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My little sponge

I swear I never know what will come out of my son’s mouth these days.  It continues to amaze me just HOW much he soaks up and retains.  

For example, when the election took place, I was amazed at his emphatic passion for what was going on around him.  I try to never talk politics, as many out there do enough of it already for the majority of us.  I may put a little blurb on a blog here or there, but I’m not one of those people, who are loud with their policies/political beliefs.  

I especially did not tell my son who I felt would make a better President in this last election, as how could anyone know that or see the future?  I did tell him who I was voting for, because  he asked me, but would never run down the other candidate, as that’s not how I’m made.  PLUS why impose that on a five year old.  What I did give him was knowledge on the electoral process, and what the voting process looked like.  This was back in August of 2008 when he was asking about the whole concept of voting and how/why it worked.  If he’s old enough to ask, he’s old enough for the truth.

As the election came closer, he heard from his classmates their input on each candidate.  They even had a mock election, giving them choices to vote for Red or Blue.  Red, which stood for McCain, won that day in school.  He was excited that he chose the color that won.  I congratulated him on voting and left it at that, because it’s about his power to choose!  I was proud of him.

When Obama won the office of President, my son was sad.  The parents ideals and their philosophies had filtered down to their children and gave my son the impression that Obama equalled bad.  And he knew his parents had voted for McCain too.  I had to express to him that we respected the office of the President, no matter WHO held the office.  I had to share with him, that even though mommy didn’t vote for Obama, I was excited for the new era whether it was my choice candidate or not.  I told him that the exciting part about it is was the power of the American people, and their votes.

I wanted to give him hope that President Obama would make good choices on our behalf.  That’s my job as a parent to instill hope in my child … to lighten the big stuff … to keep him from being overwhelmed with things that he can not control.

His response?  (Keep in mind, he tells people he’s 4 and 3 quarters old when they ask his age – he’s a very specific kid)

“Mom, it doesn’t matter…because when I’m 9 and 3 quarters, we’ll vote again and have another President.”

I couldn’t believe that my ‘every four years we have an election‘ talk, FROM AUGUST was still retained in that little sponge of a brain in November.  

With my son, I tried to stay in the middle on this whole topic, because I don’t want to encourage discrimination for either party – Rep or Dem – because my husband and I aren’t straight party Repubs.  We look at each candidate as a potential selection based on their own policies and performance in office. BUT I let his comment stand on it’s own, because it was his opinion and I respected that.  I respect him for trying to formulate his own ideas and sticking to his guns.  For 5 almost 6 (5.75), he thinks so many big things through!! 

Today when my husband called to check on him, as we’re both home sick.  He ended his conversation with my DH….”Okay dad, work smart!”

I could tell my husband wasn’t sure of what he said, b/c he had to repeat himself….”you know…work smart while you’re there to make your money”  He’s a funny little kid with a big man’s mind.

I can’t believe in 9 short days, I’m going to have a 6 year old on my hands.  A wonderfully created, ingenius and funny, creative and highly social child, who loves with all his heart.  I only worry that he loves too much, BUT there’s no such thing as loving too much.

Have a great day all and thank God for all your blessings….especially your children!



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Go Skins!

Way to go boys!
Last nights game was so fun for me to watch. Although their record isn’t the most impressive in the league, at 9-7, these players have so much heart. And they’ve won four in a row! QB, Todd Collins is so impressive, and I’m so glad they’ve been able to lean back on someone who has the maturity and knowledge of the game.

Most people don’t understand why I stand by the Skins when I’m in Cowboy country, here in OKC. Well it’s because I lived in Virginia some in the 80’s, and Redskin fever is as hot as they come.

I’m also a HUGE Joe Gibbs fan, who also happens to be a Christian. I met him once, about 7 years ago at a Porter-Cable/Delta conference, when he was more involved with racing than football. I got to hold the HUGE superbowl championship ring and my arm almost fell to the ground when he layed it in my hand.  He was so kind to me, in letting me hold that ring and taking time to talk with me.  He’s such a humble and down to earth man, who deserves a great ending to this season’s roller coaster.  

Thank you to to Joe and the team for a great season, and here’s to the playoffs…..WOOO HOOOO! Let’s head to the Super Bowl next! Photobucket

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Go Redskins!

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Seasons of Life

As I sit here, on my lunch break, listening to the thunder rolling in I am reminded that our stormy spring isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. (sigh) The luxuries of running for cover when a tornado alarm goes off! Hopefully that won’t be the case today. The hard rain pelting on my window offers as a reminder of the trials or seasons in our own lives.

We all will face our human seasons just like the seasons of mother earth. The earth has growing pains every year with the birth of spring, in all it’s splendor of color and terrors of storms. I just pray today is filled with hard spring rains, and the severity of the storms stay at bay.

