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For anyone who has ever wanted to read my books, I’m placing two on promotion this week.

Coming Home and Finding Kylie are free for the next few days through Amazon.  Please go download your free copy.  The only payment is that you leave a nice review after you’ve completed them.

Thanks.  Here are your links:

Finding Kylie (which is my first book)

Coming Home (which is my brand new book)


Coming Home Releasing – August 2014 … AND OTHER NEWS


A lot has happened since I last posted.  For one, I’m going to re-release FINDING KYLIE next month, as my previous publisher and I are finally free from one another.  I won’t get into the details, as I don’t believe in airing grievances in public. So, let’s just say it was less than an ideal situation.  On a positive note – now I get to brush up and release FINDING KYLIE the way I wanted to begin with, with an updated & pleasing cover.

The main reason for posting today is to let you know that

COMING HOME is releasing next month!

For those of you, who have read either FINDING KYLIE or FACING REDEMPTION, you’ll recognize Anne LaSal, the ever supportive best friend.  She finally gets her own story in COMING HOME and introduces you to her sister, Grace.  Grace gets her own story in 2015, with SAVING GRACE (releasing in the spring).

So far the reviews, from my beta readers for COMING HOME have been spectacular. This week Blogcritics Magazine posted this article about COMING HOME, which gave history on both books and led into Anne’s story.  If you skip to the bottom, it reads:

There are times when a story just comes together. When there is that combination of characters, story, and feel that creates that entertaining read. Coming Home is one of those times. It is an engaging read with a storyline that not only will keep you entertained, but the ending has so many twists and turns, it will keep you guessing until the final page. Still, as good as the story is, to me, to me the true test of a book is the characters and how believable they are. Coming Home does not disappoint. I still find myself wanting to go back and read more.

Coming Home is not due out until August 23, 2014, so in the meantime, if you haven’t already, you can always go out and get the author’s previous books Finding Kylie and Facing Redemption.


If you’re in the Oklahoma City area, I’d love to have you at the Book Launch party.  RSVP at the event page, here, Coming Home book launch party.  If you can’t drop by, pick up your own copy on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords.  If there’s another e-book format you’d prefer, drop me a comment to let me know and I’ll start working on it.  



Okay I admit it. I’m getting slightly addicted to watching my rankings on Amazon. It’s climbed from 700,000 to 240,000 in the rankings. How cool that with over 1 million books on Amazon that mines ranked 240,148? Sweeet! Considering it’s only been out a little over a month, I think that’s good — right? What do you think?

Today there was a new review, from someone who just finished reading it in Hawaii. Here’s what she said:
“I have to say that this is such a great story. You’ll easily fall in love with all of the characters in this book…even the ones who weren’t the main characters. It’s so well written that you can picture every scene and character…just as you would in a movie. You won’t be disappointed at all…this book will get a hold of you like you never imagined before. From the beginning to the end, you will find yourself wanting to keep reading. Now that I’m done reading it, I’m already wanting more.”

Thank you dear reader for stepping through the book as I hoped you would, by visualizing the characters and plots. Thank you dear reader for falling in love with the characters as much as I have.

Another blogger and author did a write up for me today too. I am blessed by all the support.

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Finding Kylie Feedback From the Heart

My friend called me today with this voicemail. At first I thought something was seriously wrong and then I realized she was giving me feed back on the book.
I thought it was too sweet not to post:

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Friday’s Blessings

It’s better late than never. I’m pretty sick, but needed to get this up tonight before it rolled into Saturday.

Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve got the flu, the big blessing is I’ve not thrown up. Praise the Lord. And I came down with it early enough, that I didn’t expose most of my family to it. It’s my mom’s birthday today, and I’m missing her party (while my son and husband are there without me). However, no one wants to be around a sick person. I’m blessed I could spare them the germs.

My launch party was a blast. I’m blessed by everyone that attended. I had some last minute cancellations but that is to be expected. All in all, we had the perfect amount. I sold over 54 books. I would have sold them all if everyone came that said they would, but like I said everyone that was there were the ones who really wanted to be. And that’s a huge blessing! Especially when some of them drove for over 4 hours to come in town. My friends and family are the most amazing supportive people, and I’m so blown away at their love for me. You can see some of the cute stuff that happened last night with my son –> HERE.

The weather has been amazing. It’s just now getting cold. Our foliage is just now turning golden brown and red. My flowers are still just amazing…most of them. I’m blessed when I see snow in parts of the country and know we’re just now getting into the 50’s.

I’ve had 3 photo-shoots in the last week and a half. Some referrals have come in and I’m blessed that my previous clients loved their pics so much that they’re spreading the word. More business means I can continue to take care of my family.

That’s it folks…I know that there are many more blessings to list — but I’m getting chilled and might throw up. So I’m going to go lay down now. Have a wonderful weekend!


Blog Talk Tune In

Hey guys I just wanted you all to see if you could come support my BLOGTALK radio interview with my publisher? It’s this Saturday at 5:30 CST. You can find out the call in number and info here!

I would love your support and call in questions, especially from those who have read the book or interested in reading the book.

Leave me a comment to let me know if you’re able to …



#1 fan

bookssnuToday my University had their first ever Alumni Book Signing Event, during Homecoming weekend. I was honored to be asked to attend. They even bought a book from me to put in the library.

When my husband saw them take a book for their collection, he popped out with, “How cool will it be for our son to go to college here, and then know his mom’s book is in his library? He’ll be able to read your book whenever he wants.”

