Not just because of his leadership skills, decisions in tough times, and heart for his country…but because of his resolve. I’m sorry…but any man who was a P.O.W. for five years and brutally tortured earns my respect as a leader for our nation.

He was beaten daily. Had both arms broken, which is why he can’t lift them well today. He was taunted with the option to go home, if he only broke…caved in….and gave his captors what they wanted.

They’d give him his freedom for mere words against his country and countrymen. McCain SAID NO!

I don’t know how many men would be that strong. And when I think of Obama in the same scenario fighting for his life to protect his country…I don’t think we’d be his first priority. I think he would be his own first priority.

I think Obama is an impressive man, raising from no where to be where he’s at but the simple truth is that HE HAS NO EXPERIENCE TO RUN OUR COUNTRY. And he flip flops so much I wonder if our country would be well served in his hands.

I did not mean to leave this on my blog, and I’m sure most will love to argue with me. So I apologize in advance for going where I never do…politics. I just think that Palin’s speech was extremely inspiring and exciting. I feel this team is the one that will bring change.

There were many good lines from last night one of them going a little like this:
‘There are those that will use change to strengthen their careers…then there are those that will use their career to strengthen change!’

Party ties aside….because I’m not straight party. If there were a Democrat in office I could be proud of…I would. I’m wanting to know your view on this saying above, and which of the two do you think falls into either category?