My prayers for my seasons are no different. In life we all go through growing pains! From birth to death, we all experience life in this world, which will hold many surprises and tragedies along the way. There is after all a time for everything…it says so Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. So, every day I pray that the severities of life stay at bay, but undoubtably bad things do happen that are out of our control.

Once Eve took a bite out of that forbidden fruit, sin entered in to what was a perfectly peaceful existence. God gives man free will, who can choose his own path. Unfortunately, some will not follow God in His footsteps. They will turn a deaf ear to His message, and refuse to ask Him into their hearts, therefore bad decisions will be made which will ripple effect into all our lives.

For example, the drunk that can’t let go of his booze…not even long enough to see that he’s had way too many before getting behind his wheel. His bad decisions put other lives in danger, that could effect you or me. We can’t control that.

All I can do is put my life, and those I love, in God’s hands every day and pray for traveling mercies and protection from anything that would do harm…including spiritual warfare. Now there’s a subject that is taboo among many of you, so I will leave that for another blog.

Seasons of life are a beautiful thing really, through all the good and the bad. The past is what makes us what we are today. We are all human and subject to sin, but as long as we put Christ first in our life we hopefully will make the right choices for ourselves and those in our lives. You ever hear of you reap what you sow? Trust me I’ve sowed enough bad in my life to understand just what that means–poor decisions = poor results. Now I strive to reap from the good soil I’ve been planting my spiritual fruit in. Every day I have a choice to make, and I choose to live the kind of life God would want me to. Like most of us, I fall short every day…so each new morning is a new chance to continue on my path.

Our seasons are inevitable.  We can embrace them or live in ignorance of them…in denial of our stages in life. I have just recently come to the realization that I’m not a young 20 something anymore!  I feel 24 and hope I always do, but I’m definitely 34 going on 35.  YIKES!  My time is clicking away every day so I’ve come the realization that I must respect every day God gives me.. to live life to it’s fullest but also to it’s spiritual richness.

My seasons have carried me from a child to a rebellious teen and young woman, living in a world of sin. They’ve evolved me into a mature responsible woman in her 30’s that has found herself, gotten married, and given birth to the most amazing gift God could offer.  My seasons are full of mistakes and glorious triumphs!  I now know it’s okay to get older.  I’m right where God wants me to be…in this season of awareness.  It’s my season and I owe it to Him to shine my light so that others may see.

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A mother’s gift…

Growing up as we did, moving from place to place, wasn’t always easy. An officer in the military moving up the ranks, does well after he’s been in for some time…but starting out most families don’t have much. Thank the Lord for base housing and free medical care, but just extra living expenses like food for clothes and food went thin when we were young.

I’ll never forget moving from Hawaii to Virginia when I was between third and fourth grade. We’d been on the island of Oahu, for 4 years, where we had lived in mumu’s, shorts, and flip flops. The move to Virginia was a hard one, not just because the beauty of the islands we’d left behind…but because of the harsh cold weather we now faced. In Virginia, is where my parent’s bought our first family home. Going from base housing to a huge mortgage payment was another huge transition, that as kids, my sister and I were ignorant of.

A few years ago my dad was reminiscing about those days, and he mentioned how one whole paycheck went to the mortgage payment. It didn’t leave a lot left over for anything else. I don’t know how they did it. I remember my mom pouring over her check register each week. She figured a way to cut corners every way she could by budgeting every cent.

Her number one priority was making sure the family was fed and cared for. I think that’s the hardest challenge in any day, let alone when you don’t know how you’re going to get by. All she knew is that her kids needed winter clothes to stay warm. A winter that had snow blown up over every mailbox on our street. A winter that made your toes freeze just walking outside for a few minutes. A winter that she dressed in her Hawaiian mumu’s with no money for a winter coat. She sacrificed her basic needs so that her children could stay warm. I can’t imagine how cold she was, but her basic instint was to shelter her children no matter what…even at the expense of her own health.

Having a child of my own, has taught me a whole new appreciation for my mother. I obviously understand every sacrifice she’s ever made for me, but having my own child has cast her in a new light. She’s always inspired me as a daughter, but now she’s inspiring me as a mother. I am so blessed to have such a giving, passionate, God fearing mother. A woman, who would do anything for her children’s well being.

What’s funny are the little things that are coming back to me. Little things that she did with me as a young child, that I thought I didn’t have any recollection of…silly little songs or actions. For example, last week I was giving my son a bath. I’ve been trying to get him to wash his hair sitting up in the tub. He doesn’t like getting his hair or face wet. It’s really bothersome to him. So I thought I’d make a game out of it, because I was getting really tired of washing his hair at the sink. Bath time was a two part process and it’s tiring some nights!

I grabbed a wash cloth and squeezed water over head, and said, “Look it feels like I cracked an egg over your head! Ewwww! Gross!” He just laughed and laughed. Well now a week later, he’s grabbing cups full of water and throwing it over his head saying, “It’s like a cracked egg Mommy!”

