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Friday Blessings

This week was a crazy one. Last week I posted that my clothes dryer broke and the fact we got another one free within a day. Then this week our garage door broke and my hair dryer went short of catching on fire.

Well my father knows a great company, who fixed my door and he’s basically calling it my Christmas gift. Thank you God for wonderful people who come in the time of need.

I made enough tips yesterday at work to buy a new hair dryer. I got sat with a big top, which has gratuity automatically added and then they all left me extra money as a tip. It was an awesome feeling just to walk into Target and know I wouldn’t have to stress on how to pay for for what I needed.

My husband and I decided that I should work at the restaurant at nights to make more $$$, which will be a bonus blessing just in time for Christmas. This leaves my days open to substitute teach.

My rankings on Amazon have been really good considering my book hasn’t been out but a month. It’s so excited to me to watch the numbers climb, recede, and then climb again. I pray that God continues to bless this books path and the success it deserves.
I shipped it to a buddy of mine in London, who owns a production company. I’m sure my book won’t be his cup of tea, as he’s more of a Martin Scorses type of guy, and my book is more geared for the Lifetime Movie Network or Hallmark, but hey I’m just blessed to have a friend in the business who supports me and wants to read my work. I shipped the book out this week, so time will tell if he and his lovely wife at least enjoy the read.

I’ve have two photo-shoots this week, and scheduled a wedding for the end of the month. God has been very faithful in keeping me busy this holiday season with family photos. It’s a huge blessing as we really need it right now.

My husband thought his car was towed last night, or stolen…but alas he’s decided he just going senile as his car was only 100 yards away from where he ‘thought’ he parked. This blessing is obvious — the fact that I had a good laugh on my husband was an extra one! On his way out to work this morning I told him not to get lost is his work parking lot. He didn’t think it was too funny — but I did.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday. Take a little time to list out your blessings for the week. You’ll be glad you did. And don’t forget to give thanks to God for each and every one!

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Fridays Are My Favorites because….

On Fridays I get to reflect on how much God has done for me in the week and give thanks. This week has been one of healing and thankfulness all across the board.

*Today at 3 p.m. I was able to see my son win a “Kindness” award. This award is given out once a month and he and one other Kindergartener won it for their age group. What a huge blessing to see my son be singled out for the first month of school for his kind spirit and giving heart. He was so excited and happy. He told me that he tried his hardest these last two weeks of school to be as kind as he could. I love that about him. He truly cares about others and how they feel.

*I started my new job and have had the most fun that I can remember in years. I don’t have clients calling my cell complaining. I don’t have sales managers calling me into meetings that are about other meetings and how the other meetings will be scheduled….to go over what the last meeting held. I only have to serve tables with a smile and hope they’ll tip in kind. It’s so refreshing to work with the group I do, as no one is uptight. I’m blessed!

*I’ve been aiding my sister in coordinating her wedding. She got engaged a couple weeks ago and she gets married on Sept 12. She had a very unpleasant caterer scheduled that did nothing to accommodate her. So I found her a new one, scheduled a tasting, and they were less expensive. She canceled her uncooperative one and hired the second I found her. I’m blessed that I’ve been able to find her less expensive, better solutions. Anything I can do to make her day easy will be a huge blessing to our whole family.

*I had an old man pull me aside at the restaurant day before yesterday and compliment me. He said, “Honey, you sure are a good waitress….how long have you been doing this?” When I told him -2 days- he was amazed. He told me, “Well your smile means a lot, and you can tell you care. You’re doing a great job.” That made my day.

*My son had show in tell this week. He was supposed to bring in something that made you feel happy, sad, warm…something old and something more precious than gold. He filled it full until the last one… he turned to me and said, “Mommy….you’re more precious than gold to me, but I can’t box you up.” That made me melt in happiness. What a blessing my son is to me.

*I got asked to be a part of my University’s Homecoming Celebration at their big book signing event, along with 14 other alumni authors. I think I’m the youngest one attending. It is a HUGE honor to be invited, and I’m so blessed and thankful.

