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40+ kids

So we had another day at children’s church with 40 kids. With all the sickness circulating, the other couple that teaches called in sick. Hence…we combined the both groups and my husband and I had to be really creative in captivating their attention.

I have to give my husband a huge KUDOS. After the lesson is taught, and we pray thanks for our snack and our fellowship, it’s time to entertain to keep their little minds and bodies from going crazy. That’s a really hard thing to do and it could be overwhelming for most people. It used to be to me…now it’s nothing. Especially when we promise even the simplest of rewards, like a hand stamp, for being good during our time together.

Toward the end of class, once the coloring projects were done and the kids got even more restless…my husband called them all over to line up at the wall for a game of heads up 7-up. I so did not remember this game, since I hadn’t played it since Kindergarten, but my husband has excellent recall and had all the kids captivated.

I only had to give one child a time out…for banging paper rolls over the heads of other kids. He sat quietly and peacefully and didn’t act up one time afterward. So he too, got a stamp on his hand for choosing good behavior once he was disciplined.

It’s been a great day. Other than children’s church we’ve:

**Played the weather has been beautiful this weekend. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s this weekend. We’re under a tornado watch right now…but it is that time of year.

**We re-arranged my son’s room so that he has more play space and floor room.

**Played UNO.

**My son and husband are currently watching Nascaar…my son’s favorite new passion.

Now the evening’s winding down, and the weather’s cooling off (we’re expecting snow tomorrow). I hope your weekend has been as relaxing as mine and I wish you a great start to your work week tomorrow.

Happy March! YaY! Spring’s almost here!!!

POST NOTE….did I say Yay earlier?  This must have been before being glued to the television waiting to see if we were going to get mowed down by the multiple tornado threats.

Dear Lord, can we please skip all the tornadoes this season and get straight to warm spring weather?  Thank you.

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OK Weather

The weather in every state is hit or miss lately, which results in weather ‘events’.

For example: record heat in California = wild fires
23 straight days of rain in Oklahoma = record flooding

Oklahoma has always been known for it’s weird weather, but these rains are very extreme. I am thankful that there haven’t been any tornado activity accompanying them! Please pray that the rain moves west to calm the California heat wave. Those are the kind of waves I wouldn’t want to catch in California, and they need a break from the heat….especially the elderly! And…we need a break from the rain!

Please Lord drive this rain west. Give those in California a much needed cool breeze and rain storm. Give us relief so that those in the flooded areas can rest safely. Thank you…Amen.

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Seasons of Life

As I sit here, on my lunch break, listening to the thunder rolling in I am reminded that our stormy spring isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. (sigh) The luxuries of running for cover when a tornado alarm goes off! Hopefully that won’t be the case today. The hard rain pelting on my window offers as a reminder of the trials or seasons in our own lives.

We all will face our human seasons just like the seasons of mother earth. The earth has growing pains every year with the birth of spring, in all it’s splendor of color and terrors of storms. I just pray today is filled with hard spring rains, and the severity of the storms stay at bay.

My prayers for my seasons are no different. In life we all go through growing pains! From birth to death, we all experience life in this world, which will hold many surprises and tragedies along the way. There is after all a time for everything…it says so Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. So, every day I pray that the severities of life stay at bay, but undoubtably bad things do happen that are out of our control.

Once Eve took a bite out of that forbidden fruit, sin entered in to what was a perfectly peaceful existence. God gives man free will, who can choose his own path. Unfortunately, some will not follow God in His footsteps. They will turn a deaf ear to His message, and refuse to ask Him into their hearts, therefore bad decisions will be made which will ripple effect into all our lives.

For example, the drunk that can’t let go of his booze…not even long enough to see that he’s had way too many before getting behind his wheel. His bad decisions put other lives in danger, that could effect you or me. We can’t control that.

All I can do is put my life, and those I love, in God’s hands every day and pray for traveling mercies and protection from anything that would do harm…including spiritual warfare. Now there’s a subject that is taboo among many of you, so I will leave that for another blog.