Yeah, finally I get to wash his hair in the tub after a bath. One step process…done!

I told my mom of the cute little trick I made up to get my son to get past his water fear in the bath. She smiled with a twinkle in her eye and responded, “You remember when I used to to do that to you, don’t you?”
“No. I made that up.”
“No…I did that to you when you, were a toddler, to get you to wet your hair in the tub.”

I just shook my head in awe. It’s amazing what is stored in one’s brain, and how it gets recalled years later! I shouldn’t be suprised. She’s reminded me a few other times of things she would do with me, that I hadn’t remembered, that I thought I’d creatively made up to do with my son. All this being said–Mom’s have a huge impact on our lives and I’m so thankful I’ve got such a wonderful role model to learn from.

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Being a brat…thank you to my dad!

As a military brat, I was exposed to many different cultures and social structures. I’ve been the minority and the majority, depending on where I lived. Growing up, I was always asked, “Don’t you hate moving like that?” It always blew me away every time I heard that! How could I hate something so phenomenal? It was the most wonderful experience in life to move every two to three years. How could I not love it? It gave me a chance to learn that much more about my world and the different people in it. Living from Japan, to Hawaii, to Washington D.C. – and everywhere in between – gave my family the opportunity to do a lot.

We drove the islands of Hawaii and took pictures of every crater and waterfall. We had pic nics on every shore and watched the most amazing surf. I got baptized, at 5, in the oceans off of the shores in Kailua, Ohau. We took tours of the battlefields in Virginia and walked through buildings had stood since the dawn of our country. In grade school I was able to take a fieldtrip to the Smithsonian, as President Reagan drove by in his presidential limo…Wow!…talk about a big impression on a fourth grader. In Japan, we lived in the jungles on Okinawa. Our house backed up to the vegetation and the tunnels, that the Japanese soldiers hid in during the WWII. Of course, we didn’t venture too far in that crazy jungle due to the habu snakes and the banana spiders. One bite from a habu is deadly! But just knowing I was sleeping 20 feet from that much history was amazing in itself. How weird must it have been for my dad living near where he had fought in the Viet Nam war, years later? Learning a new language and submersing into a foreign culture was one of the highlights of my young life.

After attending college and starting into the work force, I realized how these things helped me the most. One way was giving me an edge to adapt to any new situation. At any given time, at any given moment….life changes, and most adult are set in their ways. Change to me is a way of life. My history has helped me roll with the punches. It’s given me the upperhand in the office to adapt to new policies and procedures, when most groan and gripe. Who do you think gets ahead in a superior’s eyes in that situation? Living around so many different people gave me to opportunity to learn more and understand things better from someone else’s perspective.

The biggest inspiration my life has delivered is just simple appreciation. From all the constant change in my short life, I have learned to appreciate what I have and who I share it with. Life is a huge adventure, but it’s also very short. Every day is a new present to open….it’s a gift. Every breath I take, every kiss I give, every embrace I cherish. Those are my number one priorities. Everything I do is for the benefit for those around me.

Military brats are definately a different breed. Yes, some do hate the life…they hate the constant upheaval. Some don’t like saying goodbye to thier friends. Some may resent the authority to made them do those things. But the ones who loved it…the ones who chose to say hello to new friends instead of goodbye to the old ones…the ones who understood the sacrifice their parents made for them and their country…..those are the ones who flourished in that environment.

On Okinawa, in high school, we were all stuck together like it or not. We often felt the Dept. of Defense school system purposely put us in a test tube to observe how it would all turn out. I know we passed their test with flying colors. There were no blacks vs. whites. There were no rich vs. poor. There were no jocks vs. nerds. We all were the same…military brats forced in a situation to make the best of it OR not! Most of us did make the best of it, and to this day benefit from our experiences. Everyone from that test tube of classes and races has gone on to something wonderful due to thier gift of adaptation in life. My Kubasaki alumni have all gone on to make something of themselves…screenwriters, actors, succesful leaders and soldiers, writers, lawyers, doctors/nurses, and just plain happy people. We all ended up people, who appreciate their surroundings and adapt to make it better when we’re facing the worse.

I want to stand up and say thank you to my dad for joining the military. Thank you for exposing me to a unique lifestyle, that most could never appreciate. Thank you for serving your country in war, to fight for my freedom. Thank you for putting your life on the line, time and time again so that even those, that don’t respect the military and are vocal about it, have the option of their freedom of speech! And Thank you for teaching me to serve my President, no matter who sits in the office. It’s an office of respect. Thank you dad, for loving me enough to drag me around from state to state and country to country. It’s given me an eyeful of life, good and bad….but it wouldn’t be a life worth living if it wasn’t exactly the way it was.