*Because I’ve been on my feet all week and working my hiney off…I’ve slept realllly good, which is rare as I have 3 sleep disorders. BIG BLESSING!

Fridays are great. Not only because I have the weekend to look forward to, but because I can look back and count so many obvious blessings. Thank you Lord for all you do.

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Friday’s Blessings

Each week I’m honored at how many beautiful things happen in life, and not just in mine. So many of my readers have been such big blessings as well. In reading up on their Friday posts, and catching up on all God’s doing for them….I’m truly blessed.

I want to say thank you to all of you, who participated in this contest of mine. I hope you’ve seen a huge difference in how many good things you can find in life, if you only look a little.

I hope you’ve received peace in knowing how much you’re blessed, even through the chaos life throws our way. Cuz trust me people…life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s hard!

You have to choose to see the silver lining and have faith that God will provide. That’s when your blessings will be abundant. That’s when you’ll see more clearly.

Before listing my blessings for the week I wanted to link to those brave enough to ‘consistently’ take my challenge on.

Thank you to:
Terri at Terri Terri Quite Contrary
Leblance at A Natural Deficiency Of Moral Fiber
Trish at Stringing My Thoughts
Bad Momma
Jamie at Bumps in the Road

And a few that posted from time to time were:
Tara at If Mom Says OK
Papa, my adopted grandpap, at Choices are Mine
Yvette at Fresh Wind Ministries
My buddy, TT, over at Total Transformation Test
Godsgal at Worship in Spirit and Truth

One of my Cre8buzz buddies at Half Past Kissin’ Time
Love posted once at LoveWillBringUsTogether
Down River also posted a couple…

If I missed anyone, I’m sorry. Some people forgot to link to my page, so I didn’t have them listed as participating…b/c I didn’t know they were. I am just humbled by all of you who participated. Thank you for blessing me each week with your posts. I will announce next week the winner of this contest!

This week has blown me away…so many blessings.

*It’s the last of my summer vaca with my son. We’ve been slowly transitioning to earlier mornings, and although I’m not liking the change…I’m blessed to be able to make it. Last year I would have been at the office already, not able to be at home to do this sort of thing. I’m loving being a stay at home mom for the moment, and that’s a huge blessing!!

*My cover art for my book, out next month, came in. I loved it loved it loved it. Then I found out it was just concept art, and the real art is in the works. I was only to approve the concept first. I fell in love with the first one. I can’t wait to see the real thing. Seeing my pen name on a book cover was an amazing and humbling blessing indeed. God is so amazing.

*My sister went on vacation with her boyfriend, and his 9 year old son, to spend time with his family. I’m blessed that she has such a wonderful man in her life. He makes her laugh and truly makes her happy. I’m blessed that she’s so in love, and one day will have such a wonderful extended family.

*My husband realized that he needs to get serious about his health and weight. He’s started his workout regimen…again. I’m blessed that he’s back on the wagon, and pray he makes it stick this time.

*My sister’s birthday was this week. I’m blessed to count her as my best friend. She and I are six years apart in age, but like twins as far as mental/emotional bonds are concerned. I love her very much.

*I joined FaceBook in May, but never really checked it out till this week. I’ve found so many old acquantainces and friends. I’m blessed by so many names and faces I remember. It reminds me how many wonderful people God has put in my path throughout my life. I recommend everyone get on there and do that!

*I’m blessed by a really great PR person in Melissa, who’s been doing everything to help me promote my book. She’s going above and beyond to get it out there to those in the media, locally and nationally. God has blessed me ‘big time’ with her willingness to do this. She read the electronic version of my book, that was created for review purposes, and she’s so excited for it to release. She’s the first unbiased person that’s read it, and her enthusiasm for my book is so humbling! I’m thanking God for her.

I hope you all have a great weekend coming up. Please remember that just because this contest is going to end, doesn’t mean you can’t continue your Faithful Friday gratitude blogs. I pray you find the time to continue, as it will change your life. Have a blessed day!

