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Random Questions

Do you think people are aware, that wear things like this, that it’s not flattering?

Something tells me she’s seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and thinks every pair looks good on every woman.

I know how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that fits every size. This woman is not overweight!! Infact her curves would look quite nice in the right pair, but don’t you think when you put a pair on and skin falls over the edge of the waist … you’d know it’s not the right pair?

Ladies tell me — what guide system do you use when shopping for a pair of jeans? How do you know it’s the right fit? How do you know when to put the tight low riders down and walk away?

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committing to myself

workoutI am not a huge fan of the gym. I haven’t been a faithful attendee in many many years. I started yoga about 6 months ago due to my conscience nagging me to do ‘something’ to keep in shape.

Let me clarify that I am one of those sickening people, who have a high metabolism and don’t really have to work out to stay at a target wieght. Most women hate women like me. I was a swim suit model about 18 years ago, but that body is no longer to be found. I won’t even wear shorts anymore. I’m not fat but I’m not firm! Being in my mid 30’s, I know that I need to start some sort of regimen for my future health. I know according to studies that it will help with osteoperosis, heart disease, and overall mental wellness. Not only that, but I need to set a good example for my son.

My husband has started a new work out routine this year too, so he’s been very motivating to watch. If he can stick with it — I know I can. He’s the kind that is all or nothing….kind of like a pendulum, swinging back and forth. It’s almost like he falls off the wagon of whatever kick he’s trying to achieve. He’s been going through one diet or exersize program or another the whole time I’ve known him, and he’s never stuck to it, however this time we made a contract.

He has to lose a certain number by November 24th, and then he’s allowing himself to eat what he wants on Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving he has to maintain that number throughout the rest of the year. If he dips below this number, he has a week to reach his target number. If he fails to have a consistant workout and maintain his wieght, than there is a penalty.

My husband started a Christmas fund at work. So at the end of the year, if he doesn’t break his contract…he gets the entire sum to use as he pleases, which will most likely be a plasma TV. If he breaks his contract, then I get the money and I will pay off bills. I really want him to succeed and I know he will. He’s driven! This contract has changed his life.

I think it’s all about focus. Like my husband, most people get their desired wieght or result and then slack off. They think, “Whew! I made it…now lets celebrate with some chocolate ice cream!” Then they jump off the deep end for some more…they fall off the wagon. I would love to challenge those, on the teeter totter of dieting, to give themselves a reward that only pays out after 12 months!! This will keep YOU motivated to continue your healthy living and eating habits to sustain your desired target wieght.

Today was my first day back to the gym in months. When the ice storms hit Oklahoma, I used that as my excuse not to go to my yoga class. Then I injured myself and had to stay off my foot for about 6 weeks. I had no control over my injury. BUT I’m all better now and I’m noticing fat pockets depositing themselves above my knees. I have a muffin top around my waist from having my kiddo. These are things I hate about my body. I am 5’7 and 138, which isn’t bad but I’m soft and I don’t like it.

This is my commitment today….

I will lose 5 pounds.
I will tone and firm those areas that have been neglected for years.
I will get rid of the cottage cheese that is starting to get a little out of control!!!
Just because I’m a mommy—I refuse to let myself go!!!

I want to be healthy minded, and have a healthy body. Our bodies are our temples! I know I’ve been neglecting mine and today is my first step to committing to me! Now I just have to have the resolve to follow through. My gym is starting a ZUMBA class which encorporates Latin dance, and I can’t wait to take those classes. The dancer in me is itching to dive into it. I would love to have this body…body type I will keep you updated!!!

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Adult on-set allergy awareness

I just wanted to reach out to all of you out there. A lot of us have had to deal with our children’s food allergies, with the hope that they out grow it by age 3. Most of them do, thankfully. My 3 year old finally got past his severe egg allergy. He had his first easter egg hunt this last easter. Next month will be his first birthday with a real cake from a bakery, vs. me baking an egg free one–that by the way isn’t always that tasty!

Let me take a second to make you aware of those of us adults can grow into them. Adult onset allergies is more and more common than rare. Six and a half years, my husband grew into his. He almost died a few times before we figured it out. We were completely caught off guard. Although there were warning signs, we were ignorant to them or what the potential danger they held.

He started off with large welts covering his body, that we thought was just a rash. I used Calamine lotion on his entire body…even behind his ears. This rash or severe welts would sporadically show up over a period of months, and didn’t seem to have anything that we could pin point to be the cause. As time went on, these bumps got smaller and smaller. We thought this was good…..they were getting smaller — so they were going away right? NO! The smaller outward appearance meant it was targeting the insides of my husband’s body.

One night we were out on the town, eating and drinking at an arts festival. My better half starting acting irrational and irritable. We were newlyweds so I figured I was seeing a new side to him, that I wasn’t aware of. By the time it took us to drive a few minutes from the event, he asked me to finish the drive home. He was too dizzy to continue.

As we switched places, I casually belted myself in to drive and looked at my dear sweet man. I was in for a huge shock. In just seconds, his neck had swollen out past his clavicle. His eyes were sunken in from the swelling in his face, and he wasn’t responding. Hysterical, I took off as fast as I could.

Thank the LORD, I was across the street from a hospital. I drove into oncoming traffic, ran around people at stop signs, into more oncoming traffic, and started beating his chest with my free hand. I kept beating my fist on his chest, screaming for God to help me. The children we never had flashed before our eyes as did the golden years we hadn’t reached. My husband was dying next to me and I had no control.

The ER wasn’t clearly marked, so I drove around the darn hospital a time too many before I found the entrance. Pulling in, I continued my honking and yelled for help. Thankfully, there were a few workers out smoking, who took off to our rescue.

They wouldn’t let me back to see him after I parked. Apparently they were having trouble tubing and bagging him, due to the complete swelling of his airway. God provided so many miracles that night by getting us there in one piece. I had to rely on Him one more time. I prayed hysterically that my hubbie would make it. I had no clue what was wrong.

After about 45 mintues, a nurse came out and told me that he was going to make it. She said if I’d gotten him there even 30 seconds later, than he wouldn’t have survived.

After his release a couple days later and a follow up doctor’s appointment, he was diagnosed with food allergies. Apparently it can happen to anyone and is more common in today’s society.

I feel it is important to make you all aware….

If you feel itchy or strange at all after eating, take note of it. If you’re dizzy or have skin reactions, catalog what you ate. GET to an allergest and get tested!

This was the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had, and if God hadn’t provided so many miracles that night…..I wouldn’t be happily married to my guy today. Please take note of this and be aware of the dangers of certain foods and how they affect you.