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A favorite spot from home

My brother in law is getting ready to get married to the most wonderful girl. She already seems like family, and to me, like a sister. They plan on getting married in Hawaii, but haven’t pinned down the final date or destination yet.

Of course it should be all about where they want to wed, and which island. However the selfish side of me wants them to get married on Oahu, where I was raised. I haven’t seen my ʻOhana since 1995. I figure my husband and son could fly to Oahu a few days early to visit and catch up with my anties and uncles and all my cousins. My parents and sister are hoping that they choose Oahu too, so they can fly back with me and stay for a visit. After a few days, then my hubbie and me could get a hotel and start the wedding celebration when his family flies in.

I know they’ll probably want to wed on the beach somewhere, but I sent them a link to one of my favorite places on the island, Haiku Gardens. I spent time there in Kindergarten on a field trip and fell in love with it. We went there often and would see locals and tourists wed, in a romantic little spot in the middle of the lush tropics. I even thought it would be cool to re-create a picture my parents took of me with my son, since he’ll be the same age I was when it was taken.
Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! Here’s the pic: kimhaikugardens2.jpg


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