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From Front to Back

Yesterday my publisher sent me the electronic version of my book, for press release purpose…for reviews and such. This is only meant for those in the media to give it raving reviews of course, and I hope they do so (crossing my fingers and holding my breathe).

Anyways to the point…

This is the firsts time I’ve actually printed all of it off and read it from front to back. You’d think I’d have done that by now, but I didn’t. I knew it backwards and forwards and had read it in parts so many times over and over that I knew what the whole thing said. But to print it off, and read it for the first time blew me away.

There were some typo’s I caught and was discouraged that the editor didn’t, but my publisher promised she wasn’t through yet. And to release it for review purposes in that state wasn’t a big deal. But to read it, absorb it, and fall in love with it again was such a huge blessing for me. I caught a few things I need to finesse thankfully, as I need to before it goes to press. But today I’m just blessed to have read it last night. I started at 10 pm and couldn’t put it down. I didn’t get to sleep until 2 am.

I hope it has the same effect on those that buy it.

Look for ‘Finding Kylie’ by Kimberly McKay on Amazon and in some stores either late September or early October.

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Awesome Favorites

From time to time I list a few of my favorite things here. I haven’t done it in a while, and when Yvette at Fresh Wind Ministries awarded me with this lovely blog bling, I thought it was time to do it again.

Yvette is one that is very in tune with her path when it comes to God’s will for her. She’s a heartfelt writer, so it is an honor that she bestowed this upon me. Please take time to stop by her site.

To forward this on to a few of my favorites, although I have many. I could only choose a few. In no particular order…here goes:

* Joe, at Joeprah. An awesome blogger, who gives daily advice on everything from parenting to blogging tips. His humor keeps it fresh, and his creativeness will keep you coming back.

* Tara, atIf Mom says OK, is always a great bet. Each time I click to her site, I always find something of interest from family, to pets, to interesting tid bits about herself. Not to mention she and I have both have a chocolate lab, named Hershey! Gotta love a girl who loves her dogs and gives them cool names. It’s her blog-anniversary, so stop by and congratulate her.

* Total Transformation is another favorite place because he is just so darned like-able. He’s always striving for better health, physical and otherwise, and challenges his readers to do the same. I love reading his blog for that alone, but know he’s also blogging about his journey on the road to adoption. Not to mention his FAT Fat Tuesday Funny Acronym Tuesdays.

And a few of my own personal favorite things: Yay! I love this part!

My favorite tank, shown here, that I got in Laguna Beach. The straps are just a little too long for me, so I layer it with my other favorite white tank, and the look is so comfy and cool. Plus it has a dolphin on it, in my favorite color, purple! Yup, this is a must for my summer wardrobe along with my favorite jeans, from the Buckle.

Let me tell you that the BKE jeans, at the Buckle, are the bomb. For anyone like me who is thin, long legged, and small waisted…they fit like a dream. Most jeans bell out at the waist and never fit comfortably. These hug in the right places, with out suffocation. They also are low rise without showing butt crack or front crack.

They make me feel very sexy, while still giving me the option to class them up with any top of my choice. They’re the perfect dress me up or down item.

Another new favorite?? You all know I’m not a huge drinker. I’ve had my past where I did partake quite heavily, but when I returned to the Lord and His will for my life, heavy drinking wasn’t part of it.

That being said, I see nothing wrong with a margarita with dinner from time to time. I used to never be a wine fan, until I found this lablel: Tidal School Vineyards. I’ve not sampled all of their wines, as I’m again not a drinker. But one wine I recently sampled at a tasting, through a work event, stood out and I’m a fan

It’s their Rasperry White Zin and it’s slightly sweet without being too sweet. It’s smooth and goes down easy. It’s one that I could easily like too much, which is why I will limit myself to two glasses if I ever have an occasion to have a drink again.

My last favorite to list?

My favorite writer, Ted Dekker. He’s like James Patterson and Frank Peretti(two of my other favorites) rolled into one times 100!

