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Fridays are Full of Blessings 3-21-08


I’m posting my blessings a day early in case tomorrow gets a little too crazy, which I’m sure it will. I’ve had some quality conference time with my boss this month, and we all know what that means. It’s when you sit down and have the same conversation over and over, basically until the desired results are achieved. This being said, it’s been a good thing.

Here are my blessings for the week:

**Although I have a boss, who is puppeted by his own superior, he’s basically a good guy with good intentions. He truly wants whats best for me, so this I am thankful for.

**Today (Thursday) I got a really big contract at work, that will hopefully pull my month through. I need to make a certain number this month to make up for what I didn’t get for Jan and Feb. Pray that March will be what I need it to be, so that I can A) pay my bills but B) keep me from having any more pep talks from my boss!

**I got a phone call from a potential client, whose been avoiding me for a year. I’ve called him monthly for 12 months to the point that now it’s kind of a game. I leave voicemails like: “I know you’re not going to call me back, but here I am calling again so if you’re free for oh like…2 minutes in the next month you can reach me at #######” He called me today to set up a meeting.
Please know that I’m not a bug in general. This was a client that did something pretty underhanded when he canceled our company’s contract. So I made it my mission to bug him until we sat down to talk about it. 12 months later…I’ve got an appointment. Yah!

**My son has grown up overnight. He’s just so happy and mature. Right now it’s all about daddy too, so that means I get some solo time to get things done around the house. I’ve got a great kid, but I won’t lie…it’s nice to let daddy take care of things lately.

**I played matchmaker for the first time last week, with a couple of good friends of mine who I thought would hit it off. To date, they’ve had 2 dates and like eachother. This is a huge blessing to me as they both were in the same place in life, and although didn’t need anyone…needed someone. Does that make sense? So far so good with them.

**My husband is happy about how clean the house is. I got the whole house done from top to bottom today. He walked in and is very pleased. That makes me happy, as he’s been overstressed lately. Seeing him smile is a huge blessing!

**Again….some huge blessings on the horizon that I can’t talk about yet as they’ve not come to fruition but I know God will provide. I will let you know when it happens.

**And my last blessing is a new blog I’m doing with two amazing women. It starts April 1rst. Check it out soon.

Please remember, especially through the rough patches, to count your blessings. Trust me it’s all that is getting me through right now as my work is pulling me through a really rough patch. My blessings and my faith are the only things that sustain me. If you’re not wanting to dedicate a whole post about your blessings, feel free to just leave me a comment on your blessings. I’d love to read about them either way.

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My favorites

From time to time I list a few of my favorites on here. It’s been a while, and so I think it’s long overdue. Although on my budget, there are a few things I still find a way to fork the cash over for….or beg my family to remember on holidays or birthdays. These are a few of my favorite things. If you’ve not tried them…you should.


Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss is always a must. I prefer the chocolate flavor, but couldn’t find a picture of it. Any flavor will do as they all really taste soooo yummy. They are long lasting and smooth. They don’t get tacky as a lot of lip glosses do. And they’re light and I think a little sexy….hence it being from Victoria’s Secret.

Photobucket  Merle Norman Concealer is the ultimate in covering or camouflaging uneven skin and dark skin.  I’ve lived my whole life trying different concealers, and feeling extremely unhappy with the results.  My dark circles were never what some would look at and say they were really noticeable.  BUT I noticed them!  I’m a young woman of 35 (36 soon) and didn’t want to deal with my under eye area anymore.  I went bare for a few years, until I stopped in my mom’s local Merle Norman shop on a whim.  I asked her if she could help and did she ever.  This stuff is an amazing tool.   You’ll need to apply it with their concealer brush.  She also recommended covering up the sides of my nose, at the bridge area.  This is amazing stuff!PhotobucketTheir slogan is true…this is my best friend as far as make-up goes.  This is the one I use, and it’s got so many shades that shimmer and slide on evenly.  They can be as translucent or as heavy as you want them to be.  I’m more on the tame side of things, as I’m not a teenager anymore…but I love a little sass when it comes to glam.   This is a must when it comes to drawing attention either subtly or dramatically to one of our best features…our eyes!  The eyes definitely have it with this product.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m the furthest thing from high maintenance when it comes to out ward appearances.  It doesn’t take me but 30-45 minutes to get ready.  I’m what you would call a natural girl, but one who knows how to fix up.  These are my essentials for the day, so I thought I’d share them with  you.  They’re worth every penny!

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Faithful Friday 12-7-07

Here it is a couple weeks away from Christmas, and right in the middle of gift buying season. And although I’ve obviously NOT lost sight of the real reason my family celebrates this month, it’s still a gift giving tradition.

This Friday, I’m a little more than overwhelmed with the idea of spending any money, when we’re struggling just to pay bills. My husband is ‘that’ guy who always gives the perfect gift. He has the need to be the one with the most creative or thoughtful present to give. It’s almost a compulsion to find the right gift, so that when it’s opened everyone in the room oohs and ahhs on his creativity. I love him for wanting to please people, but it’s a worry for me this year.

I don’t know if he can just do $10 on each person. I don’t think his obsession to get a lot of presents will be quieted with a skim budget. I am more worried about this than how we’re going to pay our bills, because in truth they go hand in hand.

I would love make a gift certificate for each person this month that states:

This value of this gift certificate is priceless. It is good for one whole day with me, so please redeem it at any time!!!

I think that’s what my family would love the most. What creative gifts would you give without money??

I am letting this go of this worry, and giving it to God that a) we can take care of paying our bills this month and b) that my husband can let go of his gift giving impulses. Although I know he knows that the presents are not what Christmas is really about, I will pray that he is okay to let go of the spending. Deep down I pray he gets that his and my family would be pleased with a card and a gift certificate for time spent.

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4 days in Louisville, KY

I got back home today and am worn out and excited at the same time! 3 full days of meetings, awards banquets, and meals with over 2,000 people from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. has left me wanting a long nap!

Both hotels, our group was booked at, had a breeze-way to the Louisville, KY convention center. It was about 4 to 5 blocks for me to get to any event from sun up to sun down. So even though I ate and ate…I could walk it off! I think I still gained about 5 pounds though. I’m not used to eating that much. I swear ever since I turned 34 last year, I’ve had some minor trouble keeping 5 pounds off my ideal weight. Still…I’m really blessed with that issue.

The last two nights had a fancy dinner at the main convention hall. The first night was for the sales force and the second for the service. I find it funny how different people in each department are.

The sales people the first night were so pumped to be recognized that most ran down to the front to get to the stage as soon as possible. The music and lights were going and the energy was amazing. The second night the service side took their sweet time walking slowly. The music and lights seemed lost on them. It took those employees three times as long to get to the stage for their awards. It was almost comical, but enjoyable just the same.

I find it really compelling to attend any training or conference my company holds. Thankfully all have been all expenses paid, but even if I had to pay I’d be willing to try to swing it. My company is one in a million. Those above me are coaches and mentors, not bosses and owners. They are stewards wanting to give abundance in my life and that of those around me. My company breaks the mold when it comes to compensation and compassion for it’s employees. I am truly blessed to do what I do, and still have time to be a mom and a wife!

Thank you Lord for my life and the opportunities You provide.

P.S. My sister, whom I also work with, and I also found an hour to run to the Louisville Slugger Museum. It was so cool…we rode a .50 cent trolley and got to see some sights. Well worth it! We didn’t get to take the tour, but were there long enough to order some bats and shop in their gift boutique. My husband and her boyfriend were extremely jealous that they weren’t with us! We’ll definitely have to come back as a whole family.