Your Life is Valuable

The worst tragedy is losing our loved ones.  I think it’s hardest thought when they take their own lives.  I know a few people that have done this, and I can’t imagine the terror they must have been going through to take this final step.

Yesterday when I saw the news that Robin Williams, a brilliant and talented man, apparently committed suicide I cringed thinking, Not another one.  Every life is so valuable.  We are all loved so much.  To take that final step is unfathomable.

Over a year ago, I found out one of my close friends had taken her life and her choice was to use a gun.  Statistics show women would hardly ever go this route, as we girls like to look our best.  It broke my heart that she not only took her life, but thought so little of herself to shoot herself in the head forever ruining her life and her image.  She frankly could have cared less about any of it.  To this day, when I run across her contact info on my computer my heart breaks and I hope wherever she is … she’s in a better place.  

A lot of Christians argue that people who take their lives into their own hands, and therefore taking it from God’s, are playing god and will automatically go to hell.  I can’t say that.  As I don’t know that.  How do we know that God didn’t meet them in the seconds before their life was snuffed, allowing them to accept his son and ask forgiveness?  We don’t know … therefore it’s possible.  So yes, I hope my friend is in a much better place … as I know she knew The Lord.

Robin Williams is gone now too.  He is a sign of our times, as people struggle with depression and anxiety.  No matter now much money you have, or how famous you are, depression doesn’t care … it will get you if you’re not able to get help.

If you’re out there suffering from anything – please do not let it get to the point to where you’re even thinking of what the world would be like without you.  Your family will grieve like crazy … your friends will be angry and sad for a long time.  There will be a hole that can not be filled without YOU here.  You make a difference and are needed in the lives of others.

If you’ve had even a glimmer of a thought – or suffer from depression – please reach out to get help.  Talk to someone you trust, or you can contact the suicide prevention hotline.  <—that’s their link.


Your life is valuable.  


2 thoughts on “Your Life is Valuable”

  1. What wonderful insight you have….and such an ability to address a matter such as this with such depth and feeling. Thank you also for your kind words earlier regarding my Mom and Alzheimer’s. It is a struggle, but I do constantly remind myself that she is not herself, to try to communicate with her on whatever level she is at at any particular moment – which it sounds like you can relate to as being quickly changing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. I know what it’s like to struggle with those in the onset of dimensia or Alzheimer’s. There are days you are so exasperated, and you have to remind yourself they’re not themselves. Keep your chin up Tammi.

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