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A Foreclosure Hitting Close to Home

Today I have a heavy heart. My neighbors have had one bad thing happen to them and then another. They’ve fought through their finances to be able to afford their home for over a year. My neighbor’s wife now has to wear an oxygen tank, and she’s only in her 50’s. Even though they’ve been heavy smokers, who are aware of what cigarettes do to your body, I hate to see them deal with those repercussions.

Today my neighbor walked over to my car, as I pulled up in my driveway. I could tell he his spirit was not one of joy, like the usual guy I visit with when being neighborly.

He broke the news to me and told me of their situation. I know financial companies in today’s market are scrambling and will not give anyone a break. I know bail out or not, my neighbors will not get the help they need.

They’re going to be homeless in days, and I feel like crying. They’re so good to us and I just want them to have a roof over their head. Keeping up with the Jones’s has never been important to my husband and I, but something like this certainly puts that all into perspective.

Each night I pray a prayer of thanks for simply having a roof over our head, and food on our table. I never knew something like this would happen to someone I knew, and it’s heartbreaking.

I’m doing what I can to help them find a place to live, and in the meantime offering a couch and a guest room if they need it. Please pray for my wonderful neighbors that God provides them a way out and a place to live.

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Faithful Friday 2-8-08

Can Christians Drink????

I know that Catholics partake in a few now and then. I know that a lot of Protestants do as well. How much is too much and what example is set for non believers?

I think there is a difference between all out drunkeness and have a few glasses of wine. I’m a prime example of both. In my wilder days, I used to imbibe to just let go of the pain of certain things in life. I had what some would call a problem. Before I finally looked in the mirror, and asked God for help in re-directing my life, I was drunk or tipsy 2-3 weekends a month. This resulted in bad behavior, mind altering issues, and in essence more pain.

Now I may have a few glasses of wine or a margarita once or twice a year. Last night for example at my husband’s swanky dinner, I had a few glasses of a white chardonay. I was getting over the stomach bug, and it was the only thing that settled my somewhat queezy tummy. It was a great glass of wine that went well with my dinner. I didn’t get tipsy nor alter my behavior.

They say a glass of wine a day is good for your heart. But how many people use that as an excuse to partake in a few too many? Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding celebration. But who uses this as a crutch to excuse their behavior and have another?

Question for you today on Faithful Friday:

Can Christians still have a glass of wine and still hold to their faith? How much is too much?

I personally think it’s what God is calling for you in your own life. When I hit rock bottom in college, I needed to let go of my behavior and the desire to drink. God took the urge from me completely and I stayed away from people I had once circulated with to ensure my walk stayed on His path. I know it was something He wanted me to cut from my life completely at that time.

I don’t think He condemns me for a glass or two of wine when I’m out for my anniversary or birthday, as this is once or twice a year in celebration. Not only because I don’t get drunk, which the Bible clearly states in wrong, but because I’m not in a situation that would expose me to danger. I’m not bar hoppin’ with the girls…I’m with my husband who would watch out for me.

Let me know what you think….

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Seasons of Life

As I sit here, on my lunch break, listening to the thunder rolling in I am reminded that our stormy spring isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. (sigh) The luxuries of running for cover when a tornado alarm goes off! Hopefully that won’t be the case today. The hard rain pelting on my window offers as a reminder of the trials or seasons in our own lives.

We all will face our human seasons just like the seasons of mother earth. The earth has growing pains every year with the birth of spring, in all it’s splendor of color and terrors of storms. I just pray today is filled with hard spring rains, and the severity of the storms stay at bay.

My prayers for my seasons are no different. In life we all go through growing pains! From birth to death, we all experience life in this world, which will hold many surprises and tragedies along the way. There is after all a time for everything…it says so Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. So, every day I pray that the severities of life stay at bay, but undoubtably bad things do happen that are out of our control.

Once Eve took a bite out of that forbidden fruit, sin entered in to what was a perfectly peaceful existence. God gives man free will, who can choose his own path. Unfortunately, some will not follow God in His footsteps. They will turn a deaf ear to His message, and refuse to ask Him into their hearts, therefore bad decisions will be made which will ripple effect into all our lives.

For example, the drunk that can’t let go of his booze…not even long enough to see that he’s had way too many before getting behind his wheel. His bad decisions put other lives in danger, that could effect you or me. We can’t control that.

All I can do is put my life, and those I love, in God’s hands every day and pray for traveling mercies and protection from anything that would do harm…including spiritual warfare. Now there’s a subject that is taboo among many of you, so I will leave that for another blog.

Seasons of life are a beautiful thing really, through all the good and the bad. The past is what makes us what we are today. We are all human and subject to sin, but as long as we put Christ first in our life we hopefully will make the right choices for ourselves and those in our lives. You ever hear of you reap what you sow? Trust me I’ve sowed enough bad in my life to understand just what that means–poor decisions = poor results. Now I strive to reap from the good soil I’ve been planting my spiritual fruit in. Every day I have a choice to make, and I choose to live the kind of life God would want me to. Like most of us, I fall short every day…so each new morning is a new chance to continue on my path.

Our seasons are inevitable.  We can embrace them or live in ignorance of them…in denial of our stages in life. I have just recently come to the realization that I’m not a young 20 something anymore!  I feel 24 and hope I always do, but I’m definitely 34 going on 35.  YIKES!  My time is clicking away every day so I’ve come the realization that I must respect every day God gives me.. to live life to it’s fullest but also to it’s spiritual richness.

