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Woke up

After these all night and morning,

we woke up to a few surprises.
Surprise # 1:

but I chose to focus on Surprise # 2:

Then I called the cops…
This is what I get for living near Hud housing with kids that are out for the summer, roaming neighborhoods looking for trouble.

Our neighborhood gets vandalized weekly and the police are so understaffed that they can’t do anything. So my husband and I have decided to get a infrared camera to post under the eaves of our home, to catch the little buggars who feel they can egg our cars, write bad words or obscene gestures on our driveways, race down our streets/through our yards, and bash and uproot our mailboxes. Maybe then the police can do something.

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Today’s Tornado Alley is on Overdrive

Photobucket I stopped counting at 7 tornado’s today. These severe storms were well out of the danger zone as far as my area was concerned, but the news just announced that the entire west half of the state is now under a severe tornado watch till 1 a.m. tomorrow morning.

At one point near Orlando, Oklahoma (I didn’t even know we had an Orlando in our state) I saw two separate tornado’s on the ground within miles of one another. It was reminiscent of the famous May 3rd storm that hit OKC a few years ago. Thankfully neither funnel lasted on the ground for very long, but the clouds looked so dark and full that I was sure if they’d stayed on the ground…they too would have joined forces and could have done some major damage.

Pray that we’re done for the day, and the rest of our state can breathe easy. They’re still rolling up north, and I hope those dissapate and stay gone for the rest of the night. I pray the rest of the state won’t have to worry about storms in the middle of the night.

Every state has it’s weather calamities…California and earthquakes…Michigan and it’s freezing weather…etc… but it’s days like these that make me focus on reasons why I love living here…because tornado alley in overdrive is one big reason NOT to like it here.

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Spring Rain

So this morning, in the  middle of the night, it sounded like my roof was being pounded by softballs.  I’m pretty sure we had hail and then some.  It’s been raining and cold all day, which has made everything soggy and frigid.

I’m all for a  Spring Rain…but what happened to Spring?  I know it’s not ‘technically’ spring…yet, but come oooonnnn lets get a warm rain going.  It feels like the dead of winter.

Is anyone else going crazy with all this winter still hangin on?  It’s making me cranky!  How’s that for an uplifting daily blessings blog post?  HA!  🙂

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40+ kids

So we had another day at children’s church with 40 kids. With all the sickness circulating, the other couple that teaches called in sick. Hence…we combined the both groups and my husband and I had to be really creative in captivating their attention.

I have to give my husband a huge KUDOS. After the lesson is taught, and we pray thanks for our snack and our fellowship, it’s time to entertain to keep their little minds and bodies from going crazy. That’s a really hard thing to do and it could be overwhelming for most people. It used to be to me…now it’s nothing. Especially when we promise even the simplest of rewards, like a hand stamp, for being good during our time together.

Toward the end of class, once the coloring projects were done and the kids got even more restless…my husband called them all over to line up at the wall for a game of heads up 7-up. I so did not remember this game, since I hadn’t played it since Kindergarten, but my husband has excellent recall and had all the kids captivated.

I only had to give one child a time out…for banging paper rolls over the heads of other kids. He sat quietly and peacefully and didn’t act up one time afterward. So he too, got a stamp on his hand for choosing good behavior once he was disciplined.

It’s been a great day. Other than children’s church we’ve:

**Played outside..as the weather has been beautiful this weekend. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s this weekend. We’re under a tornado watch right now…but it is that time of year.

**We re-arranged my son’s room so that he has more play space and floor room.

**Played UNO.

**My son and husband are currently watching Nascaar…my son’s favorite new passion.

Now the evening’s winding down, and the weather’s cooling off (we’re expecting snow tomorrow). I hope your weekend has been as relaxing as mine and I wish you a great start to your work week tomorrow.

Happy March! YaY! Spring’s almost here!!!

POST NOTE….did I say Yay earlier?  This must have been before being glued to the television waiting to see if we were going to get mowed down by the multiple tornado threats.

Dear Lord, can we please skip all the tornadoes this season and get straight to warm spring weather?  Thank you.

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Rain Check on Valentines Day


My husband is such a quirky but love-able guy. For anyone that knows him, they always ask me…’does he make you laugh…like…all the time?” I just raise my eyebrows and give them the answer they want to hear, “uh huh.”

He’s the guy who sings a song lyric when something happens that similar to a song. He’s the guy who always has the quippy line in a group that will inevitably make everyone laugh every time. He’s the comedian. And not the annoying kind either…he’s just genuinely likes to laugh and makes others do so too. His voice is louder than most, so even when he’s trying to be quiet he can be heard across a stadium. When he gets on the cell phone, he proceeds to get louder…like someone can’t hear him. LOL. I shake my head most days.

At home, he’s a little more subdued. The energy it takes to be him, is exhausting I think. He’s actually a loner, like me. He’s not ‘that’ guy at home, and I’m glad I would need a serious break from that energy at home. Yet, he still finds funny ways to make me laugh. With a comment about something, in only language he and I speak. When you’re close, you speak your own language that no one else is privy too. It’s something just for two.

He does things he knows will annoy me just to get me out of my grouchy mood. You’d think it would back fire, and although I may growl and bark, inside I’m laughing 🙂 because I know it’s all in good natured fun. So does he.

He’s always the one who does things to surprise me. Take for example our honeymoon: He saved for a year to be able to afford the nicest 5 star hotel in Disneyland so we’d have a honeymoon to always remember. Although we could have never afforded something like that, and probably never will again…he toiled and slaved extra jobs to save up and pay in cash.