How cool is it that my work is here forever? The impact of how big that is just hit me today. My little boy who’s so proud of me now, can one day read this adult book and … hopefully still be proud of me. It will be a very different time in his life, and hopefully the book, which addresses and encompasses so much, will still be very personal and important for him. He doesn’t know the storyline now and doesn’t need to as it’s too big for him now. Right now all he needs to know is that he’s his mommy’s #1 fan.

All in all the signing went very well. There wasn’t much foot traffic. They had 17 authors on hand, of which I was the youngest of all the alumni. I sold enough to walk away pleased, knowing the big book event is still to come.

One thing to ask of you all … my son woke up today not being able to walk on his right leg. He’s still hobbling or crawling out of pain when he puts pressure on his leg. He’s not one to ever be dramatic or have pain, so I know it’s a legitimate issue for him. I pray it’s only growing pains. If you could, please pray for him today so that he quickly returns to normal.

Thanks to you all! Have a great day and thanks for praying for my #1 fan!

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Friday’s Blessings

So I got my shipment of books, from my publisher today, on my porch today…ahhh….I’m jumping up and down. My son already gave it his stamp of approval here, or at the sound clip below. I actually ordered one for myself, through Amazon, to see what their quality was like, and because my publisher said they picked up a copy through the print system that wasn’t proofed yet. Yikes!

The book has a few typo’s but what book doesn’t have a couple things that someone didn’t catch? Overall I’m happy, and very pleased to have worked with Vanilla Heart Publishing. They worked hard for me and the release of this book.

My son has carried one of the copies around all afternoon, and won’t put it down. He’s so proud of his mommy, and my heart is melting.

Today we also had a parent/teacher conference, which went exactly as I thought. My boy is sailing through with flying colors, ahead of the curve, and very well adjusted. He’s learning things that I would have in 3rd grade. It’s amazing how young they start kids out these days in their educational curve.

My mom and dad left for Hawaii, with my sister and her new husband to follow this weekend. They’re going to have a family trip together, and I couldn’t be happier for the four of them. I’m blessed they have this opportunity to share.

My husband & I had another date night this week to the OKC Thunder’s opening game NBA game. Our city is blessed with the opportunity to host such a major venue, and we’re blessed to have season tickets to such a fun event.

I was blessed to have Monday and Friday off this week. It was a short work week, but a tough one with little tips. This economy is hurting the ability to leave a little extra for those of us working for tips, but I know I’m blessed to be in a fun environment all the same.

My neighbors found a rental property to move into. Remember the post about how they lost their home to foreclosure? They were packing up their Uhaul today. I’m so sad to see them go, but am glad they’re not homeless and have been approved for a new place to live. Who knows? We may all lose our mortgages if the economy doesn’t start picking up. For now, I know we’re blessed to pay our mortgage each month, and pray that neighbors find the blessings in their situation.

Find your BLISS … Find your BLESSINGS … and Thank God daily for each one!

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Friday Fun

Every Friday I get to look at what God has blessed me with during the week.
Today I get to jump for joy! Here’s a list of what God has given me this week:

***Blessings Abound****
My husband surprised me with a date night, and arranged for a sitter. He took me to see ‘Fireproof the Movie’, which was awesome!!!

Sitting in a theater with a bunch of Christians was a really cool experience. No one had to search for a seat. People were offering to arrange the seating on rows, so we could all squeeze in to offer new seats, for those standing. It was cool seeing God’s love in the simplest ways in just offering a seat theater wide.

The movie itself was an amazing lesson, that every married couple needs. If you’ve not seen this movie — GO SEE IT! Kirk Cameron is just amazing and so cute. I thought he was adorable back in his teenaged TV days, but he’s so mature now and even more cute. I admire him for standing up for his faith, in mainstream Hollywood, to stand firm. He deserves our support. Seriously, you should go see this movie. They also have a blog.
Here’s the trailer:

I had a friend text me late last night to announce her copy of my book came in the mail that day. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell me how beautiful her copy was. I haven’t even had my copies mailed to me yet, but was and am so blessed to hear how excited she was once we talked on the phone. I’m blessed to have such wonderful friends, who celebrate in my joy and support me. God is good!

I made some really great tips this week at work, and I finally feel like I don’t have to double check every thing I do. I seem to have a groove and a rhythm to my job now, and am so blessed to leave at 3 p.m. to pick up my son. Even though we’re financially short, I’m able to invest in my son.

I got two photo-shoots booked this week. One for the 27th of October and the other for Nov 15th. Just a little business coming in right now. I’m not where I thought I’d be right now, but some is better than none and I’m blessed all the same. Thank you Lord for being faithful.

I’ve prayed for God to bring us a couple friendship. My husband and I have our own separate friends, but have never in the 8 years of marriage had a ‘couple’ friend outside of family. My sis and her husband are our couple friends and I adore them. My brother in law and his wonderful wife are also our couple friend, and we adore them but they live 40 minutes away.

Each member of our family are so wonderful and we love spending time with them, but they also have their own lives. So lately I’ve prayed lately that God would also bless us with a friendship, separate from family, that Todd and I would click with.
God has answered my prayers with a wonderful couple that we go to church with.

Strangely enough … I went to college with my friend, J. We don’t remember each other from back then. And, her boyfriend, C, and my husband grew up in the same area in California, and have some similar childhood memories. All four of us have crossed paths throughout many years, and have just now started a friendship. Funny how God’s timing works … but it’s a blessing to us. J & C are quirky and fun and make us laugh…our kind of people.

The last blessing is an obvious … just the fact that my family is alive, healthy, and close to home. I’m blessed each day to live the life I have and be surrounded by my family and friends.