He’s inventive and a extremely intelligent writer, while showing the world that Christian writers can have the most amazing talent out there. He takes stories from the Bible and modernizes them, while throwing his amazing imagination in with a twist.

His books go past the classic good versus evil, as translates them into the spiritual side of things … writing with a Christian heart. I first read Black, Red, and White, his trilogy and was immediately hooked. I just picked another, When Heaven Weeps, from our church’s library and am so engrossed in it. I highly recommend him to any and all that are looking for something to blow them away.

I hope you all have a great day and are working on your gratitude journals for tomorrow’s contest. Remember Faithful Friday’s contest will end up in presenting the winner with an autographed copy of my book, when it releases. I know some of you that said you were going to do this, haven’t linked to my site when you posted last week. Make sure you link to me, so I know you’re participating. Otherwise I may not see that you’re taking part in the contest. If you need help figuring out how to do that let me know.

See how Leblanc linked to me in his second paragraph? He posted the button, but also linked to me. This will be the only way I have track of you, so remember to do so. If you need a refresher on the contest rules, go here!

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Tomorrow’s Contest

Those that read me know I always try to count my blessings through thick and thin. I feel it ‘s not only a good philosophy to have..whether you’re a Christian or not. For me, I know it’s essential to give God the glory for all that’s good in my life. I know this is life changing and I want to pass this gift on to you, who will take on the challenge.

Tomorrow starts a 6 week contest. Use the Count Your Blessings button in your Friday posts, and put a link in your post to my site obviously….but most importantly …. every Friday COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS in a BIG way. From the small insignificant ones (although I am a believer of all blessings being big and significant) to the large in your face ones!

You will be amazed at how many things you see that are good in your life…it will change your outlook!

What’s the prize? Well the obvious one…your own piece of peace each day in recognizing how many good things are in your life…but I’m also going to throw in a copy of my book, autographed. When it releases this fall, I will sign it and send it to you.

So tomorrow please start your Friday blogging gratitude journal, your Faithful Friday blog, your Count your Blessings posts….whatever you want to call it—just link it to me and let me see how many people you track to my site.

I will track this contest two ways:

A) You have to have blogged EVERY FRIDAY.

B) You must have the highest amounts of hits to my site.

So get after it peeps!

Code for WordPress:

<a href=””><img border=”5″ alt=”Photobucket” src=””><img /></a></a>

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<a href=””> <img border=”0″ view&current=”blessingsbutton.jpg” = alt=”Photobucket” src=”” target=”_blank”/><img></a&gt;

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Fridays are full of Blessings 6-6-08

Well anyone who read my latest post knows how well my week has gone. God is so good!

*My grandmother has been praying for 3 years that my book would get published. She faithfully and tirelessly would get on her knees every night, and pray for multiple things…my book being one of them. How wonderful was it for me to get to call her this week with the good news? She started crying and rushed off to church Wednesday night to tell everyone about her grand-daughter, the author. She lives in a small town, and I’m sure reveled in the moment. To me that was a huge blessing.

*My son got to be on stage with my husband, in introducing KC and the Sunshine band. My son got to turn to the crowd of about 1,000 and shake his booty to warm up the crowd in hopes of KC coming out to start the show. My little guy was a hit! The crowd roared in laughter as my husband then introduced the band, before joining the rest of us in the crowd for the show. IT was a blast. It was my son’s first concert and he had so much fun.

*My son asked me why it was special to get published. I gave him an analogy that he could understand a little better:
“You know when I teach your Sunday school class and I ask questions, that all your classmates raise their hands to answer?”
“Well everyone wants me to pick them, right?” (head nod)
“I can’t pick everyone. I can only pick one person at a time to answer, and when I do pick that person it makes them feel pretty special…right?”
“Well a publishing house is like me, the teacher, picking one person, like the student, to feel pretty special. LOTS of people want their books published, and they can only pick one.”
“WOW! Mom, that makes you special! I’m so happy for you!”
—This was a special moment for me because he got the big picture. He even answered the phone within minutes of our conversation and told my sister excitedly how his mommy was getting published!