He makes mental notes of things I like, and when my birthday or Christmas roll around (even if it’s 6 months later or longer) that gift will be wrapped and waiting. He knows I never buy for myself so it’s a safe bet that he’ll get me something I wouldn’t buy for me. He’s a thoughtful and generous guy.

Most days I feel like the neglectful one in our relationship. I don’t feel like I measure up in comparison to what I should be for him. So this Valentines Day I asked my mom to keep my son overnight, so I could surprise him with a date night just for us two. This is something we don’t do much of because of our schedules. He works most week days and weekends, so it’s hard to get couple time.

Great idea in theory, but my son came down with an extreme case of Bronchitis plus there’s an ice storm. So last night, Friday night, our date night got canceled. I feel so bad that I couldn’t do something special for him … again.

I know we’ll reschedule it soon. All that really matters is that our son gets better and we’re home safe…all three of us together.

If you’re wondering about the picture above. That was my Valentines Day card from my husband. It read, “I love you from the bottom of my heart!” What’s so ironic about this card, is that he’s done this exact thing to me….and I’ve had that exact expression on my face. He couldn’t have found a more perfect card. Again he’s ‘that’ guy who has the right thing to say, to make everyone laugh. He makes me laugh and I love him.

*post note — he just walked in and commented on the card I posted, “Hey you look hot there.”  (rolling my eyes)

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I want Spring

Yahoo reports that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow…aaaaaaaaaaaaah! I am so chilled this winter and it’s not like we’ve had a horrible winter either. It’s been unusually warm with highs of 59 degrees or as low as in the 30’s. Still 30’s aren’t bad considering other parts of the country or world are 30 below zero, like Canada, where Coach Sauter is from.

Blazer’s Hockey Coach Sauter, interviewed in the Oklahoman Newspaper today, said this about the weather he’s experienced:

JC: So, what’s the coldest you’ve ever been?

DS: I remember one year around Christmastime, it was 40-below or more for 10 days in a row. Unfortunately one of our young cows … got stuck inside the bale feeder, and she froze perfectly solid.The only way we could get her out of there after the cold snap was my brother chainsawed her in two.

My husband who read this at the kitchen table this morning, busted out laughing. I knew in few seconds I’d get play by play commentary on what he was reading. And sure enough he told me about Coach Sauter’s childhood experience, watching his brother saw a cow in half due to freezing temperatures. He couldn’t stop laughing and blurted out, “That’s awesome!” Then he saw our son and remembered a four year old may not think it was so funny, so he quickly added in a voice that tried sounding caring…but couldn’t quit accomplish it through his laughter, “Poor cow!” He continued to giggle to himself.

My husband’s humor always amazes me. His story definitely put the weather in perspective though. Okay so 6 more weeks of winter….aaaargh! I’m ready for beaches, warm breezes, sunlight streaming through my windows, and color exploding through my gardens and world. Spring is obviously my favorite time, even with the threat of tornado season, but I’m going to have to find things I like about winter to last me the duration of this season.

Things I like:

–I love to wear my winter white soft fuzzy scarf, hat, and gloves

–The sunrise over the snow first thing in the morning


–hot chocolate

AAaaand, that’s about it. Anyone out there have any more pluses for winter so I can cure my winter blues?

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Faithful Friday 2-1-08


For the last week or so I’ve let stress spiritually deplete me. It’s not that I’m not still looking to God for answers, or having faith that He will provide…because He will. I’ve just not felt like kneeling to pray, or actively taking part in our relationship. I’ve not purposely looked to Him as I’ve just felt a little to worn thin. I think we all get this way from time to time.

My dog woke me up unusually early this morning to answer nature’s call, and I begrudgingly turned off our alarm and walked him outside. You can’t just open a door to let him out to do his own business…you have to walk out with him to keep him company. Let’s just say he’s a little co-dependent since my son was born.

As we both returned to the back door, I turned to see the most amazing sunrise that glistened on all our neighbor’s roof tops. I could almost hear God whispering, Good Morning…this is for you. I was immediately awake…not that the cold temperatures couldn’t have done it…but His greeting me this morning made me thankful to be in the right place to behold His beautiful world.

This morning my son got up early, b/c I did. Our clocks our intertwined. When I sleep he does…when I awake…he does…it’s weird, but we’ve always been that way. Because he got up early, we were able to spend some time in the snow this morning. Instead of hopping into the car immediately for school, he ran his little legs off in our front yard yelling, “Weeeeee….I’m making a path to great destinations!”

Sometimes it takes small things like these to wake us up spiritually. Yes, life isn’t always perfect and neither are our jobs, but the simple things in life are so sweet. Like God’s good morning message to all of us…or our children’s laughter…or the subtle messages that lie in both.

My path with my career may be unknown at the moment, but I’m taking the steps to do the best I can. Yes, I start over financially every month, being on straight commission….Yes, it seems I never can get ahead….but I’m staying on path to get to my great destination. I just hope I don’t fall and slip on the ice like my son did this morning. 😉

He was so cute as he realized once he stepped off the grass & onto driveway that he was in for a fall. His little cowboy boots slipped out from under him and he fell on his side. I waited to see if he hurt himself or if he would get up….he got up. I couldn’t help but giggle at him. He’s got to learn the hard way about ice and snow…you can’t warn them without them fully understanding the gravity of slippery ice. No pun intended.

I dropped him at his school this morning. He had a hooded sweatshirt, his jacket, his boots, and sunglasses on. He double hooded himself with his jacket, and said, “Momma, I’m off the hook!” Now I’m not really sure he knows what that means, but he heard it from D.J., a cars toy at target, and ever since everything’s ‘off the hook’.

I hope your Friday is off the hook. I’m going to make sure I make the most of mine.