Seasons of life are a beautiful thing really, through all the good and the bad. The past is what makes us what we are today. We are all human and subject to sin, but as long as we put Christ first in our life we hopefully will make the right choices for ourselves and those in our lives. You ever hear of you reap what you sow? Trust me I’ve sowed enough bad in my life to understand just what that means–poor decisions = poor results. Now I strive to reap from the good soil I’ve been planting my spiritual fruit in. Every day I have a choice to make, and I choose to live the kind of life God would want me to. Like most of us, I fall short every day…so each new morning is a new chance to continue on my path.

Our seasons are inevitable.  We can embrace them or live in ignorance of them…in denial of our stages in life. I have just recently come to the realization that I’m not a young 20 something anymore!  I feel 24 and hope I always do, but I’m definitely 34 going on 35.  YIKES!  My time is clicking away every day so I’ve come the realization that I must respect every day God gives me.. to live life to it’s fullest but also to it’s spiritual richness.

My seasons have carried me from a child to a rebellious teen and young woman, living in a world of sin. They’ve evolved me into a mature responsible woman in her 30’s that has found herself, gotten married, and given birth to the most amazing gift God could offer.  My seasons are full of mistakes and glorious triumphs!  I now know it’s okay to get older.  I’m right where God wants me to be…in this season of awareness.  It’s my season and I owe it to Him to shine my light so that others may see.

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Minor tornado hits a few miles from home

tornadoMy son and I spent the late afternoon in the closet. I had already been up all night with him, due to his stomach virus, and was pretty tired. The hard rains were relaxing and I was reveling in some downtime on the couch, while he watched ‘Clifford’. Then the sirens started blaring. I popped up and changed to one of the major news stations, when the phone started ringing. It’s no secret that it wasn’t great news with all the action hitting at once. Although my son is completely better today, he was still worn out from being up sick all night and was terrified by the tornado warning sirens.

I popped him on my hip, and threw some pillows and blankets in our closet. I made him a pallet so he’d feel comfortable sitting there for a few mintues while I gathered things like bottled water and a cell phone, which had a next to dead battery. **note to self…charge phone…more storms hitting tomorrow.

Everytime a storm hits, I always think, “Man why don’t I have a storm ready closet?” I need things packed in there ahead of time so I don’t have to run around to shove them in while somethings heading our way. Everyone in tornado alley should have these necessities in their closets, cellars, or storm safe shelters:

*Flashlight with extra batteries
*12 pack of bottled water
*First Aid Kit
*blankets, pillows
*battery powered radio to listen to weather
*cell phone (preferrably charged…thank you)
*snack bars, snack food
*extra change of clothing/underwear
*ziplock baggie full of personal info like: credit card numbers, insurance phone numbers/policy info, emergency phone numbers, etc.
*those with children: extra diapers, food, formula, bottles
*travel pack (toothbrushes, travel toothpaste, wipes, eye drops)

If I forgot anything above….I’m sure you get the idea. I am making a promise to my family to be better prepared. I am printing this list off and putting it in action this week!!

The really good is…it’s a miralce actually…if my son hadn’t been so sick last night and I hadn’t kept him home, I would have been exiting at the exact place at the exact time where the tornado hit and flipped cars over on the road. I would have been exiting to go pick him up from day care and could have been in a serious accident.

… Although I never want my son to be sick, God used my son’s sickness to save me from a worse fate.

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The Beauty and Dangers of Spring in OKC

435801270_08cc4c9e49_t.jpgThis year starts out as any–strong rains leading into an explosion of color. Flowers in bloom along with any allergy known to man. They say pollen this year is at an all time high, which is probably why everyone I know is suffering from hayfever.

The birds sing their sweet wake up call to us as we awake each morning. They chirp from atop our chimney and it comes echoing through our home. My son is loving thier adorable sounds. Along with each of these wonderful things are the strong breezes that whip around our home, which makes my heart skip a little beat each time my window rattles. Those breezes are just tells or signs of the dangers of spring in Oklahoma. You see we’re in