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Friday again?

OK can somebody please tell me how Friday is here again? Seriously am I in a time warp?

They say it’s BLACK FRIDAY, so to honor that our whole family wore the color black and did NOOOOO shopping. I can’t see how people get up and sit in line for hours or days even to shop for ridiculously priced ‘things’…especially in today’s times. Do people these days still care about ‘things’?

It was our second day to be with family and eat like it was going out of style, and considering it may be if we don’t start having a thriving economy, or I’d settle for a breathing economy…it may be going out of style.

We were so blessed to be surrounded by loved ones for two days straight. Our families are so different, but in a good way. They both are full of fun people, who are such a joy to be around. My family was yesterday, where we went to my Aunt’s new house. It sits by a pond, which was so beautiful to be near and watch the ducks. After stuffing ourselves at dinner, we sat and watched football while the men slept it away. My sister and I got on a roll, where I couldn’t stop laughing. I laughed to hard that I literally couldn’t stop and my sides were cramping, while my eyes were tearing up. All she had to do is look at my sideways and I cracked up.

Today we got to drive to Norman to spend time with my in-laws, who are so enjoyable. They’re so easy to be around, like my side. My husband’s family is so love-able, and have been accepting of me from day one. I’m blessed to have both sides of our family to enjoy each holiday season. And now we’re expecting a new edition to this side in a few months, as I’ll have a new nephew! 🙂

I’m thankful for friends, who care about me no matter what.

I’m blessed that my dryer broke today, and my sister has one she’s not using that we’re going to bring over to my house. EVERY year at this time of year, something breaks in my house…hot water heater, central heating and air, plumbing…you name it. Today my dryer is Kaput! And poof — God blesses me through my sister’s gift with an almost new dryer — free!

My aunt and her room-mate blessed me abundantly this week by what they might have considered a small gift but a huge one to me. It was a gift certificate to my local grocery store, so that I can go shopping. And they gave me a little spending cash that paid for me and my son’s medications.

God is soooo good.

3 thoughts on “Friday again?”

  1. I’ve never done the black Friday thing, thought about it this year but decided I wanted to sleep more than save. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It’s great you are getting your dryer replaced so quickly! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Hope you & your son feel better soon!

  2. I’m so glad you had a good time with your families. My sister and I are a lot like you and your sister. We love to get silly and just laugh, forgetting all the day to day stresses and worries.

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