*I put my notice in at work, in plans to focus on my photography/writing. Two days later I got another photography job, for July.

*Today is one month till my birthday! Yay! I told my son I’d be 36 years young. He responded with, “Yah, you are young…but I’m younger! AND your skin is getting thinner every year!” Okay now I’m imagining my veins showing through my skin when I’m 70, and wrinkles everywhere, but I’m still blessed.

*This week we bought our tickets to Oahu/Maui for my brother in law’s wedding, in July. We couldn’t afford to buy them until now, so we were blessed that our finances finally fell into place PLUS we found some tickets at a rate we were happy with considering how late we were buying them.

*My future sister in law, whom I adore, asked my son to be their ring bearer. So not only do we get to stand on a beach and watch them take their vows, but I get to watch my baby be a part of it. I’m so happy.

*I confirmed that I can stay with my aunti and uncle on Oahu, on our 3 day trip, before heading to Maui. That will save us a lot of money with room and meals. They’ve not met my husband yet so not only do I get to introduce my son to them, but my sweet husband. It’s going to be a huge blessing to show them where I went to school, lived in which houses, and attend church on Sunday at my church home. This church sits down in the valley, where the breeze flows through the slatted windows from the mountains above. I’m blessed to think of how peaceful that will be.

*My husband used his academy sports gift certificate and came home with a big 40″ X 12 ft pool for our back yard. It will give our son the practice he needs swimming for our trip next month. The mere fact that he’s home at 5:20 at night, from his new job, is a huge blessing….but that now he’s home to take care of the back yard and now put in a pool is bonus!

*Lastly I took my first Zumba class with my sister at the gym, we recently joined. I loved it and lasted the whole class. I got to shake my booty and have fun with my sis!

I hope you all have had a great week!

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Some Big News!

It’s been a dream of mine since I was in 4th grade to be a published author. It’s been this ‘thing’ I always knew I’d do, and now it’s come true. I’m a very blessed girl and God is so good.

Today I checked my email and read an email from my new publisher, Vanilla Heart Press, that started out with:

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading Finding Kylie, especially the back stories in the novel, and the depth of the characters, along with the intertwined subplots. Therefore, we’ll be sending you a contract offer on this manuscript.”

My mother was at my house and I read the entire length to her as her eyes started tearing up. She couldn’t have been prouder of her little girl. All I know is that I’m so happy and blessed, and I’m still shaking my head. Is this really happening to me?

A lot of you have asked about my book and what it’s about. So let me just give you a little blurp:

It’s a dual story line following mother and daughter through past and present day times to uncover hidden secrets with a little love story thrown in. It’s gooooood stuff.

Here are some other things that happened today that were exciting:

*Already I’ve had someone in the Public Relations business, who knows my husband, offer to handle all my PR for free.

*The proprietor at Toby Kieth’s Restaurant has agreed to have a launch party for me when it comes out, in downtown OKC.

*One of the top ranked radio morning shows have agreed to interview me when we need to promote the book.

*I used to work at the state paper, so today my old boss gave me the book editor’s name. I figure in a month or so, I’ll make contact and see if I can get in front of them.

I wanted to send a big thank you to all of you who have been praying for me. I’ve felt God’s hands surrounding me today as if he’s just holding me up and whispering His blessings in my ears/heart. What a great God we serve and how undeserving are we all of his faithfulness? I hope I’m on track in His eyes and am still shaking my head at how much He loves me.

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Today is the day

So I sent a query letter to a publishing house, that allows electronic submissions today.  I have a really good feeling about this one.  This is a company that recently accepted new writer, that is married to an old friend of mine.

Keep my submission in  your prayers and pray that God blesses the one who opens and reads it.

Also, I am finished with my manuscript!  D-O-N-E…well with the exception of 1 paragraph!  YAYAYAYAYAY!