My seasons have carried me from a child to a rebellious teen and young woman, living in a world of sin. They’ve evolved me into a mature responsible woman in her 30’s that has found herself, gotten married, and given birth to the most amazing gift God could offer.  My seasons are full of mistakes and glorious triumphs!  I now know it’s okay to get older.  I’m right where God wants me to be…in this season of awareness.  It’s my season and I owe it to Him to shine my light so that others may see.

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committing to myself

workoutI am not a huge fan of the gym. I haven’t been a faithful attendee in many many years. I started yoga about 6 months ago due to my conscience nagging me to do ‘something’ to keep in shape.

Let me clarify that I am one of those sickening people, who have a high metabolism and don’t really have to work out to stay at a target wieght. Most women hate women like me. I was a swim suit model about 18 years ago, but that body is no longer to be found. I won’t even wear shorts anymore. I’m not fat but I’m not firm! Being in my mid 30’s, I know that I need to start some sort of regimen for my future health. I know according to studies that it will help with osteoperosis, heart disease, and overall mental wellness. Not only that, but I need to set a good example for my son.

My husband has started a new work out routine this year too, so he’s been very motivating to watch. If he can stick with it — I know I can. He’s the kind that is all or nothing….kind of like a pendulum, swinging back and forth. It’s almost like he falls off the wagon of whatever kick he’s trying to achieve. He’s been going through one diet or exersize program or another the whole time I’ve known him, and he’s never stuck to it, however this time we made a contract.

He has to lose a certain number by November 24th, and then he’s allowing himself to eat what he wants on Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving he has to maintain that number throughout the rest of the year. If he dips below this number, he has a week to reach his target number. If he fails to have a consistant workout and maintain his wieght, than there is a penalty.

My husband started a Christmas fund at work. So at the end of the year, if he doesn’t break his contract…he gets the entire sum to use as he pleases, which will most likely be a plasma TV. If he breaks his contract, then I get the money and I will pay off bills. I really want him to succeed and I know he will. He’s driven! This contract has changed his life.

I think it’s all about focus. Like my husband, most people get their desired wieght or result and then slack off. They think, “Whew! I made it…now lets celebrate with some chocolate ice cream!” Then they jump off the deep end for some more…they fall off the wagon. I would love to challenge those, on the teeter totter of dieting, to give themselves a reward that only pays out after 12 months!! This will keep YOU motivated to continue your healthy living and eating habits to sustain your desired target wieght.

Today was my first day back to the gym in months. When the ice storms hit Oklahoma, I used that as my excuse not to go to my yoga class. Then I injured myself and had to stay off my foot for about 6 weeks. I had no control over my injury. BUT I’m all better now and I’m noticing fat pockets depositing themselves above my knees. I have a muffin top around my waist from having my kiddo. These are things I hate about my body. I am 5’7 and 138, which isn’t bad but I’m soft and I don’t like it.

This is my commitment today….

I will lose 5 pounds.
I will tone and firm those areas that have been neglected for years.
I will get rid of the cottage cheese that is starting to get a little out of control!!!
Just because I’m a mommy—I refuse to let myself go!!!

I want to be healthy minded, and have a healthy body. Our bodies are our temples! I know I’ve been neglecting mine and today is my first step to committing to me! Now I just have to have the resolve to follow through. My gym is starting a ZUMBA class which encorporates Latin dance, and I can’t wait to take those classes. The dancer in me is itching to dive into it. I would love to have this body…body type I will keep you updated!!!

To see what else I did please link to

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a child’s curiousity

My mom called me the other day and put my son on the phone. She said he had a question for me. His little voice lit up my day and I heard….”Ummm, mom? How do you smoke?”

He’s three and only been around a few people that he’s seen light up. My family are not smokers, but my neighbors do it on their front porch. My husband has a couple of family members that do it, but go in their garage to keep the second hand smoke from endangering the rest of us. So needless to say, he’s probably only seen it a couple of times in his little life, but was obviously wondering about it.

I asked him who he saw smoking and he mentioned my nieghbor’s name. I told him that I was proud of him for asking me that question and encouraged him to always ask me anything he had on his mind, but that we didn’t smoke and he should never try it either.

He asked why, and I told him that it would make his lungs black and would make him very-very sick. I said that we shouldn’t do anything that would put any of us in harms way, and for that matter not to breathe any smoke in when he sees anyone else smoking.

My mother’s policy when I grew up was: If a child is old enough to ask–then they’re old enough to know the truth. I find myself now with that same philosophy. I was so proud of him for wanting to call me to find out, except now that he knows it is not good for him or anyone else…he wants to call our neighbor and tell him and his wife to stop smoking.

Yesterday, I finally got around to calling that same nieghbor to thank him for my son’s Christmas gift. I got their answering machine. My little T got the phone and asked,”ummm, do you smoke?” Then he hung up.

Okay….like that’s not going to be an interesting piece of conversation once I see my next door nieghbors again! Coincidentally enough, this past Sunday’s sermon was about how to take care of yourself….body and spirit. The pastor mentioned giving things up like smoking. My son looked at me and said, “See that’s bad to smoke.” I think that’s something that will stick with him for a long time.my son's feet on a rainy day