Why I love Oklahoma

I just signed up for Listly and made my first list, giving the top reasons why I love Oklahoma.  There are more reasons that what I list at this link – but be sure to read it and share.


Through Lifes Storms

I’m trying to post from my iPhone & wondering if it will successfully save. So this is somewhat of a test.

But as to not leave you high and dry, I’ll leave you with two things: a) a picture from tonight’s rain (one night in a million, that it’s been wet outside) and b) a thought…

Sometimes its through the storms that we learn how safe God is and will always be…

I’ve got a few things medically going on & although it’s not the most fun dealing with it—I know has me held safe on the center of this whirlwind I’m in at the moment. And I’m already declaring victory through Jesus’ name that my prognosis will be good!!

God is good ALL the time, and through the storms I learn how much more I love Him and am reassured how much more He loves me.

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Wimgo vids promoting Oklahoman’s new website venture

Wimgo is a new website the OPUBCO group has put out to promote all the wonderful things to do and see in my favorite state, Oklahoma. Of all the places I’ve lived, and there have been many national and international, Oklahoma is one of my favorite places to live for many reasons. The below vids will give you a little insight on why.

Mayor Mick Cornett’s wimgo video

Bart and Nadia Conner’s wimgo video

My former boss’ wimgo video

Barry Tramel‘s wimgo video

Another interesting wimgo vid that even mentions one of my favorite outdoor music venues, The Zoo Amphitheater.


100 years proud

You’ve read many posts on how wonderful my state is, and what a hidden treasure it is. I’ve always known what a special place this is. My grandparents have a lot to do with why this place is so sentimental to me, but when I think about it they are the epitome of the spirit of this great state. Their warmth, love, and giving nature is what Oklahoma is all about.

Yesterday we celebrated our 100th birthday…our centennial celebration. Founded in 1907, we have a special history and an extraordinary future. OETA produced and aired a amazing program last night that was live from the Ford Center, featuring artists that were most all Oklahoma Natives.

To quote OETA’s Centennial page:

An unprecedented gathering of Oklahoma’s most famous sons and daughters, the “Celebration of a Century” features performances from native Oklahomans including country music icons Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire and Toby Keith, plus rock legends The Flaming Lips, Stillwater’s own All-American Rejects, Jimmy Webb, Broadway’s Kelli O’Hara, Blake Shelton, Patti Page and opera singer Leona Mitchell.

The star-studded tribute also includes appearances by Shirley Jones, five Miss Americas — Jennifer Berry Gooden, Shawntel Smith Wuerch, Susan Powell, Jane Jayroe-Gamble and Lauren Nelson — Amy Grant, comedian Argus Hamilton, Willard Scott, Johnny Bench, Bart Conner, Nadia Comaneci, Barry Switzer and many more. The Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Canterbury Choral Society and the American Spirit Dance Company also join in the celebration of Oklahoma’s 100th birthday.

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I tried finding any clip from this program on YouTube somewhere because of how moving it was, but couldn’t. Maybe I’ll get my video recorder out and video my television, since I PVR’d the program, and Youtube it myself.

Happy Birthday Oklahoma…To a wonderful culture, history, and heart of gold. We’ve got a lot more wonderful experiences and years to come.


Packed Weekend

This weekend flew by! (notice a trend here?)

I had my first photo shoot with a family of five at a local park, and it went amazing! They are all really good subjects, so taking a great picture of them was not hard. God has blessed them all with great looks and amazing hearts. I wanted to capture just how special they were not just in general, but to each other, on camera. I think God blessed me with some amazing shots. I just hope they agree!

The park had everything a photographer would dream of for a back drop…amazing foliage, ponds, rose gardens, beautiful bridges under massive trees, stone stairwells and patios by the river. I think it’s my new favorite place to shoot.

Saturday I actually went out a day early to scope it all out, during the same time I was to shoot the next day.  I wanted to make sure I knew where the sun would hit, and what places would make great shots.  I’m so anal like that…I did recon for a photo shoot.  I’m shaking my head now